Chances are, we all know a bride and groom who got in great shape by working out and eating healthy in the months leading up to their wedding. The hard work paid off – they looked and felt fabulous! We may also know many couples who throw in the towel once the nuptials are over. At My World Registry we say, why not keep the health train rolling all year – and all life – long? We only get this one, after all.

We’ve pulled together four experiences to help you get inspired to be the best you can be for yourself and one another, long even after you’ve said: “I do.”

Plan a Trip Together 

Let’s be honest, half the reason we work so hard to walk down the aisle is so we can walk off the plane on our honeymoons and throw on that beachwear without a care in the world! There’s nothing like a trip away to motivate yourself to stay healthy. We’re not saying it has to be as big or grand as a honeymoon – even if it’s a quick weekend away or a staycation, it could be enough to keep your health kick alive and well. 

For bigger trips, think someplace tropical and adventurous like the Galapagos where you can walk in the footsteps of the pirates and Darwin. 

Get Your Mind Right 

Marriage isn’t always a walk in the park, that’s why you promise for better or worse. A tiff with your loved one can easily throw you off your routine, but the stronger your connection with your self and the healthier your mind, the more likely you are to kick those bad thoughts and urges and stick with your healthy eating, exercising and more. 

Try meditation. An intro to meditation class can help you learn how the practice can change your life for the better while giving you the tools to create a personalized meditation plan that works for you. 

Learn New Healthy Recipes

A lifetime is quite a few meals eaten together and prepared for one another. Why not make sure you’re cooking the absolute best for your absolute favorite person? We’ve all been there asking ourselves the dreaded question, “what am I going to eat for dinner tonight?” It’s time to start preparing yourself with an arsenal of quick, easy, and most importantly, healthy meals that you two can whip up in a jiff rather than resorting to less healthy options. Furthermore, you can keep your connection spicy by either cooking something fun together or surprising each other by preparing a cozy and delicious meal experience for the other!

The first step is learning how to make those daily classics as simply as you can! 

Make Fitness a Long-Term Priority

You’ve hit the gym for months on end with your wedding in mind, but once it’s over, don’t forget you have an entire life to live! Making fitness a lifelong priority takes time, practice, mistakes, and successes, and it may live by thinking outside of the gym altogether. It’s all part of the process. 

Set yourself in the best way possible by checking out this three-month program where you will explore how fitness and self-care are connected to your mental wellbeing and alignment with your self. You’ll learn why habits have not stuck in the past, and how fitness will fit into your idea of happiness and self-care.