We are currently seeking and recruiting Gift Experience providers for the upcoming launch of our Experience Marketplace. Be part of our first selection of featured experiences! We will help you design the perfect experience or experiences you could offer as an amazing gift to people from our community.


My World Registry is a cash gift registry and experience marketplace uniting grateful getters and graceful gifters to make dreams of meaningful, enriching experiences a reality. We are an exchange hub for anyone celebrating a life event or just celebrating life, who prefers experiences instead of material gifts. My World Registry is different than other group-giving cash registries. We take gift giving and receiving to another level by maximizing the experiential and life-changing aspect that can only be encountered in gift experiences.


If you have been popularly or officially known for naturally making people smile, get inspired, feel happy, transform and elevate their life experience, or learn and perfect fun skills, we are looking for YOU! Maybe it’s your business, your passion, your nature, or simply your reputation. Maybe due to your unique surroundings or connections, you have special access to an amazing experience. But here is the important part– If you embrace your virtue and charm and would enjoy expanding and sharing the love, then we are a perfect match. If given the right avenue, you too would share our passion: to help everyone live a fun, happy, fulfilled life worthy of celebrating, laden with epic adventures and meaningful experiences, then let’s make magic happen together.


In a society that has been increasingly bombarded with consumerism and is more recently drowning in disconnection with the self and, we don’t need more stuff. What we need is to create or save space for real-time personal connection, love, life, passion and adventure! It is a fact that we all need material things to cover our basic needs and explore our interests, there’s no denying that. Yet, at My World Registry we support recycling and upcycling goods and products, and we encourage the shopping and exchange of items and products that not only support and enhance a life full of meaningful experiences but are also well-made, durable, not wasteful, purposeful, genius, sustainable, smart, simple yet pleasant, are made without abuse of any form of life or precious natural resource, and maybe even help the environment or our people in one form or another. But we leave personal shopping up to you, as our purpose is to support your lifestyle not your physical tools. It is time to leave archaic and market-abused shopping traditions behind and instead welcome a life full of gifts that are truly memorable, mind-expanding, transformational, life-enhancing and uplifting. As the online rising star of the gift experience marketplace, My World Registry is changing lives one gift at the time. We want your passion on-board to help cultivate this incredibly awesome, genuine, experiential and minimalist trend. You can help us enrich others’ lives with your unique experience or natural talent, your knowledge, and your vision. Be featured on our Gift Experience Marketplace!


If you are wondering what type of gift experiences we want to offer our tribe, here are some examples of some that can truly take life appreciation to another level. (We are also looking for unique combinations of talents and skills from different but complementary categories, that brought together as part of one gift, such a retreat or customized adventure, can be gifts that truly last a lifetime.)

Food & Drink – The act of eating food or drinking a beverage doesn’t have to be an average, mindless experience. Especially for those who have a heightened appreciation for all things fare and libations. Experiential eating and drinking makes for an amazing gift experience. Eat or drink something amazing or for the first time, eat and drink at an incredible setting, help in any way make the food or drink yourself, or see behind the scenes how it’s made! Learn about pairing! Smell and taste the ingredients that make food and drink an art! Participate in activities that only the pros know about! A deeper experience with food and drink can provide fresh takes that are a total game-changer. Experiences that can be an amazing gift to appreciative folks. Cheers and Buen Provecho!

Wellness – Many of the typical approaches currently available for bringing wellness into our lives sometimes tend to either have too many rules, are limiting or one-sided, or show a very perfect image as to what and how we should be. That creates a disconnect and can easily kill any genuine motivation to create real and lasting health and wellness in our lives. We are looking for a more  flexible, holistic, fun and real-life approach from providers who are not afraid to show imperfection, who make it simple and attainable for people to follow simple yet powerful steps and changes that, no matter how small, actually work for them. We want providers and mentors who are positive and naturally influential, who have a gift for teaching lasting, relevant change and self-care.

Adventure and Travel – The sky is the limit and anything is possible. However, since we believe in travel as a tool for connecting with our surrounding people and environment as well as with our self, we are not fans of the “getaway” type of travel. Those experiences are typically an escape from reality, promote numbness, lack substance and prevent life-changing lasting memories by mostly keeping visitors as tourists that do not involve themselves in learning about the local culture nor develop respect for and appreciation of it. Instead, we support experiential travel where you do as the locals do! We are also looking for adventures of a lifetime, which we believe can come from any combination of incredible factors, and be based around unlimited types of interests.

Learning, Educational Skills – If it’s going to be a gift, make it fun! If you are long-time passionate about a particular topic or skill, why not learn it from other passionate people who have spent significant amounts of time and energy doing and naturally perfecting what they already love to do, and now they want to share the love. Others want that love! When we look for experience providers in this category, we focus on the life-changing, uplifting and elevating factor as well as the uniqueness and of course, fun! Guitar, Knitting, Survivalism, Photography, Active sports, Dance, Art, Self-evolution, Entrepreneurship, or anything else that makes you feel alive!

Art & Festivals – Witnessing and taking in beauty can be incredibly inspiring. Developing an ability to see art with your soul instead of just your eyes is priceless and life-changing, and often an experience that can be lived with any combination or all of your senses. True magic! Celebrating art is a top-level experience we want everyone and anyone to have access to, because it ignites your inner light and inspires openness, connection, movement, evolution and joy like not much else does.