Reflecting on life the past year, it’s hard not to think about the highlights, the events that made a difference, especially the ones that were life-changing, transformational or meant a step forward in the direction of our goals. No matter how little or how big, every single step and every single achievement calls for some expression of celebration. Music, dance, family, friends, freedom, unity… they are all ways of celebrating. And for all the highlights and events that took place in 2017 that were tragic, it is both radical and necessary to think that the victims would want us to remember not the sadness of how they died, nor spend the rest of our time on earth living in fear. They would want us to remember the happiness they enjoyed and shared while they lived. They would want us to pursue happiness, earnestly because, life is short! Life is worth every second and although many of us may, in our own way, already celebrate it daily or often, taking that celebratory spirit up a notch by officially and intentionally celebrating with friends and family yields an opportunity to share an amazing experience. One that will create lifelong memories and amplify our gratitude for life.

Let’s make the most of our time in 2018. What makes you happy? Maybe it is visiting a place you have never been to before, or doing an activity that tests the limits of your physical or mental ability. Maybe you choose to keep it simple and local with an amazing class, workshop, program or special event. Maybe for you it is a music festival, an art experience, or a radically transformational retreat. Maybe it is giving to others that makes you happy, and seeing your loved ones realize their goals. Maybe you want to remodel your parent’s kitchen or even pay off their house. Maybe you want to start a community garden, plant trees after a forest fire, or help clean up after a flood. Maybe you would like to join a medical mission trip to a foreign county, or build houses for the homeless. Whatever it may look like to you, plan to pursue happiness in 2018, and let My World Registry help you achieve your goals. Let’s celebrate together!