The daffodils and tulips are just beginning to peek their heads up from long winter hibernation. They’re the perfect reminder that it’s time for us to refresh our bodies, minds, and souls, so we can bloom this season, too!

1. Cleanse your body and spirit of toxins

Try a tailored ayurvedic cleanse to fit your specific needs. Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor, Karuna DiLibero says, “Cleansing our bodies on a regular basis reduces the number of toxins that accumulate over time in our mind, body, and spirit. And the health benefits of cleansing are astounding: cleansing can help alleviate some of the most common ailments that we grow used to living with. Some of these ailments include headaches, inflammation, weight gain, cravings, stiffness, allergies, trouble sleeping, digestive problems, and more.”

In our My World Registry Exclusive Experience, you’ll learn about recipes, food ingredients, self-care tips, chakras, and how to use them to lead yourself through your spring cleanse.

2. Learn to relax and rejuvenate

With warm weather on the way, it’s time to let go of any tension we built up during the winter months. What better way to do that than with a massage that doubles as a facelift!  

Our Japanese massage class and workshop is a brand new experience at My World Registry. The best part is, once you’ve taken the class, you can do it to yourself once a week all year round for maximum results and lasting relaxation that you can see in your face!

In this experience, you’ll learn how a series of progressive touches, strokes and stimulating techniques using your hands and traditional precious gemstones shaped like flat donuts to deepen the effects of this routine. Essential oils, relaxing music, and herbal tea will lull you into your zen during the entire workshop.

3. Refresh your every-day scenery on the sunny side of the Alps 

There’s nothing like traveling to a brand new place to refresh our souls. This spring, think about booking yourself a getaway to look forward to that gets you out of your comfort zone and taps into your sense of discovery and wonder. 

We’re headed to Slovenia in July because we’ve found the ‘hidden gem’ town of Bovec. Unknown to many travelers and off the beaten path. It’s a place where everyone is happy from the adrenaline junkie to the nature lover to the foodie to the yogi.  It’s the perfect getaway from crowds and traditional touristic traps. Plus, did you know? It’s considered one of the adrenaline capitals of Central Europe and contains unparalleled beauty and charming culture.

Experience provider and retreat leader Lindsey Conroy says,  “It has a way of penetrating your soul and you can’t help but leave a bit of your heart behind. But without a doubt, this magical place is truly a gateway to igniting your soul and you will NOT forget the memories you made, the relationships that were created and the way you felt during your visit.”

4. Give your mindset a refresh

Your mind matters and just like you have to let your body rest, you have to give your mind a break, too. Our Pandorastar Hypnogogic light and sound deep trance experience is the perfect experience to let your mind wander. 

Provider, Julianne Hansen Anderson says, “step under the light and experience Hypnogogia, a dream-like state where the mind is set free and where mesmerizing visuals take you through a journey like none other. Our light and guiding techniques can help you let go of the daily stress and drudgery and help heal you on the inside and out.”

This technique can help with relaxation, sleep promotion, improved memory, trauma release, SAD relief and more.