Spring is the season where your world breaks through its winter layer ready to begin again – a new year of growth, a new chance to start over. No matter how many springs you’ve been through, take a hint from Mother Nature, and use it as a time to motivate and refocus on your journey. Is there anything you want in your life? The time is (always) now! Here are some ways to reset your spirits as the weather gets warmer and the days last longer: 

Healing with Soul-exploration 

Getting to know yourself without distractions or ‘noise’ and taking ownership of your life is the key to personal growth, change, and evolution, which leads to ultimate freedom of life. Exploration doesn’t yield answers when you do it externally. Instead, explore your true source. It’s called soul-exploration. You can always dive deep into it fearlessly, with Michael Glicker’s  “Your Life, Your Choice, and energy healing and clearing session.” As Michael puts it simply, “we feel great when our energy is light and flows easily.” Why wait for greatness to ‘happen’ to you when you can create it yourself?


There’s no better way to hit the refresh button than by getting out of your comfort zone and pushing your body to the limit, all the while enjoying Nature at its best. This will raise your spirits and be a source of inspiration for months to come. For the adventurer, we suggest getting away from home, whether it’s a quick weekend road trip to the lake, beach or mountains, or an epic trip to faraway lands like our hiking and yoga in the French Alps. 

Help others 

Without the honey bee, we wouldn’t have beautiful spring flowers. Sometimes, we have to help our neighbors to truly awaken our soul. Jumpstart your spring awakening by volunteering to assist those in need. Take a moment to think about who or what you would help if you could. Do you want to raise awareness about endangered species? How about funding a local beach cleanup? Whatever your volunteer mission is, it’s all at your hands. For your next milestone or celebration, make a registry here to share your hopes and dreams with the ones you love.