Take the Guess Out of your Supplements! ZYTO BIOCOMMUNICATION Consult+Follow Up

*My World Registry Exclusive Experience*

What’s Included in this Experience:
- A 2-hr Initial Consultation
- Zyto Bioscan testing for imbalances
- Tailored Supplementation recommendations
- Muscle Testing for effective dosage
- Printed report of results
- Written Guidelines for Healthy Food Options to support your balance restoration, as well as practical cooking recipes
- 10% OFF your first round of supplements – exclusive offer for My World Registry shoppers!
- A 1-hr follow up consultation

Not Included:
- Supplements must be purchased separately

When stress in our life reaches unhealthy levels, our body begins to manifest detrimental symptoms, like a cry for help from our whole being. When we have significant digestive discomfort, trouble sleeping well, skin problems or experience hormonal disorders that don’t seem to get better with standard and traditional treatments, we often feel unable to enjoy our life to the fullest.

Best case scenario, that quickly leads us to keep searching for answers and trying new avenues and approaches for healing and achieving optimal health. But blindly searching for alternative treatments can also exhaust us and frustrate us even more, if we don’t find the right fit for relief and true healing. With the enormous amount of supplements available in today’s markets and the tendency to play the guess-game by letting the online search engine or what worked for a close friend guide your decisions, we can set ourselves up for easy failure.

If you find yourself in that search and have yet to find what works for you, you’re about to discover a practical and effective approach to selecting foods and supplements that support YOUR needs and help you restore the necessary balance in your body systems, to move on and enjoy life at your best.

It’s not the same to blindly drink an over the counter herbal tea that has an herb you need with no clear understanding of the right dose for you, than to use the right dose of a high-quality, whole herb supplement that can provide an actual therapeutic effect AND be free of unwanted pesticides, chemicals, fillers, residues and excipients.

So, why guess!?

Dosage and Quality of supplement is key to delivering a therapeutic level effect and getting good results. The road to getting back to optimal health should involve minimum guesswork, and maximum restoration of balance. One great way you can achieve this is with an expert combination of a Zyto Bioscan for finding where you have imbalances of the organ systems or which not-so-obvious food sensitivities you may be experiencing, with Muscle Testing protocol to fine-tune the right dosages for your needed supplements.

Zyto Bioscan is a device and software that uses galvanic skin response signals, much like the technology of a lie-detector machine, and captures a snapshot of data from your system to the software for analysis. Zyto can check the current balance of the organ systems and see how they are interacting with the traditional Chinese meridians on your body. It can also scan for food sensitivities by testing your signals for each food from the complete list.

This next-level wellness experience is perfect for those who value investing in their own well-being, strive to achieve and learn to maintain lasting, optimal health and want to take charge of heir own health. If you want to feel more empowered in your self-care and are willing to invest time in taking good care of yourself, prepare the right foods with proper nutrition and supplement for what you’re deficient in, Wendee’s Zyto Wellness experience is for you.

Cheers to your Optimal Health!




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Take the Guess Out of your Supplements! ZYTO BIOCOMMUNICATION Consult+Follow Up

About Experience Provider

Wendee Daniels

Meet Wendee, aka Queen of Veggies, aka the Spice Queen. She first learned to cook as a Senior in High School. She had a class called Chefs Foods (Home Economics but “more modern”) in which her favorite food she learned to make was homemade pasta. In College she switched from Pre-Med to Interdisciplinary Studies and earned a BA in Child Development, and taught ski classes to kids while a student. During this time the book FOOD IS YOUR BEST MEDICINE fell into her hands with the powerful message “Let Food be Thy Medicine and Medicine be Thy Food”, which inspired her to start paying close attention to food and eating. Wendee started reading food labels, became a vegetarian and learned to cook with incredible diversity by learning to put vegetables in virtually everything. She even became a gardener.

Having always been interested in alternative medicine healing, herbs and nutrition, she later worked for a chiropractor and acupuncturist and a spark went off. She graduated from Chinese Medical School in 2000, became a rock climber and stopped being vegetarian, exploring what felt good for her body needs. With her new knowledge of medicinal herbs, she learned to incorporate traditional Chinese dietary principles into her cooking, using herbs as food. Still and always, there’s LOTS of veggies in her cooking!

After graduating from Chinese Medical School Wendee moved to Bend, OR. As an avid skier, rock climber and mountain biker, Bend seemed like paradise. She’s lived in Bend ever since. She now considers herself an omnivore, yet she first and foremost listens to her body, feeding it exactly what it needs instead of following a strict diet trend or label. This is the most important underlying value in the way she cooks for you or teaches you to cook for your body and lifestyle. Oh, and did we mention she’s been eating organic since before it was a thing? That is the only rule she applies to her food life. Ask her about the Dirty Dozen and the Clean 15! Furthermore, due to the tremendous digestive health value, she is a huge proponent of traditional cooking methods such as soaking techniques for legumes and grains, fermenting and sprouting.

Once Wendee became a mom she wanted to feed her child the best she could. Making food delicious was a top priority as well as ensuring it was rich in nutrition. She would hide certain foods and mix them in when she started weaning him, making more digestible the foods that are not so popular so that he could eat it and love it. And she also loves making food beautiful! Wendee appreciates beauty everywhere, so why not also bring it to the plate. Hiding nutritious food by chopping really tiny or pureed became a daily practice, being able to incorporate lots of veggies in a sauces, soups, even lasagna, etc. Introducing key foods when they’re little and young was important to her: mushrooms, cauliflower, onions, zucchini, beets, etc. And healthy versions of common favorites that may not be so healthy became second nature in her cooking style.

What else does Wendee know in the kitchen? She knows her brands. A trip to the grocery store with her could be life-changing. She is also a master at kitchen spice rack revamps and at teaching how to store foods properly and with smart planning for future meals.

What cooking style and focus does Wendee teach? Lots of vegetables and lots of flavor! Healthy modern versions of common comfort foods, ethnic inspired (Thai and Indian, Spanish and Mexican flavors), and cook it, eat it and freeze the rest for later. Wendee can also teach quick preps, healthy lunch, dinner and breakfast, and create custom meal plans complete with shopping and prep instructions.

Wendee teaching you how to cook involves: How to stock your kitchen, how to shop, oils, spices, herbs, HEALTHY choices and brands, how to read labels, tricks and tools for the kitchen, smart food storage, meal prep AND cooking delicious, nutritious, beautiful meals!