YES! This is an All-Inclusive Experience:


Join us for a long weekend of experiential travel where you will have the opportunity to explore nature and enjoy the laid-back lifestyle of The Ranch in sunny California. We will indulge in all of the self-care practices such as yoga, hiking, sightseeing, meditation, and much more…all while enjoying amazing food, fabulous company, and beautiful nature!

Join us on an AdZENture of a lifetime!


Arguably the best aspect of our Yosemite Ranch Adventure is our ‘home’ for the week. Escape the rush and stress of everyday life and venture into the laid-back, modern-day, ranch lifestyle. Wake up with the sun and enjoy the sounds and smells of nature as you walk out onto the porch that looks out over miles of private, beaches that line the Fresno River. Enjoy a cup of coffee while you listen to the water flowing over the rocks and around the bend, through the forests. Outdoor showers and tubs, riverside yoga flows and nature walks are just some of what this property has to offer.

The weekend is designed to provide a perfect balance of guided adventures around the ranch and through Yosemite National Park as well as offering plenty of free time that can be spent relaxing or exploring on your own. Choose from a variety of relaxing activities, tune in to your sense of adventure or dabble in a little bit of both, it’s up to you!


This is where rustic meets romantic…our charming and quaint dwellings are cozy and quirky. Enjoy sleeping in the screened-in porches of a spacious home with beautiful views, outdoor bathrooms (indoor as well), and wood burning stoves.Our ranch consists of 3 beautiful and unique properties situated throughout a 360-acre cattle ranch, each cabin has it’s own unique features that will leave a lasting impression. The ranch is host to several private swimming holes along the Fresno River as well as endless meadows providing the perfect outdoor studios for our yoga sessions.

Farm to table has never been so fresh when our morning breakfast is made complete by eggs from the property’s personal farm fresh eggs, produced daily for our enjoyment. We will have a variety of dining experiences from campfire cooking lessons to lunch in the historic Ahwahnee Hotel.

Each day we will have fun events and activities, amazing meals and lots of yoga. We will venture off the ranch for a day spent in Yosemite National Park which is a mere 20 minute drive from the property. We will have the opportunity to experience one of the country’s most beautiful and highly regarded natural features AND get our yoga on in this beautiful natural studio!


Live simply. Feel comfortable. Be Yourself. This place is cozy, quaint and has so many characteristics to love. The idea is to make yourself at home and feel comfortable in this home away from home. In your free time you can explore the surroundings or lounge in the many relaxation stations setup throughout the ranch. Enjoy a riverside massage in the meadow, under the blossoming Buckeyes; go exploring through the old gold mines or along the river where the Gold Rush miners once worked; play board games on the porch overlooking the beautiful Fresno River sipping local wine.

Relax, explore, and unwind in this laid-back, country lifestyle!


Spend a weekend immersed in nature – from the Fresno River flowing through the ranch grounds to the Redwood and Sequoia Trees lining the roads to Yosemite National Park. You will be surrounded by some of nature’s best characteristics. Indulge on every aspect of this fascinating setting.

We will have ample time to relax and explore the vast acres of our ranch home but we will also be exploring one of the nation’s most beautiful National Parks at one of the best times of year, Yosemite in the Spring. We will spend a fun-filled day exploring Yosemite Valley, through Tunnel View, past El Capitan up to Half Dome. We will have group hikes, yoga stops and picnics along the way. In spring we will enjoy the luxury of smaller crowds, wild flowing waterfalls and meadows of wildflowers blooming for the first time. You’ll have the option of biking though the valley to see some of the most iconic sites, explore the Ansel Adam’s Gallery or Nature Center to learn a little more about the amazing aspects that make the Park so special, and/or partake in a variety of different hiking options.

Experience some of nature’s best!


Hiking, fishing, biking, exploration, and outdoor yoga! Backcountry adventures out in nature in some of the most pristine landscape you’ve ever seen. We will have group activities as well as time for you to be on your own and choose your adventure.

Grab a fishing pole and head down to the Fresno River, bike your way through the epic Yosemite Valley and hike your way up to Yosemite Falls for spectacular views of Yosemite’s most prestigious attractions.

Get outside and join the fun!


Farm to table? Absolutely! We will enjoy a weekend of ranch-style cuisine (dietary restrictions may be accommodated) with produce and meats sourced right from the ranch! Breakfasts, lunches and dinners will all provide a variety of meal options that are traditional in the rural parts of California – well-prepared meat dishes, fresh water fish, fruits, vegetables, homemade bread and of course, delectables.

We will enjoy flavorful foods prepared over a campfire along with lessons on how to cook while camping with recipes and best practices so you’ll be prepared to splurge the next time you’re in the wild!

Food that’s fired, fresh, and fit for a king!


There is something special about practicing yoga in nature, it allows you to observe the sounds, the smells and the energy so much more, making it the perfect place to practice. We will spend our mornings and evenings flowing through various yoga sequences, meditating under the stars and enjoying playful workshops all over the ranch!

We will take our mats on the road and travel to Yosemite Valley to ‘flow’ through the valley, amidst the wild meadows and beneath the staggering face of El Capitan to experience the blissful peace of moving and breathing amongst some of the most beautiful terrain in the region.

Yoga at sunset in the meadows. Morning sun salutations next to the Fresno River. Yoga workshops in sprawling fields of wildflowers. Evening meditation under the stars. The list goes on and on – waterfalls, lakes, hidden swimming holes, dense forests – all of these settings provide a unique yoga studio that will make your practices here unforgettable.

Be present, breathe and flow in paradise!


* This is an all-inclusive experience, except for transportation, insurance, and anything not outlined on the what's included document that will be shared with you upon inquiry.
* To book our AdZENture, we require a $500 non-refundable deposit.
* Travel insurance will be required.
* Payment plans and options available!


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April 22-26, 2020
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About Experience Provider

Lindsey Conroy

Meet Lindsey Conroy, founder of AdZENtures. This is how she came to design and provide one-of-a-kind yoga-culture-adventure retreats fit for everyone. Lindsey is an innovator and provider of next-level, not-another-yoga Retreats. Read her story:

AdZENtures was conceived on a 1-year journey around the world. One that started with the intention to study and teach yoga in order to construct the vision for a brick and mortar studio.
I set out to explore the world and learn about the world of yoga (which I did) but there was so much more. .
I taught yoga. I ate EVERYTHING. I learned how to build a house out of bamboo. I WOOFed on a farm where nobody spoke English. I drank rice wine served from a gasoline jug. I learned how to drive a manual car on the left side of the road. I learned how to salsa. I made friends who are still family. I learned how to properly eat with my hands. I learned about local secrets that were the highlights of my year. I experienced unique cultures firsthand. I adventured through 18 countries. I gawked over the most beautiful nature I’d ever seen (over and over again).
And it was over the course of 12 months, that my initial focus or idea started to shift. I wanted other people to experience what I had. I wanted to share every aspect of that year with people, because it was all so wonderful and I felt so wonderful because of it.
So the seed was planted and wheels started to turn. Slowly the wireframe for this Experience Company started to take shape.
The first location I wanted to share with people was my favorite one, Slovenia. I started planning the perfect experience that highlighted all the things that make a place special. The adventure sports, the beautiful nature and the unique and rich culture. And as a way to encourage presence and able, healthy bodies for the week, we’d incorporate yoga, but through intentional excursions throughout the region.
The plan was set, so now we had to spread the word. This is how the idea for our ‘Yoga &...’ experiences came about. If people come to these smaller events, it means they’re interested in this type of thing. That’s our target market! So we started talking. A few people listened and in 2017, we hosted our first Experiential Travel Retreat and started Yoga &...
There is still so much to come and we are still growing into our full potential! But this is how we started and how we got to where we are!