Yoga & Hiking Retreat in the French Alps (June 1-8, 2019)


A once in a lifetime experience with a great chance of becoming a yearly yoga adventure.

With the wildflowers in bloom, the golden rays of sun shining across the land and the snow capped peaks beckoning those who hear its call- it's time to welcome Summer in all of its glory!

Spend a week practicing yoga twice daily, wandering through nature's colorful palette with a French mountain guide, savoring the flavors of divine food cooked by Selina Gullery and overnighting in a French Alpine hut.

There will be time for rest, time for movement, time to reflect and set intentions for the coming months, and time to meet and connect with other like minded souls under the backdrop of the beautiful French Alps.

Airport pick up & drop off from the Geneva, Switzerland airport. Shuttle to and from Dojo de la Piaz available to be booked on your own (costs 20 euros each way)

The retreat will be held in beautiful Samoens, France at Dojo de la Piaz.

Retreat begins at 4:00 PM on Saturday, June 1st, and ends at 10:00 AM on Saturday, June 8th.

* Lodging for 7 nights
* 2x daily yoga
* 2x guided mountain hikes
* 1 night in a mountain hut
* 1 evening hot tub to soothe those sore muscles
* Daily vegetarian brunch and dinner (and a picnic during the hiking days)

- Transportation to and from the retreat location
- Insurance
- Meals not listed on the What's Included section
- Beverages outside of the complimentary wine reserves

OPTIONS & PRICING (subject to availability and currency exchange off the day):
- 6 person dorm and shared bath - $900/person
- 2 triple rooms with shared bath - $950/person
- 1 double room with private bath - $1025/person (SOLD OUT)

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We hope to see you in this magical and perfect place!

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For Amie, retreats provide the opportunity to take a break from our day-to-day lives and our habitual patterns. She seeks to create a space of self-discovery for those who need time to reconnect to themselves, their dreams and ideas, without the noise and distractions, for those who wish to create something new in their lives and for those who want to try something different, pushing their edge to try a new way of living. Retreats allow people to come into contact with nature for an extended period of time, to engage in deep breathing and purposeful movement and stillness. It’s in this space perspective shifts. Inspired by her own experience, her classes and retreats encourage a deeper self-knowledge, allowing students to open up to their own hearts, inspirations, passions and dreams. “It’s all about the experience and the moment,” says Amie, “the physical environment of total natural beauty and the personal environment of exquisite food, local wine and great company.” Fully experiencing retreat with Amie isn’t just about quiet introspection, it’s about relaxing, laughing and dancing, all in good company!

In Amie’s retreats, time with oneself is balanced with play and laughter with others to make this a well-rounded, special and breathtaking experience.

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Starting at $900

June 1st, 4 PM - June 8th, 10 AM
Samoens, France Map it
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About Experience Provider

Amie Mignatti

Sunshine, glitter and “all things that sparkle” reflect in Amie’s soul. She has a natural-born and contagious ability to lead a life full of all sorts of fun, laugh, dance and play. World traveling, cooking from scratch, knitting, living abroad (in places like South Africa, Japan, etc.), making new friends, sailing, hiking, yoga, hoola-hooping are just a few examples of her favorite things to enjoy. As part of being human involves also experiencing heartbreak and pain, Amie has had plenty of chances for personal reflection, changes and growth. Amie’s connection to yoga and nature runs deep. Amie believes that yoga and nature, especially when combined, provide a unique opportunity to have an incredibly beautiful personal experience with the power to transform and improve daily flow, inside and out.

A proud native of Austin, TX and a restless world traveler and explorer for most of her life, Amie’s love for yoga grew from her experience of expatriation, having moved to Munich, Germany by herself. It was in this space of solitude that she rediscovered her own practice, exploring different styles and teachers at the yoga studio across from her apartment. In later on traveling to India for a retreat, Amie realized that she loved the way yoga made her feel and began to deepen her practice to learn more about yoga as a philosophical system. She opened her eyes to her new passion and commitment to yoga that changed her on many levels and in many positive ways. She feel more connected to the practice of yoga and she also felt a deeper connection to herself. It was during this period of rediscovery that Amie decided to commit herself to becoming a yoga teacher, leaving behind her “real” job.

Traveling all over Europe and the world with a partner climbing mountains, hiking and camping, she explored the great outdoors. Becoming a yoga teacher and going through a three-year Outdoor School training was integral to her personal growth and healing from heartbreak. She learned not only the practical skills of surviving in the outdoors — how to make a fire without matches, how to sleep in the forest unaided, etc. — but she also came into deep communion with herself. From this experience, Amie decided to do a Coaching program to become a Nature Coach, using the outdoors as not only as a setting but a tool to facilitate healing.

Today Amie teaches several different styles of yoga, including Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Restorative and Meditation, and leads various retreats in the French Alps and German Pre-Alps, including Yoga and Hiking, Yoga and Archery, Family Yoga and Nature Retreats. She combines her love for yoga and nature, for reconnecting with oneself and for joyful play in all of her offerings. Join Amie on a retreat to experience the deep pleasure and joy in being unplugged, self-discovery, perspective and connection with oneself, life and others!