Wellness Membership: Intro to Restoring Balance

Wellness Membership: Intro to Restoring Balance

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What is a consultation and treatment with Nisha like?
A multidisciplinary approach to health and wellness integrating Ayurveda and Functional Medicine. In-depth assessments of adrenal, thyroid, sex hormones and intestinal health are often used alongside Ayurvedic tongue and pulse diagnosis to create your personalized treatment plan. Diet, lifestyle modification, yoga, herbs, supplements, and hormone management may be utilized to attain your optimal and balanced potential.


• New Patient Initial Evaluation & Consultation
• Marma Treatment
• Infrared Sauna Treatments (2)
• Sound Healing
• Medical Check-In (2)
• Emotional Heart Nourishing Treatment
• 30min Coaching calls (3)
• Gut Balancing Cleanse Unlimited Email Support

Conditions most benefited through a Functional Ayurvedic approach

Don’t dismiss your digestion! Reflux, indigestion, constipation, and IBS symptoms including gas, bloating, abdominal pain and distention are often a result of disordered digestion. Intervening at this juncture to balance digestion can be an important step in disease prevention and the propagation of imbalance.

Are you sick and tired of not knowing why you are so tired? Targeted hormone assessment, detoxification, herbs, supplements, and guided restoration/rejuvenation can be used to revive a more optimal, vital version of yourself so that you can best share your light and purpose with the world.

Nisha likes to say beauty isn’t skin deep. It mirrors the health and radiance of body, mind, and spirit. Optimizing digestion, detoxification, and lowering inflammation are key tenets to clear skin and optimal body functioning and form.

Are your labs normal, but you don’t feel quite right? A functional lens is applied to adrenal, thyroid, and sex hormones aiming for an alleviation of symptoms and optimization of test results. Additionally, Ayurvedic practices are shared for adrenal restoration, hypothyroidism, irregular menses, PMS, and menopausal management.

There are alternative solutions to taking chronic suppressive prescription medication! In such cases, a functional approach can provide a root-cause-based solution and a path to healing leaky gut which can then ripple into profound systemic benefits.

Our mental health is key to how we move through and make a difference in the world! Conditions such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, and stress can often be managed without medication. We are complex beings and our mindset can be affected by so many variables. A multi-faceted approach to management is often necessary, involving improving gut health, detoxification, nutritional optimization, hormone balance, Ayurvedic breath and bodywork, NLP/Hypnosis, and energy healing. The emphasis is on the whole-being healing versus providing a band-aid.

All care is individualized to the patient’s needs and focused on health optimization. No practitioner can guarantee or promise results or outcomes.


An ancient Vedic acupressure treatment that aims to balance the mind, body, and spirit through Reiki-pressure directed at marmas (energy points on the surface of the body.)

Known in Ayurveda as Hrid basti, this treatment employs a handmade doughnut placed at the energetic heart center and filled with warm, herbalized oil. The intention is to both nourish the emotional heart and release energetic and emotional blocks from past grief and trauma.

Hypnosis and Timeline Therapy work with the subconscious mind to release blocks, gain insight, and unify the conscious and subconscious in purpose.

Nisha opens herself up to being a channel for cosmic light energy to flow freely through her hands to you. The energy healing can be directed to a particular area that needs specific attention or spread throughout the energy field for a whole-being approach.

important notes

* All appointments and treatments in this exclusive membership program can be scheduled out as needed in the span of 4 to 8 weeks.
* If you have already had an Initial Consultation with Dr. Nisha Kahna, you may buy this program at a discounted rate, please select that option from the drop-down menu on the right column.



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Wellness Membership: Intro to Restoring Balance

About Experience Provider

Nisha Khanna

Nisha’s focus is on patient education and empowerment, allowing the vibrancy and freedom of one’s truest nature to flourish. Her long-term goal for her patients is total healing and independence from supplements, medications, and the physician herself.

Nisha is a board-certified internist who has been practicing medicine since 2005. As a Western-trained physician, she learned the strengths and limitations of the modern medical system and sought to reach beyond its boundaries. Born into an Indian family, Nisha was exposed to Ayurveda at an early age and drew upon its timeless wisdom for self-healing for over twenty years. When conventional clinical experience convinced her that she had to be able to offer more to her patients, a return to her roots showed her a powerful path to healing the entirety of people’s beings.

Nisha pursued her formal Ayurvedic education in Albuquerque, New Mexico under Dr. Vasant Lad, the world-renowned Ayurvedic physician and educator. Concurrent to her training as an Ayurvedic practitioner, she learned the healing art of marma (Vedic acupressure) and is registered with Yoga Alliance as an AyurYoga teacher.

Upon returning to Austin, she then learned of Functional Medicine and recognized it as a bridge between modern medicine and ancient healing. It too highlighted intestinal disturbance as the root cause of disease and favored dietary change, supplements, and herbs over pharmaceuticals. She practiced in a Functional Medicine clinic for over a year and then co-directed the Wholefoods employee clinic with her Functionally-trained partner for two years. During this time, she also expanded her understanding of Mind-Body Therapies and Energy Medicine. Today, she integrates these modalities in her treatment plans for her private practice patients.

Nisha is committed to helping you feeling like yourself again and better yet, the best you've ever felt. It's a partnership in healing and wellness. Are you ready to take the first step and be guided towards the healthiest, most vibrant you?

- You find yourself looking for a really integrated approach and looking for the best of both worlds, oriental and western medicine. You are looking for complete mind-body-heart integration, and a nurturing relationship with your physician which offers easy communication and access.
- You feel frustrated with modern medicine’s tendency to offer very limited time and not much personalization of treatments.
- You feel that there’s no answer to your ailments other than medicines, yet signs are not showing up on labs results and appear normal, but the symptoms are real, for example, fatigue or insomnia.
- You seek an alternative to managing sex hormones, to birth control, women’s issues.
- You are trying to recover from past trauma and emotional suffering, and move forward in your life by being able to release the past and project a positive future.
- You are looking for help with stress management.
- You are in need of a reset or rejuvenation in the form of a cleanse, tailored to your specific concerns and body type.
- You are hoping for a life with more ritual and presence in your life.
- You are curious, open-minded, inquisitive, and want to improve yourself and your life, your own health and energy levels for yourself, your family and for society.
- You wish to feel great from inside your body, enjoy vibrant energy, feel beautiful, ageless, free, rejuvenated, loving of yourself, have more bandwidth to enjoy life with better health, less restriction, more connection in sexual partnerships, experience more energy and bliss through sexuality.
- You wish to make a positive impact in your environment, community, family, and be the best version of yourself in all those areas.
- You want to awaken a sense of deeper nourishment within yourself so that you can be a better nourisher and nurturer.
- Perhaps you work too much and would like to learn habits of self-care and need more guidance.

As you may have already experienced, quick-fixes are never a lasting solution, and symptom-focused treatments often miss the mark when it comes to true healing and full wellness. Traditional medicine modalities tend to involve a very short, mostly one-way interaction in which the doctor prescribes you medication or orders procedures that are usually standard for the condition itself, but without much consideration for the actual human differences. We are all unique individuals with unique backgrounds, life experiences and exposures. One size fits all medical approach often fails to provide true and lasting healing for this very reason.

Drawing from her varied experience and training, Nisha works with the patient’s entire mind-body-spirit complex and favors treatment plans that focus on hormone balance and intestinal health and that minimize testing and supplements to that which is absolutely necessary and for the shortest duration necessary.

Good News! After your face-to-face initial consultation, Nisha is now able to provide tele-consultations. Distance is not an obstacle for accessing most of Nisha's medical services. To your health!