For thousands of years, Indigenous peoples have understood and drawn on the power of Totem Animals and the lessons they bring from all over the world.

Through this course, you will connect deeply with selected Totem Animals that will help you HARNESS THEIR ENERGIES into assisting you in your daily life as well as the MANIFESTATION OF YOUR GOALS AND DREAMS.

In this non-linear grid system, joined with the energy of light, you will use the energy of the Totems to support your daily life as well as create a wheel to support your personal goals. Learn how to anchor these energies into your auric field to help you drawn in what you would like to manifest.

There will be 13 Totem Animals in total such as the Ant, Bear, butterfly, Deer, Dolphin, Dragonfly and much more. Each totem has unique characteristics that are a culmination of the teachings from the Native American lineage as well as Sioux work with the Totems over 20 years. For example, the Eagle invites us to see a new perspective and expanded dimensions and new possibilities with exceptional clarity. Very useful for anyone in these times. It is also about taking action ad responsibility for the action and spiritual truth.

Along with every 13 Totems, you have 7 colors that bring different usages with each Totem. For example, A Blue Eagle increases communication and the Green Eagle heals our boundaries.

Together these teachings can be used in many different ways. As you emanate it to a room or a situation that requires it or you can use it on a Personal Totem Language Wheel. You will be taught how to create this wheel and choose the Totems that best suits your needs and shift your life at the moment.

Say you need more courage in your life, you will want to use the Red Bear in your Heart Chakra to bring forth that courage that stands up in the face of adversity.


Master Teacher Sioux Storm is a direct descendant of the Lakota and Onondaga Native American Lineage and began formal spiritual training at the age of 16. Fueled by her passion in healing and art, Sioux pursued a Degree in Psychology from the State University of New York & then went on to learn from master teachers throughout the world and gained much experience in the healing arts. She conducts transformative retreats internationally and continues to inspire her students through a close knit community worldwide.
(Read Sioux's full bio below)


* Transform energy to consciously create what you desire in your life.
* Learn about Animal Totems, the profound insight and wisdom they hold and how to use them in different situations.
* Discover the Meaning of Colors and the Compounded Effect when paired with these ancient energies.
* And, receive Initiations to support you in activating your power within.


There are 4 different Modules & 22 videos along with a Manual in this course:

Module 1:
The Four Elements and Directions and 3 Missing Directions.

Module 2:
Learn how to use the energies of these 13 Animal Totems paired with 7 different Colors. Discover the meaning of the colors and the COMPOUNDED EFFECT when paired with the totems. Learn a technique called emanation where you can project these energies in certain situations to help shift them.

Module 3:
Learn how to creating and Activating the Wheel and bring to life these amazing energies. You will be learning how to create specific wheels for shifting the energies of your cash, house and more.

Module 4:
You will also be receiving a special video on how to do this for others and start marketing it so you can help more people and make an income from this.


In this truly unique course, draw on this intuitive and POWERFUL TOOL to begin uncovering which totems to call on, when, and how.
Learn to harness the support from these energies for your PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL development, to set sacred space and clear intentions for spaces, and to MANIFEST CHOSEN OUTCOMES.

"We are donating 20% of the proceeds towards WWF as well as a Malaysian charity that is in dire need during this Covid19 period.

This course is my signature course and our first online offering with lifetime access so you can learn something new during this period of time and make a difference to your life and help a cause!”


Beginners of all levels. For learning a new unique craft to help others shift their life.

This is a one-of-a-kind guide and tools to shift your own life, achieve mastery of your healing abilities and be able to help others.

This gift experience is perfect for those who love personal development, healing self and others, are sensitive to the environment and its needs, sensitive to others and their needs, and are compassionate nature.

You can start taking charge, learn and get acquainted with the healing arts rather than pushing it away. You can choose to be purposeful, heal others and walk their path.


* A Printable Manual will be available as you go through each step of the course.
* A Certificate of Completion will be given for those who have completed the course.
* Lifetime access to this course.

If you have further questions, please contact us!


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About Experience Provider

Sioux Storm

Sioux Storm is a Visionary Artist, Healer, and Shamanic Teacher.Sioux has a unique ability to reach deep into a person’s heart and soul to bring out insights that allow for shifts and healing to occur. When working with Sioux you will benefit from the wisdom of powerful spiritual lineages combined with modern psychological perspectives. Utilizing an art therapy method in conjunction with Native spiritual teachings, Sioux supports her clients in a sacred space to harness their personal power, attain new perspectives, and gain tools needed for immediate transformation.

Sioux is a direct descendant of the Lakota and Onondaga Native American Lineage and began formal spiritual training with the Native grandmothers at the age of 16. She felt always strongly drawn to making a difference in the world. Fueled by her passion in healing and art, Sioux pursued a Degree in Psychology from the State University of New York at Buffalo with a minor in Art Education and training in Art Therapy. She continued her studies in Commercial Design at Colorado Institute of Art. She then went on to master numerous skillsets with master teachers throughout the world and gained much experience in advertising industry and ran her own businesses. She is also the co-founder of Stormshine Academy.

At a personal level, one of the traits that her close ones admire in Sioux is the amount of love that she has for her friends, students, animals and the earth. Despite how she may have been treated, she still can show so much love and compassion.

Participants describe Sioux’s sessions and classes as transformative. Sioux works to heal root causes in physical, mental, emotional, spiritual dis-ease allowing increased in clarity, opportunities and connections that are often instantaneous. Much loved by her students, Sioux imparts her wisdom in a clear, loving, manner. Sioux creates sacred space that facilitates deep integration and transformation, allowing for the cultivation of self-awareness and self-love.

Sioux Storm’s deep sense of love and compassion coupled with her psychic abilities facilitate metamorphosis in individuals actively seeking to create change, find purpose in their lives, and step fully into their power.