Not your typical bachelorette party

Not your typical Bachelorette Party and that’s a good thing!

**An Exclusive My World Registry Experience of EMBODIMENT, ART & TEMPLE DANCE with Tenley Wallace.**

For the Bride- to-Be and her sisters who want to celebrate her and her sublime love, her joining the world of sacred union with a life partner, and coming in strong with full Feminine Power and Devotion, this group celebration experience is for you. Take away a tailor-made choreography that will match the bride's personality and style, such as the Dakini fierceness or the Yogini elegance or the Persian flirtation and playfulness, etc.

Come discover where your true energy source comes from within your body, and learn to connect with and ignite it on demand with a beautiful dance and ritual practice, Temple Tribal Fusion® style! Loving your feminine and fully expressing its beauty from the inside out produces not only a gorgeous, hypnotizing dance to enjoy and to give to others, but it’s also abundant in balancing and healing power. It's up to you for this to then remain with you (and your participant sisters) for the journey ahead and for life. Because there's no better gift than the one that keeps on giving!

**Minimum of 4 participants per experience.


In this experience, Tenley will first discover the Bride’s unique feminine expressive style via a short questionnaire to be filled out prior to the experience date by her sisters (if it's a surprise) or herself. Tenley will then guide all the session participants into a unique, customized celebratory choreography special to this bride and her group. This dance is a treat that you can continue to practice at home or feel free to make it a show for your favorite people!

* Custom Temple Dance Choreography, tailored to the Bride to Be and her Sisters
* Complimentary essential oil anointing during session
* Temple dance inspired jewelry items for each participant to wear for deep immersion and invocation in this shared experience.

Bringing a journal and a camera are highly recommended, if you wish to record your experience.
Wear clothes that inspire you to dance expressively.



This experience will not available for booking from June 3rd to July 6th, 2020.


$55 /person

2 Hrs +
Central Oregon - base in Bend, OR Map it
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About Experience Provider

Tenley Wallace

A self-made phoenix bird of all things women’s journey, Tenley Wallace has come to gracefully and powerfully guide women in their path to claiming a life of satisfaction, joy, and the fullest experience as an awakened woman.

The creator of her signature Temple Tribal Fusion®, Tenley is an effective and revolutionary self-proclaimed “midwife for women’s transformation." Tenley has learned to first empower herself by coming out of a symbolic death and into a life full of self-acceptance, self-support, self-healing and most importantly, unconditional and sustained self-joy and self-expression. From her own journey from darkness to light, she developed a signature system for women’s self-evolution by combining a unique and powerful blend of physical expressive movements, energetic art forms, a practice of resilience through daily rituals, and methods to express sacred feminine energy into pure bliss and strong presence.

Tenley mentors and supports women to step confidently and joyfully into their fullest selves. A catalyst, guide, and ally, she offers a context, pathway, community, and temple to facilitate this transformation. She created TTF® as a practical, thorough system to develop and fine-tune women’s mind-body-energy connection, so all work optimally together. Her programs, including her signature "Shakti Yoga," accomplish this mind-body-energy synergy via a blend of yoga and movement of various kinds, dance from a variety of lineages, meditation, and other feminine-empowerment tools.

Additionally, Tenley’s work and service is deeply rooted in acting as "ambassador" for two complex transformational systems of the sacred feminine: Yoginis from India and Dakinis from Tibet. She has enabled the essence and power of these ancient traditions to be tangible, bite-sized applications the modern women can use in their daily lives. She has a wide array of services and ways to experience her work, both in person and online: one-on-one privates, group programs, weekly classes, annual retreats, multi-week Temple Arts Immersions™, ritual performance, and Temple invocation.

A few areas in which Tenley supports women:
• Helping those who need their body to function in a more empowered and integrated way
• Creating stability within to experience stability in intimate relationships and beyond
• Leverage women already on a path of self work and growth to the next level of health, empowerment, diet, and overall life-style
• New mothers learning to take care of themselves in a new body state
• Welcoming women who never danced before, are afraid of a dance environment, and want to find a safe place to learn and express themselves sensually, femininely, creatively

Inside working with Tenley:
Tenley provides a safe and welcoming space for women of all walks of life to gather and experience the full spectrum of being a woman. Elevating and supporting, free of competition, in love, in service, and in respect to our female origins.
Why simply survive this life and go through mundane, unconscious motions, when there are paths that lead to thriving in life with depth and richness!

Tenley has experienced for herself and believes everyone has the capacity to move from being completely disconnect with self to become fully self-empowered. When we choose to develop discipline, cultivate healthy habits, focus on the positive, get consistent support and guidance... eventually our evolution and whole being blooms. No one is meant to do this alone! Tenley recognizes she would not be where she is today without her mentors. Each of them an essential step of her transformational journey. We achieve our goals more effectively working as a team, a community, in partnership, together. Tenley is here to walk the path of transformation and growth with you, as many or few steps as you choose.

Contact us learn how Tenley's guidance and support can transform your concerns into your power.