Summertime Iceland Adventures - 7 days Intro Experience

Summertime Iceland Adventures - 7 days Intro Experience

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There is so much to do, see and experience in Iceland it keeps us coming back time and time again. Iceland has pretty much only 2 seasons: a mild Summer, and a long Winter. Each comes with its own, true magic and here’s our best introduction itinerary that gives you a solid taste what’s wonderful and unique about visiting during Summer.


You will meet your taxi driver at the international airport upon arrival. He will take you to the Blue Lagoon.
Visiting Blue Lagoon Iceland becomes indispensable because of the variety of health and emotional benefits the destination offers. As the water comes straight from the depths of the earth, it is loaded with minerals, salts, blue-green algae and silica. These elements are believed to possess therapeutic powers. The color of the water is frosty blue but the water is well warm. This destination provides the perfect atmosphere for you to relax and enjoy the moment.

Your day ends at your carefully selected 4-star accommodation. This hotel was open in the summer of 2016 and is set in the urban heart of Iceland's capital city. You can enjoy Icelandic meals, brews, art and music at the hotel. The rooms and suites are thoughtfully designed and styled in Icelandic themes of ocean, ice and volcanic rock. Thoughtfully designed for your comfort, every detail has been chosen to calm your nights and refresh your days. It’s a whole new take on boutique-hotel accommodations. All rooms have a mini-refrigerator, 48-inch TV, and a bed with memory foam for a great nap or a night's sleep. You can also enjoy the 24-hour fitness center with cardio machines, weights and yoga mats.
The hotel’s restaurant, has a menu of fresh fish and organic local dishes prepped by award-winning chefs, plus a dry-aging room for the most tender, flavorful meats.
(You will stay in this hotel your first 4 nights.)

Today you will be picked up by the handler and you will go on a horseback riding journey. The Icelandic horse is a "five-gaited" breed, known for its sure-footedness and ability to cross rough terrain. As well as the typical gaits the breed is noted for its ability to perform two additional gaits; the tolt and pace, sometimes called the flying pace. It is fast and smooth, with some horses able to reach up to 30 miles per hour (48 km/h).

Today you will be picked up by the handler and you will go on an ATV/quad biking tour, in the raw nature, dirt and extreme off-road conditions on tracks that guarantees fun for everyone. Going over the rough terrain doesn’t take much effort for the ATV/quads. This is a family sport and no danger what so ever if you take the time to listen to your guide.

Today you will be picked up by a handler and you will go on whale watching journey. In just few hours you can go from the harbor out to the open ocean and back home to port and in-between see one of the biggest animal on the planet, the whale. The whales often surface within few meters from the boat so you can see them up-close.

We head to Thingvellir where the Vikings established the first and the oldest still working Parliament in the world in the year 930. Today Thingvellir is a national park and considered a natural wonder on an international scale earning a place on UNESCO World heritage list.

We will have lunch at Fridheimar greenhouses. The greenhouse farmers at Fridheimar are able to grow tomatoes all year around using geothermal and green energy. You will have the opportunity to learn about the tradition of thermal greenhouses and the methods used by the local farmers to grow their tasty and healthy produce. Experience the diversity and freshness of Icelandic food and ingredients!

It’s time to visit Geyser area. We explore the geothermal pools around Geyser and see Strokkur erupt every few minutes. This is one of the wonders of Iceland and phenomenal experience to see.

We now proceed to Gullfoss waterfall. The glacier river Hvita is feeding Gullfoss with milky green colored water from the glacier Langjokull, the second biggest glacier in Europe. Gullfoss waterfall is the most known waterfall in Iceland and is worth a visit.

We now head towards your next 4-star accommodation. This hotel offers luxury accommodation in 14 apartments, 44 superior hotel rooms and 6 junior suites. The hotel is located at the river Sog which is Iceland’s largest freshwater river in terms of water volume. It is especially famous for fishing Arctic char, Atlantic salmon and brown trout.
The hotel has a very nice restaurant with a broad a la carte menu with both Icelandic and international dishes. It prides itself on its friendly, first class service, and always provides guests with everything they need to make their stay in Iceland more enjoyable. Call it home for the last 2 nights of your adventure!

We drive along the south shore, where the rugged landscape offers up firsthand evidence of nature’s power. Few words can describe the beautiful landscape of the south.

Beautiful waterfalls, some of which you can walk behind, black sandy beaches, mountains, high and steep cliffs, glaciers and numerous strange lava formations are found along the way. We will also see both old and new farms, agricultural livestock and bird life.

We will visit the surrounding of Eyjafjallajokull that erupted in 2010 (and closed down all air traffic over the Atlantic Ocean).
In the afternoon we will go up close to a glacier tongue to walk on the ice. Walking on the glacier is for everybody and when we put on our crampons and walk we will discover the hidden world of frozen water and explore the crevasse riddled outlet glacier with it amazing ice formations, sink holes and jagged ridges. It’s an easy activity amended to your capability.

We will now visit the volcano exhibition an interactive, high-tech educational exhibition depicting volcanic activity, earthquakes and the creation of Iceland over millions of years. Where you will be able to examine the various volcanos—eruptions and lava flows, volcanic and rift systems, faults and glacial floods that make Iceland a showcase of volcanism.

The center introduces the Katla Geopark, plus Iceland's elaborate monitoring system for surveying volcanos and earthquake zones.

Your driver will drive you to the airport aiming to be there around 2 hours before departure. You will go home with great memories and experience from Iceland 


This is a 4-star level, sample itinerary that can be fully customized, upgraded, extended, and adjusted to a bigger group of travelers. Simply inquire to request your own trip design and we will make it happen.


• June, July and August are the "official” Summer months, but May and September can also be very nice.
• The average temperature in Iceland during summer is only 10°C (50 Fahrenheit) and the warmest it can get is 20°C (68 F).
• During our warmest months of the year you will find tons and tons of whales swimming around the coast of Iceland. Whale watching is available from Reykjavik and almost every coastal town in Iceland, usually with different sights from different locations.
• And Iceland in the summer also happens to be the largest puffin colony in the world with an estimate of 8-10 million birds!
To see the adorable puffins can be a little tricky but they are especially common to see in the West fjords and in the Westman Islands in the South of Iceland.
• The whale and puffin season is usually from mid-April to September, peaking in the mid-Summer. Whale watching tours are available all year round but the chance of seeing something magical is always higher in the peak season.
• One of the most wonderful things about Summer in Iceland is that it’s bright all day, every day! Welcome the Midnight Sun season (Note: you can't see the Northern Lights over Iceland during the Summer.)
• Summer is the "high season" for tourism in Iceland. Although locals and outside visitors alike travel Iceland all year round, Summer is the most popular travel season. This means more cars on the road, more hikers, natural hot spring hunters and so on. You best plan your trips or hikes outside of the most common times of the day. You might want to also plan or book your hotels, tours and rental cars with enough advance as they get fully booked during Summer (not to worry, contact us for last minute magic from us to find availability for you!)
• Last but so not least: The AMAZING, natural hot springs. For example, Seljavallalaug pool is the oldest man-made pool in Iceland, hidden between tall mountains on each side. It was actually built around a natural hot spring and today it is abandoned, still attracting tons of locals and travelers every day.
The Blue Lagoon is without a doubt the most known natural hot spring in Iceland. Still, very much worth seeing. Another pool that I love is Gamla Laugin, or the Secret Lagoon in English. That is truly the oldest swimming pool in Iceland but a few years ago locals in the area built nice changing rooms etc. around it and opened it for the public.
• Natural hot springs are hidden everywhere around Iceland! Nothing beats a fun "Natural hot spring mission" where you drive into the middle of nowhere to track down a hidden pool. The most beautiful part about it all, the natural hot springs in Iceland are so many and so scattered around the country that they could never all be in one master list. So when you do your exploring around Iceland, look carefully and find your own heavenly pools along the way!


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