SELF CARE BITES - Community Class (Bend, OR) (November 9, 2019)


* A My World Registry Exclusive Experience *

SELF-CARE BITES: An interactive event to discover and learn easy, quick, highly effective and perfect for you, self-care mini routines anyone can do on the daily!


NEW DATE & TIME: November 9th, 5:30-8:00 pm
LOCATION: Elixir, A Wellness Collective (2146 NE 4th St #160, Bend, OR 97701)
PRICE: $15

The evening runs from 5:30pm to 8:00pm, beginning with a delightful selection of bites and beverages. Following promptly at 6:00pm, our providers presentations of a variety of bite-size self-care daily techniques you can easily practice without much time and almost no tools. We will then have a mini-break followed by a Q & A session and a chance to connect with the presenters and attendees.

This sessions key self-care topics and demonstrations will include:

*Self-massage & Acupressure

*Chair yoga

*Primal body movement/body awareness


*The one skin care habit that will change your life

*Nature-based wellness habits

*Thai-inspired full-body stretches

*Inspiration *discernment *self-mastery *alignment and commitment to your true self, and more!

We will close the event with take-home printouts with our featured providers wellness-oriented gift experiences at My World Registry, plus take home our FREE My World Registry Ultimate Checklist of Daily Self-Care Bites Ideas for you to never go without! Optional Newsletter sign-up sheet will also be available.
There will also be additional, special offers available ONLY for our event attendees for any featured providers gift experiences!

** Limited availability and space, secure your spot early. Tickets must be purchased in advance.


Balance brings peace. Feeling truly good brings out the best in you. But lifestyles and habits often undermine our happy place. Come learn to take care of yourself, no matter what! Perhaps you're in dire need of a reset but feel that you have no easy access to self-care practices or activities.

Maybe self-neglect, constant or intermittent pain, body stagnation, burdening overwhelm or all around numbness are cramping your style.

You don't have time, money or energy to get the self-care you need to keep yourself sane, healthy, balanced and rejuvenated. What can you do!

Short and sweet Self-Care is not only possible on the daily but it's also a lifelong wellness requisite, birth right and well-deserved joy. Come learn how with our expert experience providers, Bella Martinez and Kelly Nie.

Ignite YOUR self-care with our first-ever, Self-Care Bites event. You will learn from 2 of our most expert Bend, OR located experience providers, Bella Martinez and Kelly Nie.


Bella has always been keenly interested in holistic healing, particularly skincare and body movement. Licensed as an esthetician since 2012, her focus is holistic skincare and advanced esthetics, focusing on plant and herbal, organic, natural products. She is also interested in the synergy of the body and how the external reflects what’s going on internally, which led her to also obtain a yoga teacher certification where she learned a fusion of traditional hatha yoga and Tibetan philosophy. Bella’s signature practice is to incorporate spiritual and ancient traditional aspects to her treatments. In her facials, she integrates Reiki, Dien Chan Zone (a facial reflexology modality original to Vietnam that was adapted and refined to Western culture in a school in Italy), Gua Sha (a Chinese technique using different stones that lift the skin in a similar manner to Botox) and Thai Herbal Poultice (traditionally Thai, except the herbs she will use are customized and hand-picked for the patient, are usually anti-inflammatory and can also be used for the body—the results look like cosmetic surgery!) The outcome is driven by intention, the specific herbs and massage techniques. East meets West.

Bella first became interested in helping others heal while living in Tulum, MX. She was drawn to the Mayan of the world and found that there was a lot of healing and healing modalities available in the area and found herself instantly drawn to these practices. In her last time in Tulum she helped open a Spa (as an Assistant Director and Lead Esthetician, co-designing the Spa menu) which later got voted 8th Best Spa in the World by Conde Nast magazine. Bella loved her workplace at this time in her life and felt it was her Happy Place; in front of the ocean, by the jungle, and not wearing shoes, as everyone was required to be connected to the Earth and be grounded.

Along with studying and practicing bodywork, being of service to people became a top priority for Bella, in a healing and nurturing way and in connection with our spiritual side. Bella is deeply inspired by art and culture, as both are beautifully intertwined with many traditional bodywork styles. The kind of bodywork that Bella primarily offers is Eastern-focused.
Bella is here to encourage you to practice rituals of self-care. It’s a vital time for yourself in order to get out of the flight or fight state and take a break from being in a rush to go all the time. In Bella’s eyes, we are all here to be the best version of ourselves that we can be, and bodywork is essential for self-care.


Kelly’s core work base is Coaching and Movement, with her main goal being to help facilitate a safe space for any person to remember their inner wisdom. This is where her work with you begins; a synergistic combination of being a mentor, life coach and movement rehabilitation practitioner. She sees movement as one of the most accessible forms of healing for our bodies and minds. As Kelly has developed a more compassionate connection to her own body through the practice of yoga, primal vinyasa and functional movement, she has set her body free. Moving every day without pain is her new normal and it is why she now has a deep bond to the practice. Alongside movement, Kelly sees self-care as one of the most fundamental tools to feeling complete in a world where we ask so much of ourselves and others. Self-care looks remarkably different for all of us and that is natural and perfect. Kelly wholeheartedly believes that taking time to nurture ourselves and support each other on this path of wellness is our greatest work.

Kelly’s clients come to her wanting to improve an aspect of their life. They are missing tools to approach life with ease and grace. They need guidance and to learn how to move again in a more natural way. Kelly’s approach helps clients shift their perspective and develop tools to gain better awareness of the world in which they operate from. Their key take-away is that they are their own healer. End your struggle with commitment, negative self-talk/ language, health, relationships, career and instead experience freedom, health, joy, vitality, community, connection. The body always knows the answers and we simply have to be reminded on how to listen to the signs.



2.5 Hrs
Elixir, A Wellness Collective -- 2146 NE 4th St #160, Bend, OR 97701 Map it
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