SASS - Supreme Acceptance of your Sensual Self

WHEN: January 10th, 17th, 24th & 31st
DURATION: 60 min each session
TIME: 7:30pm
LOCATION: Tapestry Dance 2015 E. Riverside Drive, Bldg 7, Austin, TX

There are many ways to awaken creativity and self-expression. Sometimes the physical movement experience gets forgotten, buried or repressed, thus making us progressively lose touch with our body’s natural ability to create and express our personal, unique essence. Sensual/Sexual energy is indeed creative energy. For us as women, sometimes this energy can be misdirected or misunderstood, however the power that lies in harnessing this energy and unleashing it out into the world is beyond measure. This masterclass was created to support and empower women to do just that.

Everyone will receive a journal to record insights, perspective shifts and/or clarity that you receive as a result of this experience. Each class will begin and end with brief journaling. Throughout the 4 weeks we will focus on non-verbal cues/flirtation, walking with confidence in heels and movement including sensual flow, floor work, twerking, and lap dance. We will build on a movement phrase and we will end our 4 weeks together with a celebratory toast to the progress we’ve made on our journey!



4 weeks (60 min sessions)
Tapestry Dance - 2015 E. Riverside Drive, Bldg 7, Austin, TX Map it
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About Experience Provider

Lily Shepard

For Lily, movement has been the key towards self love and supreme acceptance for herself and those she teaches. Her powerful dance classes are life-changing, as women learn to find their inner enchantress and are assured that being a powerful, captivating woman is their birthright.

Movement has been a part of Lily’s life for as long as she can remember. She started dancing at age 4 and danced through her school years, obtaining a degree in dance and then starting her professional career in Las Vegas, where she quickly found success. She performed in several productions on the strip and with Beyonce at an awards show. For the next 10 years, Lily was drawn to the glamour of Las Vegas and the allure of the showgirls, dancing and performing at well-known clubs. It was during this time that she gained confidence in herself and learned the art of seduction, which she now teaches to women as a means of empowerment, self discovery and self-expression. Lily is an AFAA certified group fitness instructor.

“With all the competitiveness and body shaming in both the traditional dance world and the adult realm, it's taken me a lot of time to fully embrace my body and be compassionate to myself on my journey. I'm a work in progress, as we all are, I just hope to inspire women to at least start the journey towards self-love and supreme acceptance.”

And Lily’s classes do just that: they inspire women on their journey of self-love and self-expression through dance and body movement. Her high energy classes are perfect for women who feel stuck, want to explore their role as a woman, or want to reach new levels of self-discovery.

In 2015, Lily moved to Austin and used her 20 years of experience to found BodyBloom ATX. Here she shares her love of using dance, fitness and community as a means to empower.