Sacred Mother Blessing Ceremony for Expecting Mothers

The perfect gift for the expecting mom in your life! This Ceremony gathers mama’s tribe to surround her with beauty, shower her with blessings, and prepare her for the transition from Maiden to Mother. She will embark on her birth experience feeling grounded, connected and supported with tangible reminders of her special day.

$390 includes initial consult and planning session, a custom birth bracelet, handmade feather mobile to carry blessings for mom and baby, and floral foot bath for mama (3 hours).

1) This experience is in-person only.
2) Sharon has other sacred ceremonies available and many other gift experience options, including Workshops and Classes and life-changing Retreats. Be sure to check them out!

Blackout Dates:
December 24-Jan 1
Jan 24 - Feb 3
July 21 - Aug 2
August 12-16
All Holidays, Weekends, and Wednesdays



$390 /group

3 hours
Bend, OR and surrounding areas Map it
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About Experience Provider

Sharon Balsamo

Sharon's presence is as powerful as it is instantly grounding. A breath of fresh air for those who seek true healing and igniting themselves into strong, solid freedom from the inside out. She's walked the talk. Sharon started seeking healing since she was a young teenager and, by the time she was in college, she discovered group therapy for panic attacks. It was life-changing. A passion for effective and powerful healing techniques was born.

When Sharon studied abroad in high school,she became certain she wanted to change the world. She initially went to college for International Studies. Later on, she moved to Oregon and was introduced to Wilderness Therapy, working with teens. She absolutely loved it. It was here she was first introduced to facilitating ceremony and creating powerful rites of passage for young people.Students would spend long stretches of time alone in the wilderness and earned a new name as recognition of their challenges and growth on their path. During this time, Sharon was named by her peers “Waking Journey.”

After her time in wilderness, Sharon’s passion for ritual and ceremony continued to grow.She went to grad school for a traditional counseling degree. But she wanted to be a true healer. Spiritual growth was and is her focus, and she specialized in working with teen girls and young women. Sharon started noticing patterns in these women, a strong empathetic sense that led to weakened energetic boundaries. Because of their hyper-sensitivity to others, they would feel drained and ultimately, develop anxiety and depression. She started bringing the outdoors into her counseling sessions and noticed a type of hunger, a craving in these women for more connection to their spirituality.

On her own spiritual path, Sharon discovered earth-based spiritual practices grounded in the ancient traditions of Wicca and Witchcraft. She believes in the importance of honoring all traditions but not appropriating those which don’t belong to us, as this reinforces the cycles of oppression so prevalent in our culture today. With her ancestral lineage anchored in Wales, England, Scotland, and Germany, these spiritual practices are the best fit for her personal magic.

Sharon today focuses on transformational coaching, spiritual guidance, and practical magic. Yes! Practical Magic. Practical magic works with the law of attraction, clarifying and amplifying our intentions to manifest our biggest dreams.Magic can be used for clearing and releasing old blockages, protection, prosperity, relationships, dreamwork, physical health, family matters, and creating our reality. It activates and strengthens the neuropathways that are responsible for shaping our perception of reality and keeps us focused on that which we truly desire. It is a spiritual path and requires integrity and self-awareness to be fully effective.
Practical magic is all about where your thoughts are, where your focus is. Neuroscience tells we are in auto pilot most of the time. When we are more intentional, we can create the lives that we want much more easily. It is also FUN. When you can bring in joy and fun into the healing power, it lights you up! Sharon is shifting from traditional therapy to coaching because she has found that with her coaching style, people feel more empowered to explore their own spiritual paths and learn to trust their inner guidance system to lead them to their own awakening. It is also fun to see her clients learn to interact with the Universe and see the synchronicity that is present all around us!

Tuning in to synchronicity is a practice you can implement every single day and it takes no time. It is a skill-set we haven’t popularly learned. Sharon teaches this new skill-set that shows us what is really possible and breaks through self-imposed limitations. What could be more powerful?

"How does your inner Wise Woman speak to you? Do you hear her whispering in your ear, speaking the truth that lives deep in your bones, that your life is supposed to feel amazing, expansive, and full of possibility and power?

Those dark, broken places are yearning to heal. They are calling out for you to show up, do the work, and come out on the other side more powerful than you can imagine. Can you see what stands in your way? Have you buried it deep in the earth to never see it again?

My love, don’t bury it. The Wise Woman inside you is asking to take your hand, to look deeply at those inner barriers and expose them, to shine the light of radical love and acceptance, to dismantle and destroy anything that stands in the way of deep self-love and pure joy.

This is the work of true freedom and true power. When you choose this path, you will see courage in yourself that you didn’t know was there. You will crack, you will shatter, you will burn, and you will rise from the ashes and learn to fly.

And when you fly, you will never come back down.

It’s time to RISE. Are you ready?"

Sharon's Training:
Licensed Professional Counselor + MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling + BA in International Studies
Sharon is a counselor, healer and intuitive, and facilitator of transformational experiences. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Nationally Certified Counselor, a Certified Sacred Breathwork Facilitator, and has training in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy, Psychodrama, Interpersonal Neurobiology and Hakomi. She holds a Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and incorporates alternative modalities into traditional psychotherapy techniques for holistic, lasting transformations.

Sharon's Modalities:

+ Cognitive Behavioral Therapy + Dialectical Behavioral Therapy + Interpersonal Neurobiology + Narrative Therapy + Equine-assisted Psychotherapy

+ Ceremony and Rites of Passage + Sandtray, Art, and Dream Interpretation + Mindfulness and Meditation + Nature Therapy