Primal Vinyasa™ Movement Rehabilitation Coaching


Movement Rehabilitation is a platform to remap your movement patterns based off a style of movement rehab called Primal Vinyasa™. These sessions are a combination of functional fitness and yoga shapes.

Primal Vinyasa™ encourages students to break free from their habitual movement patterns and experience the authentic, natural wisdom within their bodies. We are naturally dynamic, strong, flexible, and deeply intuitive. Our bodies are born to move, but in our modern world too much repetition often leads to stagnation, injury and pain. Healthy movement is a diversity of movement.

Primal Vinyasa is intelligent, functional mobility training that will teach you the skills for more advanced poses while transcending the boundaries of traditional yoga practice. Tap into your strong center through a thoughtful progression of strength training and mind-body-awareness practices; remember your innate capacity for relaxed, balanced, and powerful movement.


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• 1 60 MINUTE SESSION - $95





By booking with us, you will get the full, initial 40-min Intake session free of charge.


Kelly's approach to pain with Primal Vinyasa is different than the traditional ways. This is for you if those ways aren't working for you.
Get ready to create and hold a space of play and primitive movements that you have never experienced before. Learning whole body integration with a modern spin on yoga based on current teachings of body movement has allowed healing to take place in Kelly's body and now she will teach you exactly how you can do it too.
The results are truly life-changing and have high potential to end pain, discomfort and lack of movement ease and grace. You can re-learn to move in a more natural way and feel increased expansion and freedom. Focus on being you, without physical limitations!


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Primal Vinyasa™ Movement Rehabilitation Coaching

About Experience Provider

Kelly Nie

Change, freedom and movement go hand in hand. In our human journey, many of us wish for and desire the same things in our lives. What we wish for and don’t have always requires something to change (often significantly) in the way we do or view things in order to be achieved. Having (the) right tools, mindset and education or mentoring is the key to successfully change, and that is what Kelly Nie is here to offer.

Like many “magical unicorns” in their field, Kelly experienced firsthand pain, discomfort and a lack freedom to move, expand and show up as herself with compassion and confidence. Today, she is a Movement Rehabilitation Practitioner, Yoga Teacher Consultant, and Personal Development Coach.

Kelly was first drawn to life coaching in 2009 when she was introduced to the practice through a professor that led a psychology class she was taking in Human Development and Potential. At that time, she obtained a BA degree in Psychology. About five years later Kelly began her transformation and had the opportunity to start new when she moved to the Pacific North West. She began her study in yoga and because of the support she found in that program and the confidence that was created (through) her teaching, she became her true self. She has completed coursework with the Bapiste® Power Yoga program, Living the 8 Limbs of Yoga, and most recently Primal Vinyasa.

“I see movement as one of the most accessible forms of healing for our bodies and minds. As I have developed a more compassionate connection to my body through the practice of yoga, primal vinyasa and functional movement, I have set my body free. Moving every day without pain is my new normal and it is because of this I have a deep bond to the practice.”

“Alongside movement, I see self-care as one of the most fundamental tools to feeling complete in a world where we ask so much of ourselves and others. Self-care looks remarkably different for all of us and that is perfect by nature. Taking time to nurture ourselves and support one other on this path of wellness is our greatest work.”

“I am passionate about seeing myself and clients as a whole being. Life coaching has always been about facilitating a space to grow a person’s own capabilities; once I began to trust in my potential, everything shifted and I was able to trust my heart.”

Kelly works with people one-on-one and in group settings to facilitate transformation and streamline reaching personal and individual full potential. She also offers workshops and retreats in Central Oregon that are based around self-care, health and wellness. Self-care is very important to Kelly and it’s the field she has learned so much about in the different areas of her studies and experience. Kelly also works as a consultant for yoga teachers both in the development of their programs as well as how to effectively lead their training programs. She is currently located in Bend, OR and works in Central Oregon and the Portland area at this time. Her Personal Development Coaching is offered in person and by phone services. For Movement Rehabilitation, she offers live sessions. Kelly specializes in Somatics as well as working with people in transition from jobs, to moving, to clients who have just sent their children off to college.

People who come to Kelly for guidance or hands-on help typically feel like they are missing tools to approach life with ease and grace, or need to learn how to physically move again in a more natural way. Kelly provides guidance to remember and discover that we are our own healers. Alternatively and additionally, Kelly helps those who struggle with commitment, negative self-talk/ language, health, relationships, and/or career. Those who desire freedom, health, joy, vitality, community, connection. They can be involved in any type of lifestyle activity, as with Kelly no one is excluded. The main key is that they need to be willing to change.

Kelly’s best fit for working with is someone willing to practice and put in effort to change their relationship with themselves. Those wanting to improve their life, shift their perspective and develop tools to gain better awareness of the world in which they operate from. If you’re ready and open to change and to putting in the effort to get results, you will succeed.

What is it like to be on the other side of working with Kelly? You take away that you are your own healer. The body always knows the answer and we simply have to be reminded on how to listen to the signs.