PandoraStar Hypnogogic Light & Sound Deep Trance Experience

PandoraStar Hypnogogic Light & Sound Deep Trance Experience

Step under the light and experience Hypnogogia, a dream-like state where the mind is set free and where mesmerizing visuals take you through a journey like none other. Our light and guiding techniques can help you let go of the daily stress and drudgery and help heal you on the inside and out.

Treat yourself to a unique and powerful body-mind-spirit connection. We employ vibration techniques via tuning instruments, a modern Pandora Light AVS system (the only one in the Pacific NW), and age-old guided meditation practices to clear your vibratory field and bring you into altered states of consciousness. Seasonally provided, we will harvest some fresh herbs for wellness tonics to accentuate your connection to the land and enhance your unique constitution.

$75 for an individual session of for up to 2 people.
$125 for a group of up to 4 people (select this options from the drop-down menu on the right column)


+ Deep relaxation
+ Help with sleep
+ Lasting feelings of well-being
+ Improved memory
+ Trauma release
+ SADS relief
+ Brain soothing
+ Profound introspection
+ and so much more!

Deep Relaxation - Trance and meditative states can bring benefits like:
Reduced feelings of stress and anxiety
Lower blood pressure

Well-being - Alpha-focused sessions can help to alleviate:
Chronic pain & migraines
Sleep disorders

Cognitive Enhancement - Regular use of sessions with Gamma frequencies can result in:
Improved short term memory
Improved memory integration
Increased concentration

Improved Creativity - By stimulating the “right brain” users experience significant increases in:
Expanded Consciousness


-Meet Julianne and discuss your personal, group, and/or special goals for the session
-Learn briefly about the current season and taste relevant balancing teas with farm-fresh herbs (seasonal)
-Learn about the history of the tuning instruments & the Pandora Star and their respective health benefits (optional)
-Make yourself(yourselves) comfortable in the upstairs “temple space” of the barn on fur rugs, with plenty of pillows and blankets
-Close your eyes and relax through a guided Yoga Nidra session, under the light of the Pandora Star, employing harp, flutes, tuning forks, and hand drums (also optional if you prefer solitude)
-The whole session lasts from 45-60 min +, depending on individual selections.

One to four people can participate in a session simultaneously. For individual sessions we have a dome structure available on-site for a cozier setting. We also have a 'temple-space' are for group participation and more space. However, either is available for you to choose from.

Once laying comfortably under the light, a specially chosen session is programmed for you. Closing your eyes, the journey begins. We play audio and use tuning forks to accompany you on your experience as the flashing lights penetrate your eyelids creating amazing visuals that take you through a relaxing and powerful experience.


* Watch 12 stroboscopic LEDs through closed eyes as they flicker at specially chosen frequencies for the program.
* The electromagnetic activity in your brain naturally begins to follow the frequencies of the light, known as Brain Entrainment.
* Research shows that particular frequencies of brain activity cause positive effects e.g. increased production of endorphins.

For questions and inquiries, please contact us!


If you are familiar already with the benefits of this experience and would like to get them regularly, multi-session pack discounts are available. Simply select from the drop-down menu on right column!



$75 /1-2 people

45-60 min +
TBD - Bend, OR Map it
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About Experience Provider

Julianne Hansen Anderson

Julianne has over fifteen years of experience in the health industry, employing Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, yoga and physical therapy exercises, and sound and light healing technologies to offer you a rich and unforgettable experience. Julianne is a certified athletic trainer, yoga therapist, music and dance instructor with training in Ayurveda, Spinal Release Yoga, Buti Yoga, and Raindrop therapy. She founded and owns Tribe Women’s Fitness studio (in Bend) and is passionate about researching the latest discoveries in healing. She loves all green things, and growing sustainable community.