Next Level Mountain Biking with Oxygen Maximization


*A My World Registry Exclusive Experience*

Do you ever wish you could ride forever' and not feel the pain the next day? This is for you!

Join us for a life-changing Breathing and Oxygen Maximization Training for Optimal Athletic Performance & Bike Adventure in Bend, OR.
Learn & experience new techniques for off-the-charts athletic (or for-fun) performance (and dramatically decrease recovery time) and immediately practice your new skills the same day.
Enjoy next-level mountain-biking through beautiful local terrain, and be inspired by what it’s like to feel
limitless & free to play play play!
*For Men and Women.

During this 3-day oxygen maximization workshop and bike adventure, you will learn new techniques to dramatically increase athletic performance, or just-for-extended-fun, added resilience and much shorter recovery time between ride sessions. If you haven't already, you will experience the best of Bend, OR, bike through beautiful mountain terrain, and be inspired by what it’s like to spend your day car-free.
If you're coming from out of town, we recommend you choose to stay in a central location so that you’ll have the option to continue to spend your days only biking and walking!


ATTENTION: This event has been postponed due to a family emergency. Please stay tuned and reach out to us at any point to be kept in the loop once we know the new date. Thank you for your interest in this amazing experience!

(Past) DATES:
9am – 2pm daily, July 12 - 14, 2019

Available spots: 8 per day (*min 4 spots per date for the experience to take place)


Oxygen is power. Oxygen, and the breathing patterns we use to bring it into our body, is absolutely fundamental for athletic performance. Yet, surprisingly, this indispensable foundation for high performance is never taught in exercise classes, athletic training or otherwise. “If we continue to overlook this,” says Hector, “we won’t just be keeping athletes from the fullest potential but we will also continue to risk” safety and longevity. In this workshop, Hector explains the physiological processes that result from various methods of breathing and the effects of these different methods on performance and long-term health. His approach is based in biology and backed by research, while his teachings are practical, applicable and accessible to all. This is an invaluable performance technique that can maximize your efficiency — which can only mean you will be able to have fun for longer and as often as you want.

Hector teaches easy-to-learn and easy-to-practice breathing techniques that not only allow for better performance on the trails but lead to and increased quality of life, in how to develop resilience and respond to the stressors of daily life. Smarter, more effective breathing means better sleep, more peace and more calm in day-to-day life. “Of all the tools I’ve learned in the wellness world,” says Hector, “the most powerful shift we can make in how we can deal with stress/anxiety is shifting your breathing.” When you learn to increase the of oxygen in your blood to optimal levels and make it a habit, you can be more alert, feel well while being efficient, combat anxiety, boost immunity, help to tune your brain and prevent fatigue. Although not a cure, oxygenation therapies in general are geared to generating more oxygen in the body and can, therefore, contribute to the recovery from oxygen deficiency related illnesses like heart disease, cancer, circulatory disorders, and mental illness, as well as help to achieve optimum overall health and longevity.

Hector uses oxygen therapy to bring more playtime into his daily life, naturally. He has experienced firsthand the power of breathing techniques to improve performance on his biking adventures. With Hector’s teachings, learn how to get oxygen to your muscles more efficiently to maximize the oxygen in your body. Tune your brain, stay young, recover from fatigue and optimize your immune system. All while playing outside, like the (grown-up) kid you were always meant to stay free as!


Participate in this workshop on a day by day basis, or save when you book the 3-day workshop (select your choice from menu on right column):
* Day Workshop - $69/day
* 3-Day Workshop - $169

**If you’re coming from out of town and would like a full package option with bike rental and lodging included, contact us for a custom, package quote.**


It’s so easy to get on the road and be on the trails in Bend. You can go from home to trails in the woods in no time. There’s an endless number of single-track, and the logistics and ability to be ready to go in the bike with no car involved are great. The trails are so smooth you can ride every single day and not feel any ‘punishment’ on your body the day after. Alternatively, you could take a shuttle van and get dropped off and ride back into town, 20-30 miles later, ready to relax in the town. The proximity to the mountain is very nice. There are several snow parks on the way to the mountain, where you can also go cross-country skiing or snowshoeing.

Bend, OR is a beautiful, quaint town where you have the ability to ride your bike everywhere. There is clean air, people are nice and it’s so bike-friendly. Nature is so easily enjoyable and accessible; a mountain town culture Hector really loves. There’s also amazing craft beer everywhere and the town is great to do a brewery tour as a pedestrian or biker.


Practice makes perfect! This will be a 1 to 3-day workshop where you’ll adventure through bike trails & the city of Bend, practicing your new skills. (If you’re coming from out of town, arrive on Thursday and get settled, then spend Friday, Saturday & Sunday adventuring with the group. Suggested departure on Monday.)

• We’ll meet at Crow’s Feet Commons and start the workshop sharp at 9 AM, followed by the trail ride around 1 PM.
• Grab your mountain bike and head together as a group to a nearby trailhead where we will begin to bike down the trails, regrouping at each intersection to check in on practicing the oxygen maximization techniques. The ride will be about 3 hours long.
• Optional: At the end of the ride, stop for a beer near the original trailhead and head back to downtown Bend to relax and enjoy your newly maximized life!


This experience is not for mountain biking beginners and it is not a mountain biking teaching experience – it is an experience designed to be an enhanced adventure for those who already have biking experience. No need to be an expert, but you should be comfortable on a mountain bike and have experience with different types of trails and terrains.



From $69 /day and up

1 - 3 Days, 5 hours daily
Bend, OR Map it
TBD Summer 2019
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About Experience Provider

Hector Perez

Besides being an almost natural-born bike rider, Hector is also equally passionate about holistic athletic performance enhancement (with focus on bike-riding, naturally.) He grew up in McAllen, TX, near the border with Mexico, where his passion for riding bikes started as early as 4 years old: he used to ride daily with his friends in the neighborhood. As an adult, his riding skills developed further when he moved to Austin, TX for college and he chose biking as his main means of transportation. Hector’s commutes would get longer and longer, as he would enjoy more and more adventuring around and taking fun detours in his bike rides. He soon realized there were many biking events in town and decided to start training and racing.

Hector’s love of biking was harmoniously matched by his discovery of holistic medicine. While obtaining a college degree in Math and Sociology, Hector was first introduced to holistic wellness and healing methods. He studied yoga and was learning about herbal medicine and, after a biking injury Hector also tried healing arts such as acupuncture for the first time. Impressed by his own experiences, Hector decided to become a Chinese Medical doctor, which allowed him to be an acupuncturist and practice herbal medicine. He graduated from AOMA in Austin and practiced for a total of 8 years in cities like Austin, TX, Boise, ID and Bend, OR. It was during this time that Hector’s career path combining his two big passions, biking and holistic performance enhancement, took off.

Constantly seeking to learn new things, Hector discovered energetic muscle testing techniques and was inspired and later worked directly for a well-known brand of natural supplements. His focus was to determine which nutrients were needed to help restore balance in patients. Hector found that the knowledge he learned here was so valuable that it should be taught to others so that they could practice it for themselves.

Hector continues to add new knowledge and techniques he can apply to achieving optimal health and wellness for athletic performance, as well as for general health needed to have fun playing outdoors. Hector has discovered, works with and helps teach practitioners the use of cannabinoids for health support and treatments.

More recently while attending a wellness conference, Hector discovered the incredible, transformational power of breathing techniques. He stopped in a booth that caught his eye: stationary bikes with oxygen equipment. The oxygen equipment efficiently delivered oxygen to his lungs as he rode the bike, and the difference that Hector felt in performance was astounding. As he previously partnered up with the natural supplement and the cannabinoid brands, Hector became a partner with the oxygen company as well. He now teaches others to use this equipment and about the importance of breathing techniques while exercising.

Hector’s lifelong passion of riding bikes was fueled by the opportunity to live and ride in some of the best terrain in the U.S. In Austin, he enjoyed road biking and began racing for fun. But in Boise and later Bend (where he lived for 8 years) he had the tremendous pleasure of discovering and living the mountain biking culture at its finest. It was so easy to get on the road and be biking in no time, to go from house to trail and be in the woods quickly and easily. The logistics and ability to be ready to go in the bike with no car involved was life-changing. The trails are so smooth you can ride every single day and not feel punishment on your body later.

Over the course of his life, Hector’s dedication to cycling, riding and mountain biking, as well as to non-invasive, naturally powerful, healing and enhancing techniques has steadily evolved and today he specializes in holistic performance enhancement. Hector is living inspiration and motivation for anyone to achieve best performance possible, to play car-free and with utmost joy.
What else makes Hector a badass? Well, he’s a total life-lover, an incredibly well-rounded conversationalist with a quick sense of humor and the most contagious positive attitude. He loves to live each day to the fullest and enjoys teaching by example the simple pleasures of nature, health and food. Did we mention he cooks a mean Arroz con Pollo??

Enjoy adventuring with Hector!

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