Nail Your Dream Job - Work Application + Interview Skills

NAIL YOUR DREAM JOB - Work Application + Interview Skills
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You have what it takes: motivation, drive, skill and talent. However, without solid confidence we are often unable to show and communicate this to the person on the other side of the desk or phone line, who is trying to decide if we got what it takes to perform this job successfully. It can be frustrating and many time devastating, to not be able to show your true value for your dream job. With this experience, there is hope and help available for you to nail that job! And improve your communication skills for everything else in life too.

In this experience you’ll get personalized information on how to nail your job application & interview using body language techniques. The provider of this experience, Silvi Galmozzi of The Wolf Advantage, uses Technics, tools and soft skills to find alignment between the spoken word and body language. You’ll discover how to harness these in order to exude confidence, knowledge, and the skills necessary to land your dream job.

This experience includes a 2 hour long class + a complimentary, initial phone consultation (to explore being a good match)

Available Times: Classes are held between 8 AM - 8 PM, except for special circumstances
Classes can be offered in person if you live in Bend, OR, or online
Classes are ages 18+, available in English & Spanish




2 hrs + initial consult
Bend, OR (Scheduled by the parties) Map it
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About Experience Provider

Silvi Galmozzi

With years of working with people in Human Resources in a corporate environment and feeling restricted by the corporate manuals and policies which not always helped, Silvi Galmozzi (of The Wolf Advantage) felt a strong need to connect with and serve employees at a deeper level. Following much research, she realized that the science of Body Language spoke volumes to her. She began to research and took courses online, attended local college classes, watched TED talks and read numerous books on the subject to further educate herself. Silvi was fascinated by human behavior, so it made sense for her to start with body language and communication behavior.

After a few years of research and certifications, The Wolf Advantage was created in January of 2018 between Silvi and her now husband, David Wolf. Their focus is on communication because they believe that connecting with others is key to a happy life. Humans crave attention and relationships. “I haven't yet met anyone who doesn't connect with other people, even if it’s just to take care of their basic needs”, says Galmozzi. How do we connect? By talking, speaking with words and using our non-verbal communication. Silvi feels amazing doing what she loves. She is her happiest ever working passionately, and it shows in her work with intensity. She gets energized teaching and gets very creative.

Communication coaches, use body language as the main focus for alignment between words and conscious or unconscious physical expressions. To be an effective communicator, you need to match the two. When we lie, our body fights against the words we’re saying. Your body changes when you’re lying, but that is also true when you’re fearful, stressed, unsure, happy, etc. Micro expressions are involuntary face movements that take place when we feel happiness, fear, etc.

Individuals come to The Wolf Advantage with statements such as:
- “I am too awkward, I don’t connect easily”
- “I just got divorced need to get back in the game”
- “Our family is not connecting well, we would like to understand each other better and have harmony”
- “I want to advance in my career and need soft skills, learn to have charisma, have better work relationships, people to trust me more, learn how to spot sign of lying in others, improve genuine sales techniques (real estate, etc.) to build trust”
- “I want to have better chances at romance and healthy relationships, learn to flirt, lie detection when a person or relationship is ‘too good to be true’, self-confidence and to not be so nervous”
- “I want to advance in my career or fresh into the workforce and I need new skills, I need to be good at interviews, need help with resume building, interviewing, etc.”

More than once, someone has said to Silvi that they didn’t know you could learn these skills. Body language and communication is a soft skill, not a technical skill you learn in school. It’s everything that makes you be better at your other skills.

For example:

Negotiations skills – Maybe you need to be a “business person” when you never have been, and need to sell something you own. In this case, perhaps you need to learn to breathe, be calm and collected, and not so excited when you talk.

Businesses or organizations - They may be in need of individual training, group trainings o workshops for team building. Perhaps the company is growing, hiring more people and therefore interviewing applicants. Maybe a non-profit wants to learn to connect better, approach other groups, and use body language for empowerment and confidence. Or an organization looking for innovative training, workshop or coaching.

Families – Many have a need to improve their family dynamics, or have recent family changes and need help explaining to those who don’t understand them easily or have a hard time adjusting. New brainstorming ideas and strategies for the message to get through may be necessary, especially with special needs or situations.

To Silvi, communication is the way we, humans use to connect with others. With The Wolf Advantage, she offers techniques, tools and soft skills to find alignment between the spoken words and the physical expression, AKA body language. “There is a magical moment when all this new information that our clients receive clicks, and a new, more confident version of themselves comes out.” “Sometimes I feel that people look even taller, as they learn these tricks to better connect with others.” Silvi is of the idea that as her clients confidence grows, they physically expand and take on more room.

So who does Silvi and The Wolf Advantage help best?

Every human who interacts daily with others humans and/or dogs! Dogs can read micro expressions and also show emotions themselves 🙂
Joke aside, anyone looking to grow in their personal life, experience personal improvement and better relationships, become the best version of themselves, learn new skills to advance their professional career, newly single people looking to connect with others romantically, and families looking to connect deeper with each other can greatly benefit from Silvi’s experiences. In her own words, “anyone who wants to not just be outside the box, but remove the box altogether!”