* A My World Registry Exclusive Experience *

4 days / 3 nights Motorcycle and Photography tour around Central Oregon - Summers only

** NEW Special 2 for 1 Price: Bring along friend or partner at NO EXTRA COST! **

(Your partner must ride with you on your motorcycle, and stay in the same room or tent during the overnights.)


+ Has exploring Central Oregon by motorcycle been a fun goal you dream of often?

+ Do you wish you could combine your motorcycle riding and landscape photography passions in ONE, life-changing adventure?

+ Are you interested in learning or fine tuning your photography skills and having an acclaimed professional take you to the next level with hands on guidance and pro tips along the ride?

+ Do you love adventuring, exploring, enjoying, learning new things, tasting life and relaxing all at once?

+ Do you want to end this Summer by adding a once in a lifetime experience that you can now also share with a partner who is willing to come along for the ride?

Then you're in for a treat like no other!


You know who you are. And I know you’re out there. You love motorcycles and the freedom to explore and discover that it provides. There is a connection with your environment that you only experience on a motorcycle. You feel your world, not just move through it, and you find that you have more random conversations with enjoyable strangers than you ever have when not riding. Riding is a connector: it not only provides the most fun way from point A to point B, but the vulnerability of being exposed also makes you more accessible to conversation and connection with people along the way. Riding a motorcycle is one of the best ways to experience a place, and the inhabitants that make it special. It’s also just incredibly fun!

You also love photography, you love taking time to stop and appreciate the beauty that is all around you. You love to capture, preserve, and share that beauty and experience with others. You may not be a professional photographer, but you love to capture, and that is enough. Photography allows you to slow down, smell the flowers (or gasoline), and find beauty in all the little details that make up our incredible world.

Men and women, young and old, have joined me on our MotoPhoto tours of Italy in the past. One of my favorite stories is of a single mid-30s woman who was a talented photographer, loved adventure, and had no idea how to ride a motorcycle. She found out about our fall Italy MotoPhoto tour and signed up – then spent the next few months of the summer buying a motorcycle and learning how to ride! When the time came to start our tour in Roma, she was ready to go and amazed us all with her poise on the big new BMW she rented. She navigated the bustling city with confidence, and once on the curving mountain roads she flowed with the best of us.


We’ve created a unique experience just for people on their journey with My World Registry. You can now experience a MotoPhoto by booking a personal tour for yourself, a small group of your friends, or by joining a group of soon-to-be friendly strangers. We offer tours in Central Oregon (where I am a local for over 20 years), and in Italy and Northern Thailand – where we also connect with native speaking partner guides. This is our much awaited Central Oregon Edition. Join us!


I’ll take care of everything for you, allowing you to relax and enjoy the ride. I’ll plan a ride that will take us on the most fun, curvaceous, and least-crowded roads in the area. (See the photo slide for a map of our tentative route.)

We’ll make time to stop and enjoy great photo spots, cool cafés, unique restaurants, and places that make the area one-of-a-kind. I’ll also help you with your photography, and give you expert tips from my 25+ years of professional photography experience specifically focused on what you will see and experience in this journey.

My plan is that you’ll have a much deeper appreciation for the natural beauty, culture, quirks, and people of the areas we explore together. We’ll ride safe, take our time, and experience the essence of the area, not just drive through it.


- Minimum of 2 attendees, Maximum 5
- A current motorcycle endorsement will be required.
- We’ll ride at a comfortable pace for the least experienced rider in the group.
- Motorcycles can be rented or bring your own.
- We’ll spend 2 of the nights in select hotels or guest houses and 1 night camping, allowing for a sunrise photo shoot before the days ride.
- Plan to pack and carry all your gear on your bike. (We are happy to offer gear and packing advice, if needed)
- Bring your camera, iPhone or DSLR, whatever you want to use.

NOTE: Our camp spots and route may vary a little based on the number or people in the group, weather conditions near departure, and travel speed of the group.


* Lodging for 2 nights
* Camping fee for 1 night
* Camping gear and tools
* Professional photography expert tips, insight and guidance
* 3 breakfasts and 3 lunches at select local spots along the route


* Motorcycle rental if needed
* Gas
* Dinners, snacks and beverages
* Photographic cameras and tools
* Insurance



TBD by group size $0

4 days / 3 nights
Central Oregon - base in Bend, OR Map it
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About Experience Provider

Kevin Kubota Photography

A true legendary innovator of his field, Kevin Kubota likes to say that he “fell into” photography, as if it happened naturally. But his relationship with photography is a long-term, beautiful one. It tells a heart-warming story about so much more than a passion for the art of taking great photos and the discovery of boundless creativity. Just like one of My World Registry’s core values, Kevin is a life-lover at heart. He is a perfect example of how meaningful and transformational our chosen life experiences can be, in particular the ones we seek and tune into from within, as well as how impactful experiential learning is. It’s all about the experience!

Originally from Hawaii, Kevin grew up in an environment and culture where great importance was given to having and nurturing a connection with family and friends, and weekly family dinners and other gatherings were the norm. That was beautiful. But eventually Kevin wanted to “see the world” and explore other ways of connecting with people. He moved to Los Angeles to seek a college education.

Like a raw, undiscovered gem, Kevin was a bit oblivious to his photography calling while as he explored different career paths that never seemed to be “creative enough” for him.
Kevin worked for a fashion designer in LA for a year, but didn’t love it. Next he was an assistant designer for a startup that soon went out of business. Then he was a shoe salesman at Nordstroms, which was lucrative and fun. It taught him about customer service and the client experience. He learned the “customer first” approach: to step outside the box and go the extra mile. This last job allowed Kevin to make pretty good money, but it too wasn’t creative enough.

Around this time, his girlfriend’s friend asked Kevin if he would take portraits of her and her boyfriend one day. So Kevin started studying studio lighting at the local library. The photos came out good, and the woman’s girlfriends wanted Kevin to take their photos too.

This is where Kevin’s path became more clear, and his photography career started to grow. He did headshots for actors, and then kept getting hired by his girlfriend’s gym pals to take their portraits and soon also photograph their weddings. His wedding photography business took off.

While on a road trip and being into rock climbing and mountain biking, Kevin discovered Bend, OR! He found article about Smith Rock in a magazine and made it a point to stop by. Bend has been home for Kevin and his family ever since.

Being good at what you do and living in a small town is great for business. As soon as you do a good job, people spread the word to all of the town. Business in Bend was good and Kevin also still had clients in L.A. so he was flying back and forth frequently. He had to have a way to show his work and there wasn’t anything available online at the time, so he created a way to do it. He had the idea, found a developer and created an online gallery shopping system. Webpics was born and enabled Kevin to continue to grow his business in both towns. He later also developed photography plug-ins for Photoshop and became the exclusive distributor for the Zuka photography books from Japan, exclusively for photographers.

Kevin started doing talks for a photography association and also decided to submit his work to wedding magazines. Studio Photography & Design magazine called him and asked to do a cover story on his work! Soon after, Nikon discovered Kevin and made ads featuring him. He is a part of Nikon’s Legends Behind the Lens and has been sponsored to be a speaker at several conventions.

Kevin offered workshops and digital photography bootcamps in Bend, but people from all over the country and the world would come. Their businesses were changing and improving. Kevin loved the energy of sharing, the feedback loop of people using his techniques. He started getting requests to be a speaker at conventions all over the world and went to Brazil, Japan, Russia, London, Peru, Hawaii, and more.

One day Kevin decided to put his two main passions together and MotoPhoto tours was born. A hiker, climber and motorcycle rider, Kevin was taking people on tours all over the world. “Exposing people to be outside in the world is such a powerful experience. People get transformed and they want to go back.” Kevin decided he wanted a bike for the road. Even though his wife didn’t agree at first, she eventually understood how much he loved it and enjoyed it. He would come home beaming with joy and full of stories meeting new people making new connections.

Italy was so beautiful, each time Kevin was in Italy’s roads he would wish he had his motorcycle. So he would rent them in Rome or Florence and ride them to the mountains. After many Italy moto-adventures of his own he was familiar with both the usual visitor spots as well as places more undiscovered and authentic. In partnership with expert local tour guide friends, Kevin likes to say he “just added people and motorcycles” to his adventures.

MotoPhoto Tours is now expanding to other magical lands both in the US and the world. Stay tuned for Thailand, Bend, and more!