In-Home Virtual Retreat: Inspired Lifestyle, Elevating Practices, Highest Potential (May 22-24, 2020)


LIVE ON ZOOM MAY 22-24, 2020

"Hello My Friends!
Are you ready for next level living? 🔥 🔥 🔥
Want to learn how to live your best life without having to work really hard or make huge sacrifices?

I hope you are saying, "Heck yeah, thought you'd never ask!

I'm going to share exactly how at the virtual At Home Retreat
May 22-24th.

But since I love you, I'm going to share some gold with you now.

My path of personal development over the past few decades has exposed me to some fascinating things. I've tried it all! Well, truth be told, not ayahuasca or firewalking, 🔥 but pretty much everything else.

Out of everything I've experienced, the four things I'm about to share will bring significant positive change to your life.

1. Community - Being a part of an inspiring community helps to feel a sense of belonging and connection that we all need to thrive.

2. Presence Practices - Practices like, Meditation, Breathwork, and my fav, Tea Ceremony are experiential practices that quiet/focus the mind, bring you into the moment, and connect you to something greater than yourself.

3. Personal Mentor - Having a mentor/coach/counselor helps to resolve the past, create a winning mindset, and support you in effectively taking consistent action steps towards your dreams.

4. Inspired lifestyle choices - Creating a lifestyle that includes being in nature, knowing which foods and exercise are most supportive of vibrant health and vital energy, and living in a way that lights you up!
Want to dive deeper and learn how to activate these areas of your life?

During the upcoming, At Home Retreat, you will experience all of these powerful elements, and most importantly, learn simple ways to bring them into your everyday life.

Many of you reached out and expressed that you wanted to attend the retreat, but the original dates were not working for you. So no problema, I've moved the dates to accommodate,

All the juicy schedule details are below

Hope to see your beautiful face on May 22nd!


*Regular rate is $333 There are a limited number of spots for $100 off

Your Retreat Experience Begins
5/22/20 @ 6:00 PM (PDT) On Zoom

Listen to Alisha here: Why I do this


Experience Sacred Tea Ceremony, Breathwork & Meditation. Learn how to cultivate a daily presence practice to connect to your Inner Wisdom.

Special guest Dr. Ashley De Luna joins us to share how to create a daily routine with energy-rich foods and inspired body movements that will leave you feeling on top of the world.

The time has come to elevate yourself and live your best life. Learn the key ingredients to creating positive, lasting change.


In March, I was scheduled to lead a retreat here in Bend.

Students were coming from around the world to dive into themselves and unlock their greatest potential.

And then the pandemic hit, and we all know what happened from there.

From mentoring students through this challenging time, I can see that the tools I was going to teach on retreat are more critical than ever.

So, I'm bringing the retreat to you using my expertise as a teacher, mentor, and retreat leader with my experience in leading groups virtually for over 7 years.

This means that you can experience the benefits of a retreat in your own home.

The retreat weekend will be a time to recenter, reconnect, and re-envision your life. You will be guided through experiential self-care practices and be the first to learn new teachings from a book I've been writing on living to your fullest potential.

If you are inspired to attend reply to this email, and you will be placed on the list for priority enrollment.



🌟 At Home Retreat Deets 🌟

It all begins the moment you register. You will get a welcome video that provides you with the keys to having the best at-home retreat experience. We understand you may be new to virtual retreats, have kids at home, be scared of technology, etc. no problem we've got you covered.

May 22nd
6-8pm ~ Welcome & Sacred New Moon Ceremony 🌚
~ Planting the seeds for your best life.

May 23rd
9-11am ~ Special guest, Cristina Bonilla, joins to lead breathwork. Meditation & Tea Ceremony 🍵 with Alisha.

Lunch Break

1-4pm ~ Special guest, Dr Ashley De Luna, joins to give best practices for creating vibrant health and vital energy. ✨
Alisha shares how to design a lifestyle that lights you up!

Evening practice will be provided for you to do in your own timeframe.

May 24th
9-11am ~ Special guest, Gianna Mauceri, joins to lead breathwork. 🧘🏽Meditation & Tea Ceremony with Alisha.

Lunch Break

1-4pm ~ Mystery guest (to be revealed) will share about herbal medicine 🌿 for vitality. Alisha guides an experimental practice to refine your mindset to be your best self and live to your highest potential.

Evening practice will be provided for you to do in your own timeframe.

After the retreat, you will be guided on how to integrate everything you learned into your next level life. 🔥

Last chance to receive the $100 discount is MAY 15th.

This Special rate of $222 Is Limited, So Register NOW!


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May 22-24, 2020
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In-Home Virtual Retreat: Inspired Lifestyle, Elevating Practices, Highest Potential (May 22-24, 2020)

About Experience Provider

Alisha Olivier Park

Alisha Olivier Park, creator of the Healing from Within ® program and founder of Tranquility School of Integrative Healing, is a world-renowned Spiritual Teacher and Mentor. She has dedicated the last 18 years to guiding others to the root of their unconscious emotional habits while teaching them how to love themselves and live in alignment with their purpose.

Alisha, found her beginnings learning and teaching alongside Deepak Chopra at the Chopra Center. Through her work at the center, she received the education of a lifetime working with the greatest Spiritual teachers of our time.

This profound experience, paired with her own healing journey, inspired her signature program: Healing from Within®. This online program is a unique formula that provides the tools, guidance, and support to those ready to rise up and live to their highest potential. She is a student of life, born with the gift of being able to connect deeply to nature, people, and the world around her.

Alisha travels the world sharing wisdom and inspiration through Sacred ceremonies, gatherings, and retreats.