Festival Cervantino in Guanajuato, Mexico (October 2019)


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Enjoy Latin America’s biggest cultural festival among several UNESCO Heritage cities, vineyards, 18th century convents and agave spirits tastings!

The capital of Guanajuato lies at the heart of Mexico and is home to Latin America’s biggest cultural festival: the Cervantes Festival. The festival, which takes place from October 9th to the 27th, is a celebration of the arts in all of its forms, from dance to music, film, theatre and visual arts, that encourages cultural exchange by welcoming 2,400 artists and performers from over 30 countries. Each year the Cervantes Festival features a guest country and Mexican state, as well as a theme.

This year the festival, now in its 47th edition, will be featuring Canada and the State of Guerrero this year as its guests of honor. Both guests will present a series of performances that relate to this year’s theme: Migrations. Music, theatre, and dance will converge at the festival to reflect on people’s movements across borders in the Americas and around the world.

My World Registry is creating an experience around the festival by providing everything you need: places to stay, daily activities, transportation, and insider tips.

The city of Guanajuato, capital of the central Mexican state of the same name, is surrounded by charming colonial towns, the Independence Wine Valley, tequila and agave distilleries, the world-famous destination San Miguel de Allende and 18th century convents. A truly authentic and delightful experience, Guanajuato is known not only for its culture and history, but also its friendly people and delicious food, combining European flavors and ancestral Native techniques and ingredients with a spirit of innovation. The festival, which lasts nearly a month, completely animates and transforms the city.

After each tour you will be driven back to Guanajuato City so you can enjoy the very best of the Cervantes Festival during the evening, returning to your downtown or midtown hotel, depending on your travel preferences. My World Registry has access to the most conveniently located accommodation in town at the heart of the festival. Purchase the festival ticket of your choice, inform us of your decision, and once the festival lineup is published, My World Registry will provide you with recommendations for festival performances not to be missed. We will help you make the most of the festival by providing professional coordination between free time and festival time.

My World Registry is excited to present you with a choice between a four, five or seven day itinerary to discover a landscape full of history, culture and gastronomy!


Start your trip by visiting the 16th century mining city of Guanajuato, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which boasts charming plazas, cobblestone streets and winding allies. You will taste and learn about the “elixir of the gods,” Mezcal, and discover how to mix your own salts to pair. After you will visit the Pípila Monument on the city’s funicular for an outstanding view of the town, and will end the day with a traditional callejoneada, a musical tour led by a local minstrel group through the many alleyways of Guanajuato City.

Crossing the Sierra de Guanajuato you will come to the “magic town” of Dolores Hidalgo, an important town in the history of Mexican independence centuries ago. In Mexico the term “magic town” is used to talk about a place that has managed to preserve its roots and ancestral traditions over time. In Dolores Hidalgo you’ll enjoy a private pottery class, which is the famous local handicraft, and you’ll taste different exotic ice cream flavors, which is also another symbol of the city. After seeing the historic center, you will visit two charming and rustic wineries, both offering world-awarded wines: Cuna de Tierra and Tres Raíces. (Please note: For the 5 and 7 day Itineraries you will not visit the Cuna de Tierra Winery on the same day but will stay at Tres Raíces Winery for a delicious lunch and wine tasting.)

Explore San Miguel de Allende, a charming and authentic town with much historical and cultural significance. Your first stop will be the Atotonilco Sanctuary to admire the rich Mexican Baroque mural works, followed by a visit to Fábrica La Aurora, the largest concentration of contemporary art galleries and design studios in the State of Guanajuato, and a tour of the historic center. You will end your day in San Miguel enjoying a private Tequila tasting in Casa Dragones.

This day will include visiting the family-owned María de la Paz Agave Distillery and tasting several of their spirits paired with seasonal Mexican foods, as well as visiting the highest vineyard of Mexico, Caminos D’Vinos, for a three course meal with the famed Mexican Chef David Quevedo. Take in the scenery while enjoying a wine and cheese tasting!

Explore the ghost town of Mineral de Pozos and learn about its fascinating story. Ramble through the cobblestone streets of a glorious past and enjoy visiting one of its exclusive boutique hotels which houses a unique brewery and Mexico’s only Beer Spa. After lunch you will visit the historically significant and award winning Cuna de Tierra Winery.

This day of the trip is full of art, history and gastronomy. You’ll visit the “magic town” of Yuriria, home to the oldest convent of Guanajuato, a monumental fortress built by the Augustinian missionaries in the 16th century. This will be followed by a visit to Salamanca’s Saint Augustine’s Convent, where you will be served a three course meal based on convent recipes from colonial times. Finally you will learn how to make traditional wax candles, a legacy of Augustinian friars.


Listed below are the activities included in each itinerary choice. Prices vary depending on the length of the itinerary and transportation you choose. See each section for its corresponding price.


Guanajuato City
Dolores Hidalgo, Cuna de Tierra and Tres Raíces Wineries
San Miguel de Allende
Agave Distillery and Caminos D’Vinos Winery

Double Occupancy: $1,925 (Suburban), $1,689 (Nissan Versa Sedan)
Single Occupancy: $3,335 (Suburban), $2,859 (Nissan Versa Sedan)


Guanajuato City
Mineral de Pozos and Cuna de Tierra Winery
Dolores Hidalgo and Tres Raíces Winery
San Miguel de Allende
Agave Distillery and Caminos D’Vinos Winery

Double Occupancy: $2,445 (Suburban), $2,090 (Nissan Versa Sedan)
Single Occupancy: $4,279 (Suburban), $3,575 (Nissan Versa Sedan)


Guanajuato City
Mineral de Pozos and Cuna de Tierra Winery
San Miguel de Allende
Free day to explore Guanajuato City and enjoy the festival
Dolores Hidalgo and Tres Raíces Winery
The Convents Route
Agave Distillery and Caminos D’Vinos Winery

Double Occupancy: $3,110 (Suburban), $2,645 (Nissan Versa Sedan)
Single Occupancy: $5,528 (Suburban), $4,598 (Nissan Versa Sedan)


* Transfer from the airport to Guanajuato City (first hotel and then downtown area for a walking tour)
* Round trip transportation according to the destinations mentioned in the itinerary
* English speaking tour guide
* Tips and taxes
* Four, five or seven nights of lodging, according to the itinerary chosen
* Round-trip on the El Pípila funicular
* Mezcal and salts workshop, including tasting
* Traditional callejoneada
* Traditional ice cream tasting in Dolores Hidalgo
* Pottery workshop in Dolores Hidalgo
* Guided tours of Cuna de Tierra and Tres Raíces Wineries
* Wine tasting at Cuna de Tierra Winery (4 samples)
* Wine tasting at Tres Raíces Winery (3 samples)
* Three course lunch at one of the wineries
* Private tequila tasting at Casa Dragones
* Agave spirits tasting (4 samples)
* Three course lunch at Caminos D’Vinos Winery
* Guided tours of the Agave Distillery and the Caminos D’Vinos Winery
* Wine tasting at Caminos D’Vinos Winery (2 samples)
* Transfer from Guanajuato City to the Bajío Airport

All of the above plus:
* Three course lunch at a boutique hotel in Mineral de Pozos
* Guided tour of the Cuna de Tierra Winery
* Wine tasting at Cuna de Tierra Winery (4 samples)
* Three course lunch, tour and wine tasting at Tres Raíces Winery (3 samples)

All of the above plus:
* Access ticket to the Convent of Yuriria
* Three course Convent meal
* Wax workshop in Salamanca


- Festival tickets
- Airfare
- Travel Protection Insurance
- Transfer back to the hotel after the last activity in Guanajuato City
- That which is not noted under “What’s Included” section


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* Price is per person. It is possible to change and combine itineraries, activities and cities, as this experience is customizable. If you prefer a different itinerary click the "Ask A Question" button in the top right column.
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