Dramatic Grounding with Aromatherapy and Chakra Balancing

Dramatic Grounding with Aromatherapy and Chakra Balancing

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This is an incredibly resourcing and grounding technique to access deeper healing consciousness and flow in your body. Perfect for someone feeling “stuck” and disconnected from self. Works to balance both the mind and the physical functioning body in a dramatic way.

what is aromatherapy? why should I do it?

Aromatherapy is the art and science of using plant aromatic essences to awaken consciousness deep within. Regular use of these essences have been shown to specifically and non-specifically affect physiology and chemistry of an imbalanced body, helping from the inside out to regain a sense of balance, wholeness, and deeper connection to Self. Because the sense of smell is the ONLY way to access the limbic system, the part of the brain where emotional memories are stored, along with other key brain structures that regulate autonomic processes like heart rate and blood pressure, this is a powerful practice to initiate healing change at the deepest levels in our being, aligning profoundly the body, mind, and spirit.

what is chakra balancing? why should i do it?

‘Laying of hands’ is one of the oldest and most intuitive forms of natural healing based on the theory and observation of life force energy that flows through all things and causes us to be alive and thrive. This energy can become low or blocked, causing specific problems manifesting in physical, emotional, and mental levels.

Chakras are energy centers inside the body that have been observed and engaged since ancient Ayurvedic medical practices, one of the oldest forms of recorded medicine and healing practices in the world. Chakra centers can offer an unbelievable amount of vitality and intuitive self-informing as they are ‘tapped into’ and restored to their naturally powerful state.

Reiki techniques involve very light touch that raises vibratory level, clears and heals specific energy pathways. Polarity acupressure techniques involve deeper manipulation, sometimes active rocking and pulsing into the tissue to release deeper blocks, and restore natural pathways of energy (similar to acupuncture), in the most subtle to deep tissue level.




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About Experience Provider

Elyse Williams

“As you chose to walk your healing path, you chose to heal the Earth.”

Elyse has been passionate about the healing consciousness of the Earth, and how to access her, since she was a young child running through the Northeast forests (barefoot in the rain). Her obsession with “saving the Earth” and understanding her, and her indigenous consciousness, led Elyse to study Ethnobotany abroad. Currently, Elyse brings nearly two decades of experience studying and practicing herbal medicine. Her early fascination with plant medicine led to over eight years of self-study with native people in rural Alaska, Honduras, Costa Rica, Belize and Peru, and prompted her to pursue a Master of Science degree in Herbal Medicine at the Tai Sophia Institute in Laurel, MD (now Maryland University of Integrative Health). She subsequently became a board-certified Nutritionist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Reflexologist and Aromatherapist. To Elyse, food and plant medicine is a powerful way to awaken your own DNA consciousness and expression, and remind yourself that you are a part of this powerful Earth, deeply connected to all her healing powers.

Elyse opens a door to what has always been there, and introduces you to your Divine Self. Once the doorway is opened, and the communication pathways empowered, there is no limit to transformations that may take place. Her goal is for you to find more grace, acceptance, ease and joy with your own expression of your true nature. Then, the vital expression of your true nature does the rest.

Sometimes we feel stuck somewhere in body, mind, or spirit, and ready to grow curious and move deeper into your own being-ness. This requires a new relationship with Self, whether around food, thoughts, action, or imbalance and pain in the body, we seek to restore a deeper connection and flow within one’s energy body, nervous system, and physical experience.

Both bodywork and guidance work can transform how you understand and relate to yourself, but you have to be willing to “plug in” to a larger perspective of yourself, the Earth and life as we know it (or not know it) to really activate the powerful movement of soul reclamation and spiritual authority that inevitably moves one towards a greater momentum of joy and belonging, and the courage to live your most authentic and vibrant Self.

Elyse is the engine behind Bend Botanica, which is located at The Blissful Heart in Bend, OR. Her business is in the reclamation of soul consciousness, and getting in touch with your vital spirit, which allows you to traverse and awaken your deep connection with all. Healing is the act of becoming “whole” again, and once you tap into that wholeness, and learn to grow comfortable with her, everything in life becomes more graceful and joyful.

Elyse’s practice is fueled by a passion to initiate healing change at the most pivotal level where the client is most strongly imbalanced and poised to transform. Deeply ingrained patterns stemming from spiritual/emotional, mental, and physical dis-ease can only be healed when the client uses his/her own unique messaging system on all of these levels to allow for release, restoration, and active healing alignment through greater awareness of Self.

The initiation to dive into your own authentic expression requires the traversing of the medicine wheel of Mind, Heart, Psyche/Soul, and Body. The experiences gained with Elyse, whether through counsel or bodywork, empowers and frees the Spirit to do what it needs to do to access those parts lost or disconnected from your own powerful Self, so you can journey into your wholeness and healing with ease, grace, and joy.

Since moving to Bend, Elyse has continued to expand her personal practice with new powerful tools and create larger educational opportunities for community members as well as professionals seeking continuing education. She is certified in ‘Awakened Heart Healing’, an energy healing modality based on removing energy blocks in the body and assisting the calibration and restructuring of one’s vital energy field. Elyse is a ‘Registered Herbalist’ through the American Herbalist Guild, and serves as a part-time instructor at Central Oregon Community College where she teaches Aromatherapy I and II classes as well as Reflexology for credit classes. Elyse also teaches extended trainings through COCC’s Community Learning/Professional Ed programming, teaching Healing with Essential Oils (Physical, Emotional, Energetic), Elemental Herbal Medicine (Roots, Shoots, Flowers, and Fruits), and ‘Reflexology for Everyone’. Elyse offers a combination or individual sessions of Reflexology, Reiki, Acupressure, and Essential Oil Application, as well as Wellness and Guidance Consultations.