Body & Brain: your unique fitness limitations & the roadmap to your goals (4 sessions)

Body & Brain – your unique fitness limitations and the roadmap to your fitness goals

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A person’s physical state is a reflection of their neurological state. The fastest way to change the body is to tap into the brain. This approach understands how to do this using various pathways. This one-of-a-kind experience involves an Intensive Series of 4 Personal Training Sessions, 1 hr long each, designed to help you dive deep into understanding the little things holding you back in a big way, and then give you powerful tools for creating the change you desire in your unique fitness goals. Denise’s approach to personal fitness training is far deeper than most in the field in that it involves assessing more systems than just the musculoskeletal. Welcome to the most Complete and In-Depth Personal Training Package You Will Ever Find.


As we journey through your assessments, we will be gathering so much information about your body along the way, we will be building your tool box of drills, techniques and movements to address your unique issues!

We will practice these drills and then, integrate them into your activity, sport to fitness goal.

We will customize your warm-ups, design workouts (if you desire) and have a tool box of drills to do to keep you progressing with your goals.

who is this for

· For the person who wants an in-depth understating of how to make change in their bodies

· For those looking to lose weight

· those with a history of injuries

· For those with hip or knee replacements

· For those seeking the most science forward approach to making change

· For those wanting meaning fun gains in their athleticism or sport

· For knowledge seekers

· For those willing to take the time to learn about how their own bodies work so they can possess fully customized tools to change their bodies

experience details

Personal History - The most important part of your first session. No matter what your personal goals are, very often the keys to your success are hidden in your personal history. Think Health history, fitness history, injuries, surgeries, births, big life experiences, goals, nutrition, etc. It all has an effect and it should be factored in.

Source of Motivation for Change - change is difficult and uncomfortable. Before we begin, we must get very clear on “Why” you are investing in this change process.

Assess/Re-Asses Protocol - We do not work on a pre-set “system.” Your body and your neurology are unique. We want to know if what we are doing is changing your body. Our assess-re-asses protocol give us immediate feedback as we progress. No guessing. Change happens at the speed of sound. If we give the body some new input, it will give us immediate output…. which could be positive or negative. in that, we know if we are progressing.

Functional Movement Screen - a nice little movement screen that gives you a sense of your overall movement quality. Complete with scoring to show you how you stack up. This is a well-established Movement screen with total possible score of 21. The design of this movement screen is to predict injury. By taking this assessment, we can illustrate your movement deficits and train intelligently by addressing the highest order deficits first.

Muscle Testing - another great tool to illustrate what muscles may not be activating. Also a great assessment tool that can tell us so much about how your body responds to different kinds of input. Learning what muscles are NOT working can illustrate why there is pain in another part of the body. Incredibly useful feedback is revealed.

Neuro-Performance Testing - This is the most fascinating part of this intensive. Your body is an expression of your unique neurology. Your brain controls everything about you. Your muscle tension, your experience of pain, your movement dysfunction, the speed of your running, the accuracy of your golf swing, kick hit, spike, etc. We will tap into your unique nervous system and make the most profound and significant changes to your fitness goals.

We assess your visual acuity - this is the most powerful, yet under-trained athletic performance system.

We will assess your vestibular system - this is where your balance and hearing live in your body. This can often be the hidden problem.

We will assess your proprioceptive system - this is your brains 3D image of your body in space. We will see how well you can move the joints of your body and look for any “blind” spots.

We will assess your interoceptive system - This is the foundation of your stability for all movement. Proper core activation and proper breathing are inseparable!

how it works

Over the course of your 4 sessions you will:

• Gain an in-depth and unique insight to how your body works.

• Learn many new concepts and techniques to make meaningful change in your body, have the ability to use this knowledge for anything you do in the future.

• Acquire so much in the way of resources completely customized to you.

• Progress noticeably from your previous limitations or dysfunction.

• Know so much more about yourself than you did before


In any of these 3 locations in Bend: NWX Snap, Shift Fitness, Empowered Strength, or at your home.

additional notes

What to wear or what to bring: Clothes you can move in. Bring a willingness to learn something new about your body and how it works.

Will there be printouts, summaries of assessments or emails: YES! A follow-up email outlining each session assessments, and the work done, perhaps also homework.

Exclusive offer: Half price to any of Denise’s upcoming workshops and a discounted session rate after these 4 sessions! Mention the My World Registry Special.




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About Experience Provider

Denise Palermo

As a ballet dancer, collegiate fencer, competitive speed skater, runner, cyclist, rock climber, sailor and martial artist, Denise has been many versions of an athlete, and with that has come the experiencing of many injuries, including numerous broken bones, back injuries, concussive head injuries, a torn hip socket, chronic over training, severe dehydration and altitude sickness. Even though she was very physically active, Denise also struggled with weight issues, first as the chubby girl growing up, then as a teenager and later as a new mother who took 3 years to lose the extra 65 pounds she gained during pregnancy. No diet or fitness program she tried seemed to work just right for Denise, even though they seemed to work for others.

Being the curious and strongly motivated woman that she is, constantly seeking answers, Denise felt determined to discover why fitness was difficult for her to attain and how she could do this differently and, finally, effectively. She was ready to find ways to help herself and others like herself fulfill their ultimate potential as a person/athlete, by finding ways to break limitations, solve chronic injury cycles and weight issues, and step into their most complete selves ever. For good!

Denise calls it a mid-life metamorphosis, when 10 years ago she took a huge leap into a new career and became a Personal Trainer with a mission! She knew the basic certification alone doesn’t always give the tools needed to create lasting fitness. Denise dove deep into furthering her education and, in a few short years had completed over 14 certifications, read countless books, and watched every video she could from the best minds in fitness. Denise also has 8 years of studying Applied Neurology, equipping her with priceless and countless professional and life experience to ignite serious change and transformation in the realm of fitness.

Becoming a Russian Kettlebell Certified Instructor (RKC) was only the beginning, but the strongest foundation for Denise’s approach. “I love the simplicity and beauty of these balls of iron and the way they train us from the ‘core’ outward.” Next, she dove into the corrective world of Functional Movement and found her special talent in figuring out how to help people move out of pain and movement limitations and into their athleticism.

As all things in life that are meant to be also happen with perfect timing, Denise’s whole world shifted when she started the ZHealth Performance and learned to approach the human condition through the lens of Applied Neurology. Simply put, if you want to change the body, you must change the brain. This brain-based approach to physical fitness training has dramatically deepened Denise’s ability to help clients with a broad range of issues (from loss of balance and coordination, movement rehabilitation after injury or surgery, weight loss, vision changes, physical imbalances, chronic pain, weakness, metabolic damage, and chronic injury cycles) to improve their fitness ability.

Denise firmly believes with all her heart that anything is possible. Her clients have taught her so much about the potential of change, at any age and with any physical limitation, illness, or injury.

Naturally and in partnership with Nate Tuffanelli she launched Movement Voodoo, a “brain-based” approach to fitness training. “Our clients may look very different from each other, but they all share an openness to learn and understand how their bodies work. Our clients are seekers of better ways to make the change they desire.”

“We train our clients using all the traditional tools such as kettlebells, barbells, body weight, ropes, balls, bands, etc. But our difference is in how we approach changing our clients bodies. We view someone’s physical state as an expression of their neurological state. We use the brain to make changes in the body,” says Denise.

“We love to make people strong, agile, powerful, supple and have endless endurance. We are especially good at helping people get out of pain and re-integrate an injured body part back in to the whole body. We have trained ballerinas, MMA fighters, fencers, volleyball players, professional baseball and football players, soccer players, gymnasts, runners, cyclists, etc. Our youngest client was 6 and our oldest 86.”

When was the last time your personal trainer went above and beyond simply giving you a traditional fitness routine and actually custom-tailored an approach that helped you bring out the best in you? Did they focus not only on progress but also on preventing injury? With Denise's training approach there are no systems, only protocols. And everything is customized to meet you where you are, every single session.

From exploring true foundation to rebuilding and integrating, improving athleticism and soft skills, understanding the Neuroscience of what it takes to make lasting Behavior Change, to continuously deepening your knowledge, Denise Palermo of Movement Voodoo is here to change your fitness life story. Enjoy her experiences!