A Day In The Life - Photo Journey Gift for Real Life Families

A DAY IN THE LIFE (OF) - A Once in a Lifetime Day Long Photo Session that will Live Forever. What a Gift!

**Currently available spots for 2019: 2 in September, 2 in October, 1 in November, and 1 in December.

Family photos shouldn’t have to be about cheesy smiles at sunset. Because there’s more to you than that. The most meaningful photos are the ones that tell a story and capture the candid moments of our families.

In this photoshoot experience, you’ll work with Aleks to create photos of the moments you want to remember most: the candid smiles, the everyday routines, the inside jokes, and the like. Remember the hugs, the tickles, the homework, the story times, the tears and laughs through the photos you take. The photos that capture the feelings of the memories you want to hold on to, rather than staged smiles and awkward poses.

hugs - bikes - tickles - errands - knitting - bandaids - pancakes - homework - sand fights - sticky fingers - body painting - power struggles - endless snacking - shameless bribery - butt-naked children - unsolvable problems - slip n slide contests - hot wheels races - man pyramids - outfit changes - day drinking - Target runs - swim class - story time - butt jokes - mischief - karaoke - laughs - tears - naps...

So how does it work?


Before you shoot, you’ll chat with Aleks over coffee. That way when she shows up on shoot day, you’ll already feel like friends. And the day of the shoot she’ll show up at the crack of dawn and hang out with you and your family for the day. You do you, and she comes along for the ride. From the start of your day until the end. Oh, and she makes gorgeous photos of it all. Best of all, you have options! See below.

GIFT OPTIONS AVAILABLE (** Select your choice from the Options & Pricing drop-menu on the right column):

What you’ll get:
- A full day of shooting with Aleks' time, love and eye behind the camera
- A deluxe 15” x 10” hardcover family legacy album with 80 full-page images
- Your complete digital negative collection (100+ images)
- A custom slideshow of your day, set to music
- One 8 x 12” fine art print, mounted, matted and ready to frame

What you’ll get:
- A full day of shooting fron first thing to last thing, with Aleks' time, love, and eye behind the camera
- A 12" x 8” hardcover photo book with 40 full-page images
- A custom slideshow of your day, set to music, for you to keep & share


- Upgrade medium book to deluxe family legacy album $575

- Add complete digital negative collection to basic package $795

- Add a 8" x 12” fine art print archivally matted & mounted, ready to frame $250

- Add a grandparent copy of your book $195 each or $325 for two

- Aleks has only 2 openings per month, so book quickly. A deposit of $1000 secures your spot, and the balance is due anytime before the day of. Please inquire prior to buying if you have a particular date in mind, to check Aleks availability. Currently available spots for 2019: 2 in February, 2 in April, 1 in May, 1 in July, 1 in August, 2 in September, 2 in October, 2 in November, and 1 in December.

- Aleks is also available for travel (domestic), for an additional $1,000 travel fee, airfare, and a place to sleep (often just a sofa / quiet corner at the family's home.) Please inquire first, for this option.

"I’m stoked to be embarking on this journey with you! Creating a striking visual record of real life’s true stories — everything from the broad strokes to the minute details — is an honor and a thrill every time.

When I’m photographing client families, I am up for just about anything. Keep this in mind and dream big when brainstorming activities for your session. My camera and I are not afraid to dive in the pool or lake with you, climb onto your bed while you’re sleeping at the crack of dawn, hop a flight to join you for a portion of your vacation, quietly observe your bedtime ritual, or head out on an epic hike to get to your favorite family spot. Whatever it takes to capture your treasured family history, I’m game.

When our work together is through, you’ll be able to hold in your hands an archival piece of family history that is beautiful and evocative now, and will only gain value over the years."

- Aleks



Approx. $3275

Full Day Shoot (10 - 12 hours)
Austin, TX and surrounding area Map it
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A Day In The Life - Photo Journey Gift for Real Life Families

About Experience Provider

Aleks Gajdeczka | Photographer

In today’s world, it’s easy to feel pressure from the myth of the picture-perfect, as presented on social media. Through Aleks’s unique sessions, she challenges our need to be “perfect” or to “have it all together,” instead suggesting that real life is incredible, and deserves to be celebrated in all its chaotic glory. Her photos capture real life’s beauty, and in the process her clients are empowered to see that their everyday routines, traditions, and families are absolutely beautiful and meaningful in all their raw details and intimate truths.

Aleks had a revelation one day, flipping through old family photos. It wasn't the posed, staged photos with cheesy grins that she yearned for from her childhood. It was the informal ones of real life happening that sparkle like gems, and unlock the dusty memories that our family histories are made of.

Upon becoming a parent, the value of documentary style images grew exponentially for Aleks. Her life's work is in creating a timeless family history for her own clients through storytelling photography. For busy parents, Aleks’s work does the impossible: it gives the impression of slowing down time by capturing the little moments that real life is made up of, and reflects them back as beautiful, luminous photographs. Simply put, Day in the Life sessions allow parents to savor the bittersweetly fleeting nature of life with kids.

And if that's not enough, here's a bonus thought to mull over: it is well documented that children who routinely see photos of themselves grow up more confident, more connected, and with a better sense of their own place in the world. Imagine if the photos we treasure and display -- and the stories we tell -- are of children's real selves: this value is magnified exponentially.

We all know that getting all done up and posing in front of a camera feels awkward, and getting kids to cooperate can be stressful to say the least. While sunset fields and matching outfits can be nice, Aleks believes that the true beauty of family life is in the unscripted. As a longtime documentary family photographer and a parent of two young ones, Aleks truly has seen it ALL. From swims at the creek to epic meltdowns at the ice cream shop, the real true everyday routines can show the very human connections that make us who we are. And it's these connections, quirks, and unplanned moments that -- through Aleks's skilled eye -- become exquisite, memorable art.

Aleks is able to create stunning, intimate record of humble everyday life by showing up like an old friend from out of town. Quickly, clients feel at ease during a Day in the Life thanks to Aleks's warm presence, steady demeanor, and appreciation for the chaotic. Everything from a swim in the creek to an epic meltdown at the ice cream shop can show the very human connections that make us who we are. The true beauty of family life is in the unscripted. A Day in the Life is a gift for future generations as much as for today.

Book your session with Aleks today for an intimate, personal experience that celebrates your real life's true story: whether it be the fleeting beauty of life with children, a special trip, a business story, a momentous occasion, or another twist on the Day in the Life concept.

Aleks’ gift is in seeing -- and capturing -- the magic in the everyday. Forget your typical, staged photoshoots - Aleks captures the stories and connections that make us who we really are, and will always want to remember.

Aleks, what more about you?

Before opening my photo business, I had been a dog trainer,

a server at the Outback Steakhouse, and a POLICY ANALYST.

I was born in WARSAW, POLAND and moved to the US with my family under POLITICAL ASYLUM.

I ABSOLUTELY HATE BOWLING. I love whiskey, beer, and Coconut LaCroix. SO SUE ME.

I’m addicted to the oxford comma but my superpower is not sweating the small stuff.

My happiest places have MORE TREES THAN PEOPLE.

I have the best dog in the world A PIT BULL NAMED DOODLEBUG.

I am afraid of dragonflies but LOVE BEES AND SPIDERS.

Aleks is an Austin-based, internationally award-winning documentary family photographer (DFA, 2017, 2018) specializing in Day in the Life sessions for families and businesses.