7 DAYS TO Marvel your senses in Iceland's Winter Wonderland - TRIP FOR 4


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Iceland is one of those places on the planet that are so incredibly beautiful and unique, it marvels all your senses, it touches your soul. It changes you forever. No matter what season, you will have an unforgettable experience of a lifetime!

This is an exclusively designed trip for 4 people. (Always customizable for more/less people or days, and for any time of the year. Just inquire.)
Breathtaking local landscape beauty,
Horseback riding,
Fascinating history,
Natural hot springs,
ATV quad safari,
Greenhouses and Glaciers,
Experience how the locals do Iceland on the daily, and so much more!

February 1st - 7th, 2020 (or request your own)


Meet your taxi driver at the international airport upon arrival. He will take you to your accommodation. Get cozy and familiarize yourself with our select 1st stay for you for the next 4 nights, based in Reykyavik: This boutique hotel was open in the summer of 2016, set in the urban heart of Iceland's capital city. (Hotel highlights: You can enjoy Icelandic meals, brews, art and music at the hotel. The rooms and suites are thoughtfully designed and styled in Icelandic themes of ocean, ice and volcanic rock. Thoughtfully designed for your comfort, every detail has been chosen to calm your nights and refresh your days.)


Today you will be picked up by your activity handler for your horseback riding journey, you will be picked up at a bus stop station closest to you accommodation. The Icelandic horse is a "five-gaited" breed, known for its sure-footedness and ability to cross rough terrain. As well as the typical gaits the breed is noted for its ability to perform two additional gaits; the tolt and pace, sometimes called the flying pace. It is fast and smooth, with some horses able to reach up to 30 miles per hour (48 km/h).


Today you will be picked up by your activity handler for your ATV/quad biking tour, you will be picked up at a bus stop station closest to you accommodation. The raw nature, dirt and extreme off road conditions on tracks guarantees fun for everyone. Going over the rough terrain doesn’t take much effort for the ATV/quads. This is a family sport and not considered dangerous if you take the time to listen to your guide.


Today we will head up to the ice cap of Europe‘s second largest glacier Langjokull. On our way we will stop by the waterfalls of Hraunfossar (Lava Falls) and Barnafoss (Children’s Falls).

We will travel up to the ice cap in an 8-wheel truck; you might even see big crevasses in the ice. Your driver knows where they are, and will drive you safely around them.

The highlight of the ice cap will be going into a man-made ice tunnel. You will have a new and totally different view of the glacier. Unprecedentedly seen, the beautiful blue ice at the heart of an Ice Cap Glacier; it is not quite a Jules Verne journey to the center of the earth, or even to the absolute center of the glacier, but it feels like an exciting and magical journey, deep within the glacier, and it is deep enough to reach another world, a world of magnificent, stunning blue ice.

It’s time to go hunt for the northern lights. During large explosions and flares, huge quantities of solar particles are thrown out of the sun and into deep space. These plasma clouds travel through space with amazing speed. When closing in on Earth, they are captured by Earth’s magnetic field and guided towards Earth’s two magnetic poles; the geomagnetic South Pole and the geomagnetic North Pole.

We will go for a Northern Lights trip one of the evenings that you have a guided day in Iceland; we will monitor the forecast and choose the best evening.


Today we head to Thingvellir, where the Vikings established the first and the oldest still working Parliament in the world in the year 930. Today Thingvellir is a national park and considered a natural wonder on an international scale earning a place on UNESCO World heritage list.

We will have lunch at Fridheimar greenhouses. The greenhouse farmers at Fridheimar are able to grow tomatoes all year around using geothermal and green energy. You will have the opportunity to learn about the tradition of thermal greenhouses and the methods used by the local farmers to grow their tasty and healthy produce. Experience the diversity and freshness of Icelandic food and ingredients!

It’s time to visit Geyser area. We explore the geothermal pools around Geyser and see Strokkur erupt every few minutes. This is one of the wonders of Iceland and phenomenal experience to see.

We now proceed to Gullfoss waterfall. The glacier river Hvita is feeding Gullfoss with milky green colored water from the glacier Langjokull, the second biggest glacier in Europe. Gullfoss waterfall is the most known waterfall in Iceland and is worth a visit.

[We now head towards your next accommodation:
A luxury countryside hotel and the only 4 star hotel in South Iceland. It offers all the facilities and services of a modern resort. Located about an hour from Reykjavik, it lies just off the main road right in middle of South Iceland’s panoramic scenery. It provides stunning picturesque surroundings, such as the famous volcano Mt. Hekla, several glaciers and the Westman Islands. Right on the banks of Iceland’s premier salmon fishing river, the Eystri-Ranga, the hotel offers an optimal atmosphere to meet every traveler’s needs, whether they be relaxation, pleasure, adventure or business.]


We drive along the south shore, where the rugged landscape offers up firsthand evidence of nature’s power. Few words can describe the beautiful landscape of the south.

Beautiful waterfalls, some of which you can walk behind, black sandy beaches, mountains, high and steep cliffs, glaciers and numerous strange lava formations are found along the way. We will also see both old and new farms, agricultural livestock and bird life.

We will visit the surrounding of Eyjafjallajokull that erupted in 2010 and closed down all air traffic over the Atlantic Ocean.
In the afternoon we will go up close to a glacier tongue to walk on the ice. Walking on the glacier is for everybody and when we put on our crampons and walk we will discover the hidden world of frozen water and explore the crevasse riddled outlet glacier with it amazing ice formations, sink holes and jagged ridges. It’s an easy activity amended to your capability.

We will now visit the volcano exhibition, an interactive, high-tech educational exhibition depicting volcanic activity, earthquakes and the creation of Iceland over millions of years. Where you will be able to examine the various volcanoes—eruptions and lava flows, volcanic and rift systems, faults and glacial floods that make Iceland a showcase of 'volcanism.' The center introduces the Katla Geopark, plus Iceland's elaborate monitoring system for surveying volcanoes and earthquake zones.

DAY 7: DEPARTURE DAY (until next time!)

Your taxi driver will drive you to the airport aiming to be around 2 hours before departure. You will go home with great memories and experience from Iceland.

Optional, luxury add-ons

We will fly out of Reykjavik airport flying over the highland of Iceland, we also fly above the infamous and now dormant Eyjafjallajokull glacier volcano (we will try to land on top of the glacier if conditions are good) , whose eruption in 2010 became global news. From the top we head down its glacier tongue Gigjokull that was split in half by hot melting lava. If we're lucky we might even catch a glimpse of Iceland's most active volcano, Hekla, and the Westmann Islands. Total flying time around 3 hours and we will also try to make a couple of landings on the way.
Exclusive whale watching and sea angling including dinner on board with storytelling of old fisherman times in Iceland
Today we go on a private boat steaming out to the bay of Faxafloi and the aim for the day is to see whales in their natural environment. We are lucky that in Icelandic ocean we have around 20 species of whales. The whales often surface within few meters from the boat so you can see them up-close.

The crew will prepare the freshly caught fish for dinner onboard. There are many species of fish that can be caught in Icelandic waters such as the Halibut, Monkfish, Mackerel, Saithe, Haddock, Pollack, Ling and Catfish just to mention a few. Dinner is served. The Icelandic sea life will be presented in its mystique moment both with life music on board and with storytelling about the old time fishing. Sharing a moment with you to make it as real as possible telling you about the hard life out on sea in the old days and to really inhale the history where else is better to be than out fishing and exploring the whales.

Enjoy a complete private set up with gourmet dinner with a private chef arranging a four course luxurious meal with good wines. We decorate the dining table with lava stones and wild plants and heaters and lights giving a cosy atmosphere. Our dinner is a blend of local and French cuisine and is created by one of our best’s chefs in Iceland.
You will enjoy a rune reading that is a type of a fortune telling but the Vikings of the old used the runes for magical purposes among other for the runes were believed to be deeply entwined with the heathen gods of the old. This unique experience will give you a better idea of Icelandic nature.
After getting the taste of old times runes it‘s time for the viking story telling. To make it real one of the strongest men in Iceland will show feats of strength to symbolize the forces of nature.

Enjoy full luxury in the middle of wild nature. World Oyster Travel's partner operates a luxury base camp designed and built for Nordic weather conditions. The camp is always privately set up on an individual basis. We can set it up in the middle of nowhere up in the highlands, beside a volcano, next to floating ice bergs or up on a glacier just to name few places available in Iceland.
Your private chef and waiter will prepare a fantastic dinner for you in a beautifully decorated dining dome. After dinner you can rest in the lounge area with a cold beverage in your hand.
You will have a private sleeping dome with a hard wood floor and a king size bed, heating system, hot shower and a bathroom. You will also have a sauna where you can relax after a busy day experiencing the Icelandic nature.


Depending on season and availability, here's a partial list of experiences we can offer you in Iceland:

o Private horse show & visit to Greenhouses
o Private introduction to the Greenhouse & visit to the stables
o Mystical City walk
o Private Ice Walk on glacier
o Privately guided visit to ice caves
o Exclusive visit to a horse farm and visit to a local family (incl. local dinner)
o Private Visit to a Local Farm & Food Experience
o Traditional Viking food experience
o Private sailing on ice lagoon
o River rafting - private
o Northern light hunt (private)
o Private Cave Lunch
o Private Cave Dinner
o Private mountain bikes in Thorsmork
o Private Chocolate Factory Tour
o Dinner with locals
o Local visit with traditional Icelandic pastries
o Horseback riding (private)
o Private Snowmobiling on Eyjarfjallajokull
o Into the glacier - Private snowmobile & Ice tunnel - (privately guided)
o Cave Exploring in Vidgelmir (Private visit)
o Caving (1 hour private)
o Behind the scenes of Harpa Music Hall (Private tour)
o Geothermal food mixture mixed with yoga & foot-bath
o Icelandic Turfhouse farm
o Healing Plants experience
o Exclusive dining out in the nature with Viking storytelling and one of strongest man in Iceland visit (private and occasion-based set up)
o Private Northern lights on a yacht (3 hours)
o Exclusive whale watching and sea angling including dinner on board with storytelling of old fisherman times (4 hours private)
o Special - Exclusive whale watching and sea angling including dinner on board with storytelling of old fisherman times (4 hours private)
o Private boat tour in Westman Islands
o Private Rib Safari tour in Westman Islands
o Tannery Visit
o Private visit to a Wool factory
o Seal center & sailing
o Dogsledding in Akureyri - Private visit to a dog-breeding house
o Private visit & lunch with a local family in Akureyri
o Private Arctic Food Experience in North Iceland
o Private Arctic Food Experience & Beer bath in North Iceland
o Private sailing & hike to Drangey island (4 hours from Hofsos)
o Exclusive how to survive the glacier day with ice walking - climbing - descending & professional education (4 hours private)
o Exclusive luxury base camp all-inclusive (private and occasional based set up)
And so much more! Let us know what your ideal gift experience is and we can make it happen.


Approx. $4875 /person

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