30 Days to Sacred Power - Master your Personal Magnetism

30 Days to Sacred Power - Master your Personal Magnetism

Do you want to learn how to master your personal magnetism and exude confidence?

Are you tired of thinking that because you are not the typical American standard of beauty, you don't have sex appeal?

Do you love to learn sensual dance forms but aren't comfortable with an in person class setting?

Do you want to get clear on how to assert yourself and set boundaries with the people in your life?

Are you looking to build relationships within a like-minded community of women?

Sacred Power is an online gathering space for you to dance, explore, heal, share and connect with no judgement or shame.


Waltz away from your insecurities and ignite the feminine power within.
Join The Sacred Power Program: 30 days to owning your Sensual, Sacred Power.

By the end of the Sacred Power Program you will:
• Have cultivated a sensual movement practice that you can expand on long after the program is finished
• Be able to identify old thought patterns, negative beliefs and societal programming around sensuality and begin to shed what doesn’t serve you
• Be part of a diverse community of dynamic women
• Feel empowered to seek out the joy and pleasure you deserve in your life
• Reclaimed your sensual sacred power

Here’s a glimpse of the journey we’ll go on together…

When you have the courage to create boundaries with the people in your life a whole new level of peace becomes available to you. Boundaries ensure your Sacred Power stays protected.

Through sensual movement you'll begin to learn how much flow, pleasure and healing is available to you when you become a student of your own body.

You'll walk into every room feeling stunning and strong once you master your body language and understand your own personal magnetism. Dance is an awesome vehicle for insight into how to project confidence.

Looking for permission to intentionally create space for joy and pleasure in your life?
Look no further.

What's Included in This Program

Sensual Dance
Each week you'll get a new sensual movement lesson to work on exploring twerk, sensual flow, chair dance & heels.

Sacred Power Session
Part of reclaiming your Sacred Power is knowing how to protect it. This class will cover creating and maintaining boundaries in a healthy way.

Virtual Happy Hour
Once a week, grab your favorite cocktail or non-alcoholic drink and we'll meet for some girl talk & Q&A time.

Sacred Power Reading List
You’ll receive a downloadable list of Sacred Power resources, a recommended reading list that will support you on your journey.

Journal Prompts
You'll receive a weekly journal prompt for self- reflection, problem solving and creative expression.

Members only Facebook group
You'll have access to the private Facebook group for ongoing support, continued discussion and of course, meme sharing.


* Will we be learning dance routines every week?
Sacred Power incorporates both free movement and structured movement. Week 4 is the only week with choreography.
You’ll start with Twerk week 1. I’ll break down the art of Twerking, and walk you through waistline & booty isolations.
Week 2 is Sensual Flow. This will be a slow, intimate, movement that you can follow along easily. The goal is to be present in your body, stretch, decompress, and engage in a feminine moving meditation. is Twerk. I’ll break down the art of Twerking, and walk you through waistline & booty isolations.
Week 3 is Heels. I’ll cover standing, walking, and dancing in high heels with grace, body language, and knowing your body angles.
Week 4 is Chair Dance. You will learn a hot and steamy movement sequence that combines elements from the 3 previous weeks' lessons.

* Do I need any materials for this program?
All you need is a laptop or phone, Journal, Knee pads or a mat if you have hardwood floors, A small open space to dance

* How long do I have access to the course?
1 year

* How long do I have access to the Facebook group?

* What is the refund policy?
You have 3 days from the start of enrollment to request a refund. No refunds will be given after that point.

what the women are saying

“It's not just dancing sexy, you learn what it takes to make you feel empowered as a woman. That can be hard when you don't feel like you have that energy, but everyone is so accepting so you're not going it alone”
-Gaby C

“I don't match the picture of what's supposed to be sexy and confident. I've struggled with body image and body awareness. Finding a community has made me feel encouraged and boosted my confidence.”
- Asr. B

“Before working with Lily, carrying myself with confidence & charisma every day was a struggle. My shyness often got in the way of living up to my full potential. Lily's knowledge and guidance has been a blessing on my journey to becoming a more confident version of myself."
- Jaymie H.



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30 Days to Sacred Power - Master your Personal Magnetism

About Experience Provider

Lily Shepard

For Lily, movement has been the key towards self love and supreme acceptance for herself and those she teaches. Her powerful dance classes are life-changing, as women learn to find their inner enchantress and are assured that being a powerful, captivating woman is their birthright.

Movement has been a part of Lily’s life for as long as she can remember. She started dancing at age 4 and danced through her school years, obtaining a degree in dance and then starting her professional career in Las Vegas, where she quickly found success. She performed in several productions on the strip and with Beyonce at an awards show. For the next 10 years, Lily was drawn to the glamour of Las Vegas and the allure of the showgirls, dancing and performing at well-known clubs. It was during this time that she gained confidence in herself and learned the art of seduction, which she now teaches to women as a means of empowerment, self discovery and self-expression. Lily is an AFAA certified group fitness instructor.

“With all the competitiveness and body shaming in both the traditional dance world and the adult realm, it's taken me a lot of time to fully embrace my body and be compassionate to myself on my journey. I'm a work in progress, as we all are, I just hope to inspire women to at least start the journey towards self-love and supreme acceptance.”

And Lily’s classes do just that: they inspire women on their journey of self-love and self-expression through dance and body movement. Her high energy classes are perfect for women who feel stuck, want to explore their role as a woman, or want to reach new levels of self-discovery.

In 2015, Lily moved to Austin and used her 20 years of experience to found first BodyBloom ATX, and more recently Lily Shepard Moves. Here she shares her love of using dance, fitness and community as a means to empower.