1:1 Sensual Movement Private Lesson - Embrace + Connect with Your Body

Sensual Movement Session - Embrace Your Body Awareness + Connection

A very special gift, for the woman who wants to explore or revive her undeniable, feminine sensuality fearlessly and proudly. Feel the spark and expand your soulful essence through your body, the best gift Mother Nature ever gave you.

Gift or receive your private sensual movement session and customize it to your needs.

Would you like to be guided on a sensual flow to improve body awareness and connect to your feminine power source?

Want a private twerk lesson to break down the movement in depth and be able to execute it with confidence?

Maybe you’d like to learn a short piece of sexy choreography to perform for someone special.

You are the author of your own experience!

Lily's S.A.S.S Manifesto


I know where my power lies.

Pleasure is my birthright and it is my responsibility to make sure that I am pleased. Laughter, good sex and hydration are non-negotiable.

I create my life. I am the manager of my energy. I always have a choice.

I cultivate ease and flow. I know that softness and allowing yield greater returns than rigidity, forcing and struggling.

I’m unapologetic about what makes me unique. Who I am is not dictated by society, religion or government.

I am human sunshine, warm & kind to others.

I am in Supreme Acceptance of my Sensual Self.


* You will get a recording of your private lesson, via Zoom.
* Lily will send you a questionnaire prior to your session, which she will use to prepare your customized lesson exactly for you.


Thinking you want to have a full on repertoire and practice, practice practice? We got you!:

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1:1 Sensual Movement Private Lesson - Embrace + Connect with Your Body

About Experience Provider

Lily Shepard

For Lily, movement has been the key towards self love and supreme acceptance for herself and those she teaches. Her powerful dance classes are life-changing, as women learn to find their inner enchantress and are assured that being a powerful, captivating woman is their birthright.

Movement has been a part of Lily’s life for as long as she can remember. She started dancing at age 4 and danced through her school years, obtaining a degree in dance and then starting her professional career in Las Vegas, where she quickly found success. She performed in several productions on the strip and with Beyonce at an awards show. For the next 10 years, Lily was drawn to the glamour of Las Vegas and the allure of the showgirls, dancing and performing at well-known clubs. It was during this time that she gained confidence in herself and learned the art of seduction, which she now teaches to women as a means of empowerment, self discovery and self-expression. Lily is an AFAA certified group fitness instructor.

“With all the competitiveness and body shaming in both the traditional dance world and the adult realm, it's taken me a lot of time to fully embrace my body and be compassionate to myself on my journey. I'm a work in progress, as we all are, I just hope to inspire women to at least start the journey towards self-love and supreme acceptance.”

And Lily’s classes do just that: they inspire women on their journey of self-love and self-expression through dance and body movement. Her high energy classes are perfect for women who feel stuck, want to explore their role as a woman, or want to reach new levels of self-discovery.

In 2015, Lily moved to Austin and used her 20 years of experience to found first BodyBloom ATX, and more recently Lily Shepard Moves. Here she shares her love of using dance, fitness and community as a means to empower.