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You have enough stuff.
Go have an experience.

My World Registry joins Grateful Getters and Graceful Gifters together in one place to make dreams of meaningful, enriching experiences a reality. It’s a Gift-Experience exchange hub for anyone celebrating a life event or just celebrating life. Invite your tribe together in the spirit of giving and growing and let us do the connecting.

We make it easy to design your gift-experience, get gifted, get going, and then complete the circle by sharing your Gift-Experience with the people who gifted it.

personal growth

Be free. be changed.

You want to lead an extraordinary life. You want to grow and expand your understanding. Owning more things just doesn’t give you that benefit. Enhanced confidence and lasting personal development belongs to those who strike out boldly into the world and seek experience.



My World Registry brings it all together in one place. The entire exchange happens here, nice and neat.

Once the Grateful Getter is off on their experience they can share it with the people who made it possible through the My World Registry website and social media.


connect with your tribe.

Your friends and family, your tribe, they know you as a special person. They want to give you a meaningful gift, something you really want. Get gifted then go out into the world. Have experiences, meet people, learn things. Expand your circle. Expand your horizons. Then bring it all back around to the ones who made it possible.

experiences with meaning

get what you want.

Experiences lift you up, not weigh you down like more stuff does. Your brain gets stimulated by positive new experiences and you get better. That’s just science. A new pair of shoes isn’t really going to do that for you… unless you climb a mountain in them.

why my world registry

your path to
meaningful experiences

Dream big and design the gift you’ve always wanted. How fun is that?! But the best part, honestly, is that your friends and family are going to be inspired to give it to you. What’s more is they’re gonna love being plugged directly into the Gift-Experience they made possible. It’s an awesome circle of giving and receiving that all revolves around you.

Get inspired and easily create your registry. Speak from your heart. Envision what you really want and why. Include pics, vids, links… like a digital vision board.
create your
share your
We make it easy for you to broadcast your Gift-Experience out to your people. Invite them to jumpstart your journey with built-in features that integrate seamlessly with your social media.
Let your tribe come together to give you something truly special. We handle the exchange. All contributions toward your Gift-Experience shake out like this: Our cut is a mere 6% and the rest is yours. So if Sarah from your Bikram class wants to give you $100 to help you hit up that retreat in Bali, we take six bucks and you’re $94 closer to that amazing experience. Namaste!
have an
You’ve dreamt about it. We pull it all together for you along with the people who appreciate you the most. Now you’re actually doing it. So much better than a new watch (you have a clock on your phone anyway). So congrats! Wheels up. Game on. Class is in session. Major life leveling-up happens NOW.
Let the folks who made it all possible know what you’re up to and how grateful you are. Shout it from the mountaintops! Plug your family and friends directly into your experience with My World Registry’s built-in sharing tools integrated with your social media. Keep your people in the loop!
complete the

frequently asked questions

What is My World Registry? MWR is an online gift registry platform and community. MWR is where people celebrating an amazing event or celebrating a personal milestone and who do not wish to receive material presents, can create a unique cash gift registry and share it with their guests. MWR is not just any cash gift registry, but one that is for those whose focus is experiencing life to the fullest and believe that the heart-warming custom of giving and receiving gifts does not have to revolve only around material items. If what you truly want is an experience for a gift, MWR is for you. MWR is a cash gift registry as well as a marketplace for buying Gift-Experiences directly.
What are Gift-Experiences? Gift-Experiences are experiences given as a gift. They are an ideal gift for loved ones who are celebrating a milestone or achievement in life and do not want to just collect more stuff. They will feel blessed to receive gifted money to put toward things like life-changing trips, free-spirited festivals, bucket-list sporting events or a unique adventure, event or retreat - the possibilities are endless. Instead of giving materials items, gift them the option to have that select experience that enriches their life!
How does My World Registry work? My World Registry is a free registry service for those celebrating a life achievement and do not wish to receive material things as gifts. It’s as easy as signing up for a free account, creating a dreamy Gift-Experience page and then sharing it with friends and family. Loved ones can contribute any amount they want towards the Gift-Experience.
How much does it cost to use this service? My World Registry is completely free for users creating their ideal Gift-Experience! MWR deducts 6% from the giver’s contribution amount.
What is the 6% service fee for? This deduction covers credit card processing fees and the rest is applied to the small service fee for using our platform.
Is my credit card information stored? If so, is it secure? MWR website does not store credit card information. However, you may select “remember me” for using Stripe on future payment transactions upon creating a new registry down the road.
How do I create a Gift-Experience? First, you must create a free My World Registry account. When logged in head to the “My Account” page. In the tabs, you will see a link that says “Create a Registry.” Simply fill out the forms there, and you are on your way!
How long can contributions be collected for a Gift-Experience? Contributions can be collected for any amount of time. It is completely up to the user, since all experiences are uniquely created and can be edited by each user.
How are the gifted contributions collected by the user(s)? Each contribution will be deposited directly into your bank account that you set up on Stripe, our transaction platform. Unlike crowd-funding or crowd-sourcing sites, there are no goals to reach and there are no refunds. You get and keep each and every money contribution gifted to you!
How do I receive my gifted contributions? In order to be able to receive your cash gifts, you will first have to create an account with Stripe and link a bank account. Stripe is a payment portal that allows each of your guests contributions to be deposited directly to your bank account. Besides the standard 3-10 days it takes for a bank transaction to be completed, you will never have to wait until the end of the contribution timeline you set on your gift registry. No goals to meet!
Can I register for more than one Gift-Experience? Yes! There is no limit to how many Gift-Experiences you can create and you may even combine them into one gift registry. Just make sure you do the math so that the amount of contributions desired can cover the amount you will need to make your gift-experience a reality. You can even reactivate an expired Gift-Experience whenever you want.
What happens if the contributions I receive don’t meet my Gift-Experience’s estimated cost? Instead of a crowd-funding tool, our website is a tool for you to steer the natural initiative of loved ones to give us gifts, in a way that does not involve material presents. You may want to keep that in mind and either choose gift-experiences that you know you would be able to afford with just your guests contributions, or choose the ones that you can combine your own money plus the cash contributed by your loved ones. Also, since we are not a crowd-funding website or platform, all cash contributions made to your registry are deposited directly into your bank account as they come in, one by one. Therefore, you will be able to collect ALL of your Gift-Experience contributions even if you do not meet your desired goal. If the deadline on your registry is approaching and you would like to add additional time, you have the option of editing to extend the end date. We also allow you to reactivate any concluded registries. We can be as flexible as you can!
What if I don't have an event or celebration scheduled and I actually have the funds needed to do a specific experience? Can I buy the experience directly from My World Registry? As of now, we are a gift registry platform only. However, we are working on creating a marketplace for our community in which you will be able to do exactly that: buy experiences directly without need to first run a registry and receive contributions!
How do I share with and let my guests, friends and family know about my registry? We have handy share buttons on each Gift-Experience page, which makes sharing through your email or social media platforms hassle-free.
Will I know the amount of each donation and who it came from? You will receive an email notification each time your account receives a contribution, with the date and amount. Once you go to your Stripe account you will see the email address of the contributor.
Can I edit my registry? Yes, you are able to edit your registry at any time. When you login, it will bring you to the “My Account” page. Under the “Dashboard” tab, find the registry you’d like to edit. In the bottom right corner, there is an “Edit” button. This will bring you to the editable registry page.
As a gifter, how do I find a registry? We have a search bar located on the right side of our homepage where you can search for people, registries and keywords.
What types of payment are accepted? All major credit cards and debit cards.
What if I change my mind, can I get a refund? No. All contributions are non-refundable.
How will the registered user know that I made a contribution? You and the gift-experience creator will receive an email notification with the details of the contribution.
Do I have to create an account in order to find a registry? Not at all. But come do so when it's your turn to have an amazing celebration!

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