My World Registry joins Grateful Getters and Graceful Gifters together in one place to make dreams of meaningful, enriching experiences a reality. It’s a Gift-Experience exchange hub and marketplace for celebrating a life event or just celebrating life. Invite your tribe together in the spirit of giving and growing and let My World Registry do the connecting.

We make it easy to design or shop for your gift-experience, get gifted and get going. You can then complete the circle by sharing your experience and inspiring your tribe.

Personal Growth

Be free. Be changed.

You want to lead an extraordinary life. You want to grow and expand your understanding. Owning more things just doesn’t give you that benefit. Enhanced confidence and lasting personal development belong to those who strike out boldly into the world and seek fresh experiences.

experiences with meaning

get what you want.

Experiences lift you up – they don’t weigh you down like more stuff does. Your brain gets stimulated by positive new experiences – and so do you. That’s just science. A new pair of shoes isn’t really going to do that for you, unless you climb a mountain in them.

simplicity by design

connect with your tribe.

My World Registry provides a hub for you to dream – and then do. To have new experiences. Extend your circle. Expand your horizons. It’s a place for you to share your dreams with your tribe, where they can support you as Graceful Gifters and follow along to feel inspired.

why my world registry

your path to
meaningful experiences

Dream big. Here you can choose from a selection of pre-curated experiences or custom-design the experience you’ve always wanted to ask for or give yourself. How fun is that?! And the best part is that your friends and family can contribute and feel inspired themselves. It’s an awesome circle of giving and receiving that revolves around you.

Easily create your registry and detail your dream experience, or Shop Experiences to select from our curated list. Speak from your heart. Envision what you really want and why. Include pics, vids, links… like a digital vision board.
create your
share your
We make it easy for you to broadcast your Gift-Experience out to your people. Invite them to jumpstart your journey with built-in features that integrate seamlessly with your social media. Or share a link to the experience you purchased on the spot – for yourself or for someone in your tribe!
Let your tribe come together to give you something truly special. We handle the exchange. All contributions toward your Gift-Experience shake out like this: Our cut is a mere 6% and the rest is yours. So if Sarah from your Bikram class wants to give you $100 to help you hit up that retreat in Bali, we take six bucks and you’re $94 closer to that amazing experience. Namaste!
complete the
Let the folks who made it all possible know what you’re up to and how grateful you are. Shout it from the mountaintops! Plug your family and friends directly into your experience with My World Registry’s built-in sharing tools integrated with your social media. Keep your people in the loop!

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