Nature is always wise so let’s tune into to Summer vibes! The days are longer and the nights are warmer. That means it’s time to get outside and enjoy it while you can. Whether you’re an adventure junkie, or you just want to sit and enjoy the sunshine, and whether you have money to spend or just time and an open mind, we’ve got you covered with FIVE great ways you can get outside this summer and soak up nature’s goodness.


On those days when the sun feels white hot, you should hit the white water and cool down. White water rafting with a seasoned guide isn’t free but if you like a little adrenaline coursing through your veins, it will be worth it. Sign up for an adventure by yourself and make some new friends. You’ll quickly bond over your efforts trying to stay in the raft! If you run in an adventurous crowd get a group of friends to hit the rapids with you.


Leave your cellphone in the glovebox, because there won’t be any service where you’re headed. Hit a dirt road with your tent, sleeping bag and all of your gear and test your resilience while primitive camping. This kind of camping is usually done in the absence of neighbors and traditional toilets. What you give up, you gain in wide open spaces – picture: room to run free and be still with your thoughts. In the 24-7 age of technology and ever-changing news, replenish your soul out in the woods – even better if you can spend that quality time with quality people in your life.


Maybe you don’t have a whole weekend or a whole day to spend outside but that’s not a reason to neglect the great outdoors this summer. The Japanese call it, Shinrin-yoku, which means forest bathing. It’s a Japanese therapy and what they consider preventative medication. The belief is that if you spend just a few hours amongst the trees, it will lift your mood. Find the woods nearest to you and immerse.


Whether you want to hike to the top of a volcano, say Mount St. Helen’s or Mauna Kea, perhaps? Or explore underground in lava tubes created by flowing molten lava, a volcano adventure is sure to please. There are plenty of inactive volcanos all over North America and the world awaiting your footsteps. You can even head to areas with more geothermal activity, like Yellowstone or Volcano National Park.


You think YOU want to get outside? Think about all those pups in your local animal shelter who do, too! This summer is the perfect opportunity to volunteer for a couple of hours at a shelter nearby and take all those wagging tails for walks outside. You can soak in some vitamin D with a pawtner in crime for a double dose of feel good!