Spring is right around the corner and in the spirit of the season of renewal, it’s time to get it together! We all want to be our best selves but sometimes, life gets overwhelming and our goals get lost in the shuffle. The first step is identifying what you want to work on and more importantly HOW. Not sure? We have five ideas to get you thinking about being your best self this spring. 

1. Reclaim passion, heart, and connection

If you’re not quite feeling like yourself, there’s nothing better than spending time with animals, especially horses. In fact, horses have been used in therapeutic settings since ancient Greece. We can learn a lot about trust, living in the moment and unapologetically being ourselves from four-legged friends. The My World Registry Discovery With Horses experience promises that you will “learn to let go of limiting beliefs, old survival patterns and lingering fears that have blocked you from living the life you want.

2. Seek help from the comfort of your home 

You know you need help with something, but you’re not quite ready to spend money seeking guidance or you just want to handle it on your own. Read a personal development book. Go to your favorite local bookstore with your cuppa, or buy online. If you’re looking for advice on your relationship, try out a classic like The Five Love Languages. Need a little reminder that you’re capable of whatever you set your mind to? Read You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life. Mental health, motivation and more, sometimes the first step to being the best you is taking a small step towards your goal. Opening a book can be a less intimidating option. 

3. Get your body back on track

Lack of fitness breeds frustration for many. Regular exercise boosts your energy levels, improves blood circulation and therefore increases nutrients being delivered to your muscles and brain, and most importantly it releases endorphins. Exercise isn’t just a method to get the body you want, it’s a path to feeling good all the time and to a life you love. However, we all have things standing in our way. Whether you can’t find the time, you don’t feel like it, you’re nervous about going to the gym, or you are already fit and workout regularly but you keep getting injured, we all have to get over our fears to get fit. Denise Palermo, the provider behind Body and brain: your unique fitness limitation and the roadmap to your goals said it best: “the fastest way to change the body is to tap into the brain.”

Palermo does a deep dive into understanding the little things holding you back in a big way and then gives you powerful tools for creating the change you desire in your unique fitness goals. Need a virtual option? Try this self-mastery class: the path to fitness for life! 

4. Restore balance

We all get out of whack and sometimes taking time to rebalance is all we need to be our best self. Regaining balance means taking a look at diet, lifestyle and more. Your best bet is to seek out a professional who can help you work through all of the factors that could be knocking you off your feet. 

My World Registry’s Ayurvedic expert and MD, Nisha Khanna, uses holistic, whole body healing techniques discovered 3,000 years ago in India. Ayurveda is a method practiced by those who believe health and wellness are obtained through a delicate balance of the mind, body, and soul. 

5. Get organized

Your home, office or technology might not be set up for success. Spaces have to be optimized for organization. When they’re not, they just get messy fast. For some people, messiness is proven to lower productivity and increase anxiety. Did you know there are professionals that can help you get your spaces organized? Or look for a little inspiration on your own from people like Marie Kondo.