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Deepen your bonds with the people who are most important to you.

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Discover, trek, wander. Enjoy the great outdoors, or set off on the journey of a lifetime.

Get Balanced!

Retreat, refresh and recharge your mind, body and spirit.

Get Festive!

Savor and celebrate food, drink, music, dance and the arts.

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Play more, move more. Feel alive and vibrant. Do what you love to do.

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Network and grow. Unite with your tribe or team at special events and gatherings.

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Learn and evolve. Pursue your passion or discover a new one.

Inspirational ideas for a get adventurous registry:

Visit the Critically Endangered Northern White Rhinos in Kenya

Due to the devastating and ongoing poaching crisis in South African, the list of endangered species continues to grow. One of the most critically endangered species is the Northern White Rhinos, which are being brutally poached for their horn. These are prizes by biologists and locals as being the most social rhinoceros species and having a magnificent stature. Sadly, there are no longer none in the wild and the remaining six (six!!!!) are under the protection and care of Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya.

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Yoga + Beach Bumming in Tulum

Tulum hits the jackpot with the perfect balance of relaxation, adventure and beautiful nature! The white sands, bright sun, balmy breeze, turquoise water, diving caves (cenotes)...sounds divine, right?! It's also becoming a very popular destination for yoginis from all around the world and hosts many yoga conferences and retreats. This place just gets better and better!!

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Eco-Adventure and Wellness Retreat in a Costa Rican paradise

My ideal vacation is a mixture of adventure, relaxation, and wellness--a trip to Danyasa Eco-Retreat offers just that. Located just two minutes from the beach, with rooms made from recycled shipping containers and an outdoor jungle shower, Danyasa Eco-Retreat hosts daily yoga or Danyasa classes in a gorgeous open-air bamboo studio surrounded by the jungle.

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Mae Hong Son Loop in Thailand via motorcycle!

I just obtained my motorcycle license! It has been a life long dream to take my 1978 Honda CB400TII Hawk on a touring trip. The freedom, the wing in my hair, the sound of the motor purring, everything I need fastened behind me. *sigh*

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Northern Lights in Alaska!

A trip to Alaska has always been on my list but it always seemed so distant and foreign, probably because of its vast wilderness and sheer size of the land. One thing I've always wanted to see are the Northern Lights; just lay on the ground staring at the night sky and be in utter disbelief of what I was seeing. What a perfect combination of activities – going to a place that seems so distant and foreign to me and see something I've never laid my eyes on!

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Soak in the beauty of BIG Sur

I am an absolute lover of Mother Nature. She soothes, hugs and humbles me and, without fail, takes me on a crazy ride each time and teaches me something new about myself. She reminds me how tiny I am in the presence of her vastness and that's a beautiful way to put things back into perspective.

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Scuba Diving in Silfra, Iceland

I went through the PADI certification program to get my scuba diving license so I can go to tropical places and dive. But then I met some travelers who were just in Iceland and dove next to glaciers! The photos they shared with me blew my mine. The visibility is crystal clear. No one out there but them. Sea creatures were incredibly unique. And the beautiful blue hue was exceptional.

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3 day Rogue River White Water Rafting Wilderness Lodge Trip

I absolutely love white water rafting. Once I went on a class IV~V, one-day rafting trip down Rogue River with Pete from Momentum River Expeditions (MRE), I swore to myself I would never raft anything below a class IV again! It is such a rush and with a great leader, I was in good hands and did not feel unsafe once! Well, maybe a little scared at times ;)

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Discover Rural Chinese Lifestyle in Yunnan

I am not a big “city person” when I travel. I like being in rural areas and watch and learn the lifestyles of indigenous folks and how they have carried on their traditions and cultures through so many generations. I like to learn about their special connections with their lands and livestock that have provided them with so much serenity as well as food and resources to live.

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