The right side of your brain is responsible for art and music awareness, creativity, intuition, imagination and more. It’s the side of us that delights in expressiveness. How do you express yourself and engage your creative side? We have some ideas to get you going. 

Write a children’s book 

Have you ever considered writing a book? What’s more right-brained than getting creative with words? Tap into your childlike wonder and creativity, too, by trying to write a children’s book! Start small. A children’s book can be as short as a few pages. Start with an important lesson you think kids should learn. Next, think of a fun way to tell a story that teaches that lesson. The best part about writing for kids is that there are fewer rules. Dogs can talk, horses can fly and the worlds are endless! Don’t get hung up on making it perfect, just get words on paper. You’ll be surprised by how quickly the right side of your brain can get in the flow. 

Book a recording session with a pro 

Whether you can belt it out with the best of them or you just like the way you feel when you sing, scheduling time to record your musical chops with a professional can be exhilarating. Maybe you play an instrument and want to record your handiwork. Music is proven to ease anxiety and elevate your mood.

Take a photography class 

Even better, take a photography class and a motorcycle tour. Combine nature and creativity with our Motophoto Tour. It’s the perfect way to get out there and get inspired by new places, people and scenery. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to capture the beauty around you. My World Marketplace provider, Kevin Kubota, says, “riding a motorcycle is one of the best ways to experience a place and the inhabitants that make it special. It’s also just incredibly fun!” 

Kubota will leave you with tips from his 25+ years working as a professional photographer. 

Take a cartoon masterclass

Get out your pen and paper to tell stories with pictures. Cartoons are a great place to start if you’re a beginner drawer because they’re usually simple. If you’re experienced, cartoons are a quick way for you to express yourself and make people laugh in the process. 

Take a cooking class 

Food can be art too. Engage the right side of your brain and then fill up your tummy. Take a lesson in cooking like either our Indian Delights or our Asian Rolls Demystified classes, where you’ll learn to make mouthwatering samosas and fresh chutneys, or crispy and fresh spring rolls with citrus or ginger dipping sauces to die for. 

“Whether you love Indian food, want to try it, or are looking to hone your cooking skills,” provider Wendee Daniels says, “this experience is sure to leave you satisfied!” Even if you don’t have a high level of cooking experience, Wendee meets you where you are at in cooking these dishes. You’ll walk away with the confidence you need to make these rolls and sauces on your own.