It may come as no surprise to you but bonding through shared experiences fastens us together and helps create an environment in which we can all grow closer. Whether you want to create a shared memory with your child, your partner or even your parents, the best way to get bonded, is to get out and do something. Here are FIVE ways to unite with the ones you love: 


Get creative in the kitchen

We all get into routines, especially when it comes to cooking. When you (or maybe your partner) has had enough of your go-to recipes, sign up for a cooking class together. 

“It’s not about being perfect, only perfect for each other,” My World Marketplace cooking guru, Wendee Daniels, says. “It’s about doing your best with what you have! Cooking together is for tuning to your intuition and listening to your body’s needs daily. When you do it together, all the more fun!”

Read the same book

Jumpstart your conversation by reading the same book as your friend, partner, parent or child. When it’s cold outside, this is an especially great way to stay warm while you put yourself in a new place. You’ll be surprised what your loved one picks up on that you don’t and vice versa. Let your imaginations run wild together. 

Get fit together

There’s nothing better than being in tip-top shape, so why not double the muscle? You can only make someone else happy when you’re happy and it’s hard to feel that way when you’re not feeling fit. The same goes for your partner, parent or even child. Hit the gym or make one at home. There are plenty of partner exercises to get the ball rolling. Try pushups with a high-five in the middle, back to back squats, leg lift throws and more. It’s also helpful to have a friend to keep you motivated and accountable. Cheer each other on and celebrate each milestone or accomplishment together often! 

Go away together

Whether you need to get away with the boys, take a girls trip or take a romantic trip with the one you love, getting out of your comfort zones is one of the best ways to bond. Remember -going away can be as easy as camping in your backyard or as adventurous as hopping on a plane to a foreign land. The goal is to break up your daily routine, maybe even put your phone down, and make a deep connection with those around you by being in tune and fully present yourself. 

Volunteer together

There’s nothing like volunteering to make you thankful for what you have and really appreciate the kindness of the people around you. For parents, volunteering with their kids teaches them values and living by example. For partners and friends, volunteering together is a meaningful experience and one that tends to stick with you longer than say, going shopping. Start locally by finding opportunities in your own community.

Learn something new

When you’re learning something new, there’s nothing more powerful than a partner to help all that new information stick. Try a new language and challenge yourself to speak it at home together. Take a course at your local community college. Studying is always more fun with a friend.