We all want to start the New Year off on the right foot. After all that holiday excitement and let’s face it, stress, it can be necessary to take a little “you” time and rebalance before being your best self in 2019. We know you probably have some lofty goals this year, from 52 book challenges to learning new languages to visiting a country you’ve only ever dreamed of. We’ve collected 5 ways for you to get your mind, body, and spirit right before jumping into the great unknown. Start with the options that make you smile first or bigger!

  1. Get Moving

Our bodies crave movement and stimulation. Find a yoga studio near you and work your mind and body while you work up a sweat. There’s no better exercise to rebalance than yoga. Why? Because the effects on your mind, body and emotional state tend to linger for days after your practice! Between deep breaths and muscle lengthening stretches, you’ll have time to free your mind and focus on your spirit. No matter where you are located, You can get a personalized routine made just for you or if you’re a motivated yogi, you might even be interested in a yoga retreat. Gather your pals and for six days of yoga and beach heaven in Tulum, Mexico.

  1. Listen and Relax

For the mind and spirit, try sound therapy. Dedicate as little as 30 minutes a day to listen and reflect using ancient sound healing techniques. Sound therapy uses the human voice and other tones to create vibrations that calm the mind and stimulate healing in the body. Sound therapy is offered at healing clinics, but you can also try your hand at it at home, from using Buddhist singing bowls to your own voice to nature.  Sound bath experiences are even coming to the MWR Experience Marketplace soon, to Austin, TX, and Bend, OR. Stay tuned and check back often!

  1. Set Intentions

How can you achieve your goals when you’re not sure what they are? The beginning of the year is the time to settle your spirit and set intentions to attract your dreams; a little magic doesn’t hurt either. Learn how to use magic to your advantage in Bend, Oregon. “Spells are potent prayers,” says spiritual leader Sharon Balsamo. She will teach you how to create spells for protection, prosperity, love, and release. This skill will come in handy for staying true to your intentions all year long.

  1. Learn A New Language

Body language that is. Have you ever wondered what signals you’re sending without saying a word? Your body is working for you or against you in 2019 and it’s up to you to learn to align and match it with your intended message.  From first impressions to pitching an idea to romance, get your body language in balance before you go after your dreams. There is plenty of research on the topics or reach out to our specialist for a 12-hour consultation and individual sessions package.

  1. Take a Forest Bath

This is a 2018 trend we’re happy to bring with us in the New Year. The Japanese tradition called forest bathing is essentially a walk in the trees. It hits the balance trifecta, as it’s good for the mind, body, and spirit by reconnecting you with your true source. The best part? All it costs you is gas and time. So pick a trail under the nearest pines and walk awhile.