November is the month of gratitude but there are ways to give back and show thanks all year long – especially through our gift registries. There’s nothing like getting a new gift/experience just like there’s nothing like GIVING a gift or experience. 
Here are FOUR ways you can show your gratitude using your gift registry. 
1. Get some, give some
When you’re registering for an experience, be sure to add a way to give back, whether you’re traveling the world or learning a new language. If traveling is on your to-do list, let your contributors know that you’ll be working a volunteer mission into your trip. If learning is at the core of your receiving experience, perhaps offer to teach those on your registry list a little bit of what you learned at a hosted party at the end of the year. 
There are infinite ways to give a little while you’re getting a whole lot. Leave your ideas in the comments below. 
2. Notes of gratitude
It’s an oldie but a goodie. While we here at My World Registry are far from traditional, there are some traditions worth holding on to, like writing personal thank you notes to those who make your experience dreams come true. You can save paper by opting for an e-thankyou note; just be sure to show your thanks. 
3. Giving chain
Have you ever seen, or been lucky to be in, a giving chain at the drive-thru window? Here’s how it works: one person buys, say, a cup of coffee, for the person behind them in line, then that person keeps the love going. If you’re lucky enough to receive money for your experience, give a little to someone else and comment on why you did it. Let’s spread the love at My World Registry. 
4. Show gratitude with your time 
If you’re registering at My World Registry you know that we are not fans of getting more junk. We love experiences. For every donation you receive, offer your time at a local Goodwill or help a friend de-clutter their life and make room for more LIVING. Stuff weighs us down – experiences lift us up!