Frequently Asked Questions

My World Registry is an online gift registry platform, community and marketplace. MWR is where people celebrating an amazing event or personal milestone, who do not wish to receive material presents, can create a unique cash gift registry and share it with their tribe. Our My World Marketplace also offers a curated selection of Gift-Experiences that can be purchased directly or added to a registry.

MWR is for people whose focus is experiencing life to the fullest – those who believe that the heart-warming custom of giving and receiving gifts does not have to revolve only around material items. If what you truly want is an experience for a gift, MWR is for you!
A Gift-Experience is a unique, life-changing experience that can create enduring memories. A Gift-Experience is the ideal gift for loved ones who are celebrating a special milestone or achievement in life and who do not want to just collect more stuff. These Grateful Getters feel blessed to receive gifted money to put toward things like life-changing trips, free-spirited festivals, bucket-list sporting events or a unique adventure, event or retreat – the possibilities are endless. Instead of giving material items, Graceful Gifters have the option to contribute to an experience that enriches their life!
Our Marketplace is an online shop of experiences that have been carefully curated and vetted by My World Registry. Experiences in our catalog have been selected to provide unique, life-changing workshops, adventures, ceremonies, classes and more, with Experience Providers who have a passion for what they do and an elevated ability to share it with others. The experiences available in our marketplace can be bought directly for yourself or someone else, or can be added to a gift registry.

You can shop within four categories, including Travel & Discover, Wellness & Balance, Learn & Evolve and Fun & Festive. Many experiences available in our Marketplace are exclusive to My World Registry.
Our Experience Providers are what we call the magical unicorns of their field. While they may be experienced practitioners of their craft, we don’t choose them for their resumes, degrees or list of certifications. Instead, we look for Experience Providers who have a special talent for thinking outside of the box, seeking to find a better path and sharing their passion in a connected, engaging and inspiring way. While we know many of our Experience Providers personally, others are selected through a thorough vetting and interview process to ensure their energy and abilities align with our vision, values and standards.
Please use our contact form to start a conversation. Tell us about your services, your expertise and how you engage with your clients. Include a link to your website and testimonials, if available, and be sure to indicate that you’re an Experience Provider at the bottom of our contact form.
While it’s possible to plan a trip or sign up for a workshop on your own, My World Registry helps you share your experience with your tribe and invite them to support you in a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Our focus is on affecting your life’s evolution by facilitating life-changing experiences that promote personal growth, life skills and healing and wellness.
My World Registry is a free registry service for those celebrating a life achievement or milestone who do not wish to receive material things as gifts. It’s as easy as signing up for a free account, creating a dreamy Gift-Experience page or selecting an experience from our Marketplace, and then sharing it with friends and family. Loved ones can contribute any amount they want toward a Gift-Experience.
Creating an account with My World Registry is free – and so is creating a gift registry. There is a low platform service fee of 3% that is deducted from each cash gift contributed to a registry. Standard credit/debit processing fees apply, and we use Wepay as our payment processing gateway. WePay charges 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.
No. MWR does not store credit card information. All cash contributions to a registry are processed through WePay.
Get started by creating your free My World Registry account. When logged in, head to the “My Account” page. In the tabs, you will see a link that says “Create a Registry.” Simply fill out the forms there and you are on your way!
Login in to our website then browse our Marketplace. Choose an experience then simply click “Add to My Registry.” Select “My Account” and navigate to the “My Registries” tab to view your selected Marketplace experiences and custom registries.
After you’ve added a Marketplace experience to your registry, we encourage you to customize it before sharing it with your loved ones.

Login to your account and navigate to the “My Registries” tab. Select your chosen experience and click “Edit.” You’ll have the option to change the title of the experience, the desired cash gift amount, and other details to customize it to your preferences. We encourage you to personalize the experience description and add photos and media to let your friends and family know more about your plans.
The money you receive toward your registries goes directly into your bank account. To apply the funds you’ve received toward a Marketplace experience, simply login to your account and buy your chosen experience.
If you’ve purchased an experience from our Marketplace, both you and the Experience Provider will receive an email confirming the purchase. The Experience Provider will then reach out to you, and all further communication will take place directly between you the provider. My World Registry does not oversee the details of the experience.
While a slight delay in communication might be reasonable, please contact our customer service if an Experience Provider fails to contact or respond to you.
Use the “Ask a Question” link on our experience details page or send your questions directly through our contact form.
Some experiences may still be in development, while others may require further communication to verify availability or travel details. Please refer to the experience description for additional information.
Yes! We’re capable of creating fully customized experiences and travel itineraries with our travel partner, World Oyster Travel. World Oyster is an affiliate of luxury travel agency Departure Lounge and a member of Virtuoso.
Contributions can be collected for any amount of time. It is completely up to the user, since all experiences are uniquely created and can be edited.
Each contribution will be deposited directly into your bank account via WePay, our partner payment gateway. Unlike crowdfunding or crowd-sourcing sites, there are no goals to reach and there are no refunds made to gifters. You get and keep each and every monetary contribution gifted to you!
To begin receiving cash gifts through My World Registry, you’ll first sign up for WePay through our website. WePay is a payment portal that allows each of your guests’ contributions to be deposited directly to your bank account. Once processed by the bank, your funds will be available to you. You don’t have to wait until the end of the contribution timeline you set on your gift registry to access your funds.
Yes! There is no limit to how many Gift-Experiences you can create, and you may even combine them into one gift registry. Just make sure you do the math so that the amount of contributions desired can cover the amount you will need to make your Gift-Experience a reality. You can even reactivate an expired Gift-Experience whenever you want.
Instead of a crowdfunding tool, our website is a tool for you to steer the natural initiative of loved ones to give gifts in a way that doesn’t involve material presents. You may want to keep that in mind and either choose Gift-Experiences you know you would be able to afford through combined contributions, or choose those you can afford by combining contributions with your own money.

Since we’re different from a crowdfunding platform, all cash contributions made to your registry are deposited directly into your bank account as they come in, one by one. That means you’ll be able to collect ALL of your Gift-Experience contributions even if you don’t meet your desired goal. If the deadline on your registry is approaching and you would like to add additional time, you have the option of editing to extend the end date. We also allow you to reactivate any concluded registries. We can be as flexible as you can!
We have handy share buttons on each Gift-Experience page, which makes sharing through your email or social media platforms easy.
Each time your account receives a contribution, you’ll receive an email notification with the date and amount.
Yes! My World Registry gift certificates are the perfect way to provide cash gifts if you’re uncertain which experience to give.
Yes, you can edit your registry at any time. When you login, you’ll automatically be directed to the “My Account” page. Under the dashboard tabs, choose “My Registries” and find the registry you’d like to edit. Select the “Edit” button to make changes to your registry.
Use the search bar located on the right side of our home page to search for people, registries and keywords.
WePay accepts all major credit and debit cards.
All sales are final. However, refunds will be given in qualifying circumstances. Please read our Terms of Use for more details. Refunds will be made directly to your bank account, based on the cancellation and refund policies of the individual Experience Providers.
Both you and the Gift-Experience creator will receive an email notification with the details of your contribution.