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Why Celebrate?

Reflecting on life the past year, it’s hard not to think about the highlights, the events that made a difference, especially the ones that were life-changing, transformational or meant a step forward in the direction of our goals. No matter how little or how big, every single step and every single achievement calls for some expression of celebration. Music, dance, family, friends, freedom, unity… they are all ways of celebrating. And for all the highlights and events that took place in 2017 that were tragic, it is both radical and necessary to think that the victims would want us to remember not the sadness of how they died, nor spend the rest of our time on earth living in fear. They would want us to remember the happiness they enjoyed and shared while they lived. They would want us to pursue happiness, earnestly because, life is short! Life is worth every second and although many of us may, in our own way, already celebrate it daily or often, taking that celebratory spirit up a notch by officially and intentionally celebrating with friends and family yields an opportunity to share an amazing experience. One that will create lifelong memories and amplify our gratitude for life. Read more

My World Registry is Seeking and Recruiting Life-Enhancing Gift Experience Providers!

We are currently seeking and recruiting Gift Experience providers for the upcoming launch of our Experience Marketplace. Be part of our first selection of featured experiences! We will help you design the perfect experience or experiences you could offer as an amazing gift to people from our community. ABOUT US My World Registry is a cash gift registry and experience marketplace uniting grateful getters and graceful gifters to make dreams of meaningful, enriching experiences a reality. We are an exchange hub for anyone celebrating a life event or just celebrating life, who prefers experiences instead of material gifts. My World Registry is different than other group-giving cash registries. We take gift giving and receiving to another level by maximizing the experiential and life-changing aspect that can only be encountered in gift experiences. Read more

The Gift of Enhancing your Living Space to Create a Lifetime of Experiences!

Experiences come in all shapes and sizes. Our individuality defines our desired experiences and what we take from those experiences should enhance our life and make our personal world a better place. While some may want to trot the glob finding themselves, others (like me) are ready to find themselves in their shared family space. As a mother of two young, imaginative and inquisitive children, I consider the time inside our nest a golden time to bond. Our home is an experience hub where we inspire our kids to garden, create art, learn about bugs, preserve the planet by recycling and composting, eat three healthy meals a day, bake sweets for those we love, become avid readers, use their imagination, talk about feelings, absorb stories of our past, and honor the ritualistic family dinner. We are an active family and our kids get to have so many amazing experiences; music festivals, museums, art shows, live concerts, dance classes, swimming, hiking and even snow skiing. Sometimes the most satisfying aspect of our lives... Read more

Choosing Meaningful Gifts

Digging out of a Fun Size candy bar-induced stupor and gearing up for the holidays has begun in earnest.  With Halloween in the rearview, it’s now time to turn our focus to Thanksgiving, naturally, and the winter holidays creeping ever deeper into November.  Some of us relish this time of year, with the delicious food, get-togethers with friends, decorations, travel, and traditions.  For others, even the sight of that list causes a breakout of hives and a mild panic attack.  It’s a strange mix, this unnecessarily complicated blend of joy and stress. Why do we feel this way about something that is supposed to be “the most wonderful time of the year?”  How did it get this way?  Maybe you remember the Peanuts gang decrying the commercialization of Christmas during the annual viewing of “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”  While the message is one familiar to all of us today, keep in mind that Charlie Brown has been lamenting the change in the holiday since the 1960’s.  Evidence even exists of people complaining of Christmas “not being what it used to be” as early as Victorian times, if not before. Read more

Tips, tips, tips! How to Create a Successful Gift-Experience Registry

  We get it. You don’t want to clutter the world, or your life with more stuff. So, for your next celebration or milestone, you want to inspire your friends and family to give you something that you truly want, and they will feel good about gifting you. A gift that will actually help you feel a true sense of joy and become a better person. What you want is to have a unique, meaningful and even life-changing experience that you are passionate about. You are ready to make your dreams a reality! You may have many dreams, so start with the one that inspires you the most at this point in time. Do you want to get closer to someone you love? Get adventurous? Get festive? Get balanced? Get skilled? Once you have chosen your ideal experience, get to telling your story through My World Registry. You may feel overwhelmed about creating and sharing your gift-experience registry, but just keep it in your comfort zone and, most importantly, very you. Read more

Dear My World Registry Tribe

Are you ready to have the experience of a lifetime?

We want to help make your dreams a reality! All you have to do is visit, create a FREE account then dig deep within your heart to design the gift you have always wanted. Our online cash gift-registry makes it easy to upload images, videos and info links to help express your inner inspirations and intentions for your next big celebration and adventure. Here’s the best part – My World Registry wants to gift you $250 towards your experience. We are looking for the most inspirational, unique and well-described registry. Be creative! Explain why you want this gift experience and how it would positively impact your life. You have until August 31st, 2017 to complete and publish your registry, and then we will select the winner. Make sure to use promo code LIFEGIFT250 when registering(*) to ensure your registry will participate in the contest. Read more
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