It’s hard to picture anyone not having been affected by the Coronavirus global situation. COVID-19 has affected not only businesses but, most severely, us as human beings. We’re all in this together. My hope is that we continue even more, to rediscover ways to unite rather than separate, love rather than rage, grow rather than stagnate or shock, and learn rather than devolve and give our power to anti-natural diversions.

As the main human behind the My World Registry experience, I’ve been shaken hard by the shutdowns, cancellations, reductions, and new home-based jobs I didn’t have before (homeschooling, anyone?) I have all the natural human limitations on the amount time and energy I can dedicate to the variety or tasks I’m responsible for. At this time, prioritization has been my Boss.

But my true mentor and expert teacher continues to be life itself. By not giving in to fear and despair in the face of all the closed doors, I have been able to see incredible new doors opening up. You guessed it, I jumped right in to all the opportunities for: Adaptation, Healing and Wellness, Learning New Skills, and Being Creative: the core of My World Registry and the BEST gifts anyone could give or receive. So, we continue to be here for you, now more than ever. I’m deeply grateful for every experience in my life, regardless of whether I enjoyed it or not. COVID-19 is no different. In fact, this is what I live for! Life changing experiences are exactly why I created My World Registry.

Life is a gift that comes as a package deal, we cannot be selective. Being selective would be us coming at it with resistance, which is a sign of being unprepared, inexperienced, or reactive. Resistance, when used as a life strategy, makes us eventually break instead of break through. We have a choice to embrace all of life and master the flow (our own, individual flow, not anyone else’s), the ups and downs, the greatness and the challenges without attachment to any ideals or perfection, or we put on our victim suits… and learn in the school of punches. There. I said it.

Hoping that we’re all getting a bit more used to this new life, and have been exercising physical, mental and emotional muscles we didn’t even know existed, I want to look forward to new celebrations and new opportunities to gift ourselves and our loved ones the Best of Life. Feel free to reach out with any requests or ideas you may have and I will personally work on getting that available to you on My World Registry. The sky is the limit! And remember, there is nothing wrong with downtime. It’s when we dream, process and create space for the ‘stuff’ we really want.

By Marilen Rose