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Get Pampered: Five untraditional spa experiences

It's that time of year again; the leaves are about to change, the kids are going back to school and a chill is right around the corner. While fall is one of our favorite times of the year here at My World Registry, it can be hectic and stressful. Before old man winter arrives on your doorstep, take a moment to pamper yourself and get relaxed. Here are FIVE untraditional spa experiences to prepare yourself for the craziness of fall. 1. Reiki Reiki is an ancient healing method. A reiki therapist specializes in channeling his or her own positive energy into you. It's also known as energy healing. Picture yourself laying down, with your eyes closed, and healing music playing in the background. Your reiki specialist will either hover their hands just over your body or some will actually lay their palms on you. Fans of reiki say that they feel deep relaxation. 2. Next level facial with Gua ShaGua Sha is an ancient Chinese healing method that's especially useful for people living with chronic pain. The treatment consists of a specialist scraping a tool along the skin of the face to promote blood flow. "Working the lymphatic system with a tool that releases stagnation allows for [...]

Get Outside: 5 ways to get closer to nature

Nature is always wise so let’s tune into to Summer vibes! The days are longer and the nights are warmer. That means it’s time to get outside and enjoy it while you can. Whether you’re an adventure junkie, or you just want to sit and enjoy the sunshine, and whether you have money to spend or just time and an open mind, we’ve got you covered with FIVE great ways you can get outside this summer and soak up nature’s goodness. WHITE WATER RAFTING On those days when the sun feels white hot, you should hit the white water and cool down. White water rafting with a seasoned guide isn’t free but if you like a little adrenaline coursing through your veins, it will be worth it. Sign up for an adventure by yourself and make some new friends. You’ll quickly bond over your efforts trying to stay in the raft! If you run in an adventurous crowd get a group of friends to hit the rapids with you.PRIMITIVE CAMPINGLeave your cellphone in the glovebox, because there won’t be any service where you’re headed. Hit a dirt road with your tent, sleeping bag and all of your gear and test your resilience [...]

Spring cleaning for the soul: Feel refreshed and ready to start anew

Spring is the season where your world breaks through its winter layer ready to begin again - a new year of growth, a new chance to start over. No matter how many springs you've been through, take a hint from Mother Nature, and use it as a time to motivate and refocus on your journey. Is there anything you want in your life? The time is (always) now! Here are some ways to reset your spirits as the weather gets warmer and the days last longer: Healing with Soul-exploration Getting to know yourself without distractions or ‘noise’ and taking ownership of your life is the key to personal growth, change, and evolution, which leads to ultimate freedom of life. Exploration doesn't yield answers when you do it externally. Instead, explore your true source. It's called soul-exploration. You can always dive deep into it fearlessly, with Michael Glicker’s  "Your Life, Your Choice, and energy healing and clearing session." As Michael puts it simply, "we feel great when our energy is light and flows easily." Why wait for greatness to ‘happen’ to you when you can create it yourself?Adventure There's no better way to hit the refresh button than by getting out of your comfort zone and pushing your body to the limit, all the while enjoying Nature at its best. This will raise your spirits and [...]

Get Creative: 5 ways to engage the right side of your brain

The right side of your brain is responsible for art and music awareness, creativity, intuition, imagination and more. It's the side of us that delights in expressiveness. How do you express yourself and engage your creative side? We have some ideas to get you going. Write a children's book Have you ever considered writing a book? What's more right-brained than getting creative with words? Tap into your childlike wonder and creativity, too, by trying to write a children's book! Start small. A children's book can be as short as a few pages. Start with an important lesson you think kids should learn. Next, think of a fun way to tell a story that teaches that lesson. The best part about writing for kids is that there are fewer rules. Dogs can talk, horses can fly and the worlds are endless! Don't get hung up on making it perfect, just get words on paper. You'll be surprised by how quickly the right side of your brain can get in the flow. Book a recording session with a pro Whether you can belt it out with the best of them or you just like the way you feel when you sing, scheduling time to record your musical chops [...]

GET IT TOGETHER: Five life-changing experiences that encourage you to be your best self

Spring is right around the corner and in the spirit of the season of renewal, it's time to get it together! We all want to be our best selves but sometimes, life gets overwhelming and our goals get lost in the shuffle. The first step is identifying what you want to work on and more importantly HOW. Not sure? We have five ideas to get you thinking about being your best self this spring. 1. Reclaim passion, heart, and connectionIf you're not quite feeling like yourself, there's nothing better than spending time with animals, especially horses. In fact, horses have been used in therapeutic settings since ancient Greece. We can learn a lot about trust, living in the moment and unapologetically being ourselves from four-legged friends. The My World Registry Discovery With Horses experience promises that you will "learn to let go of limiting beliefs, old survival patterns and lingering fears that have blocked you from living the life you want.2. Seek help from the comfort of your home You know you need help with something, but you're not quite ready to spend money seeking guidance or you just want to handle it on your own. Read a personal development book. Go to your favorite local bookstore with your cuppa, [...]

GET BONDED! Deep connections make life sweeter: 6 ways to bond with your partner, family and friends

It may come as no surprise to you but bonding through shared experiences fastens us together and helps create an environment in which we can all grow closer. Whether you want to create a shared memory with your child, your partner or even your parents, the best way to get bonded, is to get out and do something. Here are FIVE ways to unite with the ones you love:   Get creative in the kitchenWe all get into routines, especially when it comes to cooking. When you (or maybe your partner) has had enough of your go-to recipes, sign up for a cooking class together. "It's not about being perfect, only perfect for each other," My World Marketplace cooking guru, Wendee Daniels, says. "It's about doing your best with what you have! Cooking together is for tuning to your intuition and listening to your body's needs daily. When you do it together, all the more fun!" Read the same bookJumpstart your conversation by reading the same book as your friend, partner, parent or child. When it's cold outside, this is an especially great way to stay warm while you put yourself in a new place. You'll be surprised what your loved one picks up on that [...]