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Spring cleaning for your mind body and soul

The daffodils and tulips are just beginning to peek their heads up from long winter hibernation. They're the perfect reminder that it's time for us to refresh our bodies, minds, and souls, so we can bloom this season, too! 1. Cleanse your body and spirit of toxins Try a tailored ayurvedic cleanse to fit your specific needs. Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor, Karuna DiLibero says, "Cleansing our bodies on a regular basis reduces the number of toxins that accumulate over time in our mind, body, and spirit. And the health benefits of cleansing are astounding: cleansing can help alleviate some of the most common ailments that we grow used to living with. Some of these ailments include headaches, inflammation, weight gain, cravings, stiffness, allergies, trouble sleeping, digestive problems, and more."In our My World Registry Exclusive Experience, you'll learn about recipes, food ingredients, self-care tips, chakras, and how to use them to lead yourself through your spring cleanse. 2. Learn to relax and rejuvenate With warm weather on the way, it's time to let go of any tension we built up during the winter months. What better way to do that than with a massage that doubles as a facelift!  Our Japanese massage class and workshop is a brand new experience at My World Registry. The [...]

4 things to do this month to spread the love – with yourself and others

February is the month of love and that means ramping up the love you show yourself - and the favorite people in your life. We're all about exploration, breaking down barriers and pushing the boundaries within our relationships here at My World Registry, as it’s a sure way to keep evolving. The first relationship we focus on is the one you have with yourself. Self-love is the first part of truly loving those around you. Take a look at four ideas we've rounded up to strengthen the love you have for yourself and creating stronger bonds with loved ones.   Travel solo or with your sweetie Exploring new places can reignite self-love by reminding us we are all in this together no matter where we come from. It can remind us the world is full of kindness and cultures ready to offer their love and acceptance through their food and festivities. This often makes us a feel an instant sense of connection and unconditional love. Taking a moment out of our daily routine to see how others live is a priceless opportunity to grow. Traveling solo can help you feel connected to yourself and the world in a new way. Traveling with a partner or friend can [...]

A new beginning always calls for intent and attention: Experiences to help you tap into mindfulness and turn off your autopilot mode

It's the beginning of a new year.  This is the perfect time to turn your autopilot off and assess where you're at and where you want to go. This will require taking some time for yourself, the one thing that many of us either ignore until we’re sick or put at the bottom of our priorities unintentionally. In this New Year, let the excitement and hot energy of the chance to start over once more drive your dreams and passions forward! Start with prioritizing your SELF, being and feeling optimal and at your best. Here are some experiences to try to tap into your mind and set yourself up for success - whatever that means to you! Cleanse yourself of built-up toxins Chances are, you're probably holding on to some long-accumulated toxins - let's be real, most of us are in one area or another, it’s now a part of living. Letting that go is the first step to moving forward in your mindfulness. Begin with the body and try something like a tailored Ayurvedic cleanse. Our Ayurvedic expert and yogi, Karuna DiLibero says, "the health benefits of cleansing are astounding: cleansing can help alleviate some of the most common ailments that we grow used to living with. Some of these ailments include headaches, inflammation, weight [...]

FOUR ways to give back and show gratitude on your gift registry

November is the month of gratitude but there are ways to give back and show thanks all year long - especially through our gift registries. There's nothing like getting a new gift/experience just like there's nothing like GIVING a gift or experience.  Here are FOUR ways you can show your gratitude using your gift registry.  1. Get some, give some When you're registering for an experience, be sure to add a way to give back, whether you're traveling the world or learning a new language. If traveling is on your to-do list, let your contributors know that you'll be working a volunteer mission into your trip. If learning is at the core of your receiving experience, perhaps offer to teach those on your registry list a little bit of what you learned at a hosted party at the end of the year. There are infinite ways to give a little while you're getting a whole lot. Leave your ideas in the comments below. 2. Notes of gratitudeIt's an oldie but a goodie. While we here at My World Registry are far from traditional, there are some traditions worth holding on to, like writing personal thank you notes to those who make your experience dreams come true. You [...]

Aim higher: four ways to better yourself professionally and get your dream job in the new year

There are only a few short months before 2020 is here. Wouldn't you love to ring in the new year with a solid upgrade like a new promotion? Start putting in the work now, to set yourself up for a big win. Here are four ways how:  Update your resume You want to be ready when that dream position opens up, which means making sure your resume is ready to send out at any given notice. Resume writing can be overwhelming and self-promotion can be tricky. Get some help from the pros, like My World Registry's very own, Silvi Galmozzi, of The Wolf Advantage.  Silvi helps participants use language to better serve them in professional settings. This will help with interview skills as well, which leads us to our next step... Brush up on your interview skillsSilvi Galmozzi says, "you have what it takes: motivation, drive, skill and talent. However, without solid confidence, we are often unable to show and communicate this to the person on the other side of the desk or phone line, who is trying to decide if we have what it takes to perform successfully. It can be frustrating and many times devastating, to not be able to show your true value for your dream job." But [...]

Your best self forever: 4 experiences to inspire you to keep your wedding look & feel for life

Chances are, we all know a bride and groom who got in great shape by working out and eating healthy in the months leading up to their wedding. The hard work paid off - they looked and felt fabulous! We may also know many couples who throw in the towel once the nuptials are over. At My World Registry we say, why not keep the health train rolling all year - and all life - long? We only get this one, after all. We've pulled together four experiences to help you get inspired to be the best you can be for yourself and one another, long even after you've said: "I do."Plan a Trip Together Let's be honest, half the reason we work so hard to walk down the aisle is so we can walk off the plane on our honeymoons and throw on that beachwear without a care in the world! There's nothing like a trip away to motivate yourself to stay healthy. We're not saying it has to be as big or grand as a honeymoon - even if it's a quick weekend away or a staycation, it could be enough to keep your health kick alive and well. For bigger trips, think someplace tropical and adventurous like the Galapagos where you can walk in the [...]