We are being faced with no choice but to be so very present, to see only the truth and/or more of the truths that affect each and every one of us. Some more directly than others.

The main theme the Universe seems to be bringing to us at this time is a big, giant mirror to look deep into exactly who we are, where we come from, what we’re made of, and who we can become. Let’s get coherent, shall we?

The current time is an opportunity like no other, to make a personal, intentional choice to become a better person. To upgrade the internal and external version of ourselves. If each one of us makes that choice, humanity will have the greatest shift towards a better world and a better life. Let’s do this!

For me, personally, the need for a sharp social and global shift and great change is crystal clear and proudly loud. We can’t un-see what we’ve seen, we can’t un-know what we now know. We can certainly no longer hide from any of it, and this is GOOD.

My main call is to continue spread Unity and to be really aware of our thought, feeling and behavioral patterns that break our unity and instead, divide us. This is not the time (it never is!) to shame, blame, guilt yourself or your neighbor. The opposite, being quiet and not calling out or expressing the facts that need to come out to the light is not a timely option either. This is a time for compassion, but also for support and strength is the causes that need our voice. It is the time for accurate, unbiased self-education. And most especially, for each one of us to step into our Power.

This is not the time to bypass, dismiss or ignore the pain anyone or any group of people have endured. This is the time to listen, pay attention and learn. Then, act how you can best act.

This is not the time to judge others, call names and point the finger away from you. This is also not the time to be resentful and bitter and sit with that in stagnation. This is not the time to reject entire groups of people or even individuals, solely because they are or think differently than ourselves. This is the time to share AND BE RECEPTIVE TO as well, different perspectives and opportunities to change and evolve.

This is the time for self-reflection, and to explore and embrace what we need: education, compassion, kindness, honesty and sincerity. What we also need is to find common ground and BUILD strong bonds and new communities. What we need is to grow from our past hurts and become better because of them.

It is time to look at one another for who we truly are (and what we all are) and not let circumstances or our past define us. Every day is a new opportunity to be the best version of ourselves. We are not victims, we are creators! And if we truly want to make amends and improve everything we possibly can, we are not to be defined by our past. Step into your power and create what you want.

Hindsight is always 20/20, so let’s look at our past in order to understand and get perspective. To put ourselves in the shoes of our brothers and sisters. But remember, the future is limitless and we each have a choice. Claim and act on your choice today.

Imagine how much more we can accomplish if instead of getting stuck on pointing the finger at all that was/is wrong, we use our energy, time and focus to work together, and live as an example of what we want others to be. The time is now.

By Marilen Rose
Founder/President – My World Registry