There are only a few short months before 2020 is here. Wouldn’t you love to ring in the new year with a solid upgrade like a new promotion? Start putting in the work now, to set yourself up for a big win. Here are four ways how: 

  1. Update your resume


You want to be ready when that dream position opens up, which means making sure your resume is ready to send out at any given notice. Resume writing can be overwhelming and self-promotion can be tricky. Get some help from the pros, like My World Registry’s very own, Silvi Galmozzi, of The Wolf Advantage. 

 Silvi helps participants use language to better serve them in professional settings. This will help with interview skills as well, which leads us to our next step…

  1. Brush up on your interview skills

Silvi Galmozzi says, “you have what it takes: motivation, drive, skill and talent. However, without solid confidence, we are often unable to show and communicate this to the person on the other side of the desk or phone line, who is trying to decide if we have what it takes to perform successfully. It can be frustrating and many times devastating, to not be able to show your true value for your dream job.”

 But practice makes perfect – especially practice with a trusted career coach and HR professional! 

 “With this experience, there is hope and help available for you to nail that job!” Galmozzi says. “And improve your communication skills for everything else in life, too.”

  1. Gain new soft skills 

Soft skills are all the rage these days – these are things like leadership, communication and people skills, to name a few. One big lesson that will help with all of these things, is learning to read body language. Using body language to your advantage can help with first impressions, negotiation and so much more -a truly priceless added benefit. 

  1. Get to know yourself better 

While you, of course, want to learn everything you can about the new role or new company you might apply to, don’t forget about yourself. Self-awareness is key to career and personal success. Our self-awareness expert, Sharan Balsamo, says greater insight into yourself can leave you feeling calmer, more grounded, and fully supported. It can reduce stress and anxiety and improve relationships, communication, and boundaries. 

So there you go! What personal upgrade will you be aiming for in 2020?