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evolving through

Our experiences have made us who we are.

We have a deep, abiding interest, appreciation and respect for the World – its people, places, history, arts, cuisine, and culture.

We love art, music and film and want to experience any and every major festival, whether locally or globally.

We’re passionate about sports and admire the virtuosity and dedication of the athlete.

We support local at home and wherever we may be.

We get excited about food & wine festivals all over the country and beyond.

We have a list of personally enriching classes or seminars to attend, often in very inspiring places.

We connect with the innovators and visionaries who make
things that are not sold in stores and don’t come in packages…

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Life is a GIFT.

We have enough stuff. We want experiences. Life has taught us that the quality of our relationships has everything to do with our quality as individuals. Enriching ourselves through meaningful experience is the journey of a lifetime. We take that spirit out into the world and something beautiful always happens.
We are Dreamers. We’re passionate, soulful, curious and deeply engaged. We felt moved to make a place where dreamers of all kinds can connect directly with thoughtful givers and get a GIFT-EXPERIENCE that changes their lives and in turn changes the world.

let’s celebrate it.


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