It’s the beginning of a new year.  This is the perfect time to turn your autopilot off and assess where you’re at and where you want to go. This will require taking some time for yourself, the one thing that many of us either ignore until we’re sick or put at the bottom of our priorities unintentionally. In this New Year, let the excitement and hot energy of the chance to start over once more drive your dreams and passions forward! Start with prioritizing your SELF, being and feeling optimal and at your best. Here are some experiences to try to tap into your mind and set yourself up for success – whatever that means to you!


  1. Cleanse yourself of built-up toxins


Chances are, you’re probably holding on to some long-accumulated toxins – let’s be real, most of us are in one area or another, it’s now a part of living. Letting that go is the first step to moving forward in your mindfulness. Begin with the body and try something like a tailored Ayurvedic cleanse. 

Our Ayurvedic expert and yogi, Karuna DiLibero says, “the health benefits of cleansing are astounding: cleansing can help alleviate some of the most common ailments that we grow used to living with. Some of these ailments include headaches, inflammation, weight gain, cravings, stiffness, allergies, trouble sleeping, digestive problems, and more.”


  1. Learn how to meditate 


Meditation is key to going within and allowing yourself a peaceful time to think deeply, relax and grow. Many people are intimidated by the term, “meditation.” That’s okay! Try an intro to a meditation class with a professional who will help guide you on your own meditation practice. Perfect for newbies and those who are curious yet ready to dive into this life-changing and balancing practice.

DiLibero says, “our mind is just like the organ of the heart. We don’t ask our heart to stop beating, so why would we expect to ask our minds to stop thinking? Getting caught up with the thoughts and stories played out in our head is completely normal, it’s part of the human experience. In meditation, we notice when thoughts, images and sensations arise and observe as they, like bubbles rising to the surface, pop and disappear. Letting our thoughts come and go in such a way allows us to gain perspective and notice the patterns of the mind.”

Are you ready to let your mind wander and see where it takes you?


  1. Have a new and exciting travel experience


Sometimes we have to remove ourselves from our routines to truly turn off our auto-pilot. So, take a trip! Extra points if that trip is in nature, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life hopefully, with spotty Wi-Fi! 

Try something like our new Yosemite Ranch Adventure in April that could be right up your alley: Outdoors, activity, relaxation, local food, culture and nature gems, plus yoga ftw!

One of our newest experience providers, Lindsey Conroy, says, “arguably the best aspect of our Yosemite Ranch Adventure is our ‘home’ for the week. Escape the rush and stress of everyday life and venture into the laid-back, modern-day, ranch lifestyle. Wake up with the sun and enjoy the sounds and smells of nature as you walk out onto the porch that looks out over miles of private, beaches that line the Fresno River. Enjoy a cup of coffee while you listen to the water flowing over the rocks and around the bend, through the forests. Outdoor showers and tubs, riverside yoga flows and nature walks are just some of what this property has to offer.” Space is limited, so go get yours ASAP!


  1. Move your body and have a little fun


Move your body, laugh, own your sensuality and put yourself in a position to smile. It really is the best way to break through any stagnation. Sometimes, we get so caught up in our goals, or what we feel like we have to do, that we forget to let our bodies move, connect with our sensual selves, and have fun. 

Part of having fun is remembering not to take yourself too seriously. Try doing something fun that takes you out of your comfort zone. Like our SASS class (supreme acceptance of your sensual self.) 

Movement expert, Lily Shepard, says, “There are many ways to awaken creativity and self-expression. Sometimes the physical movement experience gets forgotten, buried or repressed, thus making us progressively lose touch with our body’s natural ability to create and express our personal, unique essence. Sensual/Sexual energy is indeed creative energy. For us as women, sometimes this energy can be misdirected or misunderstood, however, the power that lies in harnessing this energy and unleashing it out into the world is beyond measure. This masterclass was created to support and empower women to do just that.”