February is the month of love and that means ramping up the love you show yourself – and the favorite people in your life. We’re all about exploration, breaking down barriers and pushing the boundaries within our relationships here at My World Registry, as it’s a sure way to keep evolving. The first relationship we focus on is the one you have with yourself. Self-love is the first part of truly loving those around you. Take a look at four ideas we’ve rounded up to strengthen the love you have for yourself and creating stronger bonds with loved ones. 


  1. Travel solo or with your sweetie 

Exploring new places can reignite self-love by reminding us we are all in this together no matter where we come from. It can remind us the world is full of kindness and cultures ready to offer their love and acceptance through their food and festivities. This often makes us a feel an instant sense of connection and unconditional love. Taking a moment out of our daily routine to see how others live is a priceless opportunity to grow. Traveling solo can help you feel connected to yourself and the world in a new way. Traveling with a partner or friend can help you bond over shared new experiences like this one. 


  1. Bond over a sweet new skill

Spend some quality time together learning how to make everyone’s favorite part of a meal, dessert! 

Cooking together is for tuning into your intuition and listen to your body needs daily,” provider, Wendee Daniels, says. “You do it together, all the more fun! The food we eat together is meant to be enjoyable, nourishing, leaving us with a feeling of fulfillment and contentedness.” “It’s not about being perfect, only perfect for each other,” service provide Wendee Daniels says. “It’s about doing your best with what you have!”

Learn more about tasting the sweet life together here! 


  1. Relax together with a Thai massage for couples workshop

In this 24/7, always on the go, age of technology we live in, it’s too easy to “break” and too easy to lose touch with our closest ones. That’s why it’s so priceless to slow down and relax with the one you love. During this experience you will learn techniques you can take home with you to keep the relaxation going all year long. A great gift and addition to your love toolbox!

You will be able to take a deep breath and feel at ease knowing you are being taken care of and so is the person you love most. 


  1. Remove roadblocks and open your hearts

Relationships with loved ones are beyond rewarding but naturally, sometimes, they can be tough. It’s nothing you two can’t overcome and what better a time to try than the month of love?

A couple’s tarot reading might be just what you need to open the lines of communication and get on the same page again. 

Our experience provider, Elyse Williams says, “These are powerful energy and information transmissions that will remove blocks from your own unconscious playing out in ways that make you feel confused or stuck. For couples, this can help realign your energy for the highest intention of growth mindset and deepening in outward as well as inward expansion towards intimacy and understanding with one another.”


Do you have other ideas on how to deepen your love with yourself or others? Leave them in the comments!